Thursday, June 20, 2002

Aha! This one's good.. anyway, I was browsing along the net and I found this site where we can test out our.. "Personality Disorder". Hik! By the way, this is what I get!

Paranoid (misconception about people around me) : Low
Schizoid (preferability to be alone) : Low
Schizotypal (odd forms of thinking and percieving) : Low
Antisocial (poorness of social skills) : Low
Borderline (mood instability) : Low
Histrionic (constant attention seeker) : Moderate
Narcissistic (self-centeredness) : Moderate
Avoidant (extreme social anxiety) : Moderate
Dependent (my need to be taken care of) : High
Obsessive-Compulsive (perfectionisme) : Moderate

Hehh.. anyway, it's not really funny actually! Coz I did most of the questions seriously; so you can say that THIS is ME! Hoe.. And from my point of view.. Yeahh.. most of them are true.. Hihhihik! Anyway! If you too want to do the test I did, make sure you're not too sleepy coz there's loads of questions you have to answer. So, click here if you're ready!


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