Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Crap Y!M.. GRR
Thought my ambiguous would surely be rejected, but.. Woo~hoo!! Slipped away from getting rejected again!! Hahha!! Well, in my thoughts.. it's either FCM is totally the place for me.. or I took up all of Dani's luck! Hihhihik! Sorry Dani.. ^.^ By the way, Yus busuk!! Yeeheehee!!
Good thing I got to wake up from my sleep this afternoon! Hihhihi.. I don't know for how long my alarm clock rang. My motto right now is : "Go to sleep while you can!" And yes, I have been filling my free time by sleeping. Even at day time. Since my Y!M are getting crappier and crappier, and I haven't been chatting much with people nowadays.. I have loads of extra time! Hehh..
Anyway, gotta think hard on my next Fundamental assignment. It's pretty.. confusing! Because I need originality and I just can't stop thinking about the things I've seen! Hik!
Heh... I'm actually listening to So Long Farewell.. hik! It's from the Sound Of Music. Honestly, I do like this song!
Okie.. my plan for the rest of the day.. I know I need to study my Maths! Hehh.. Such a pathetic at it.. Okie, then probably I'd need to go into some serious thinking.. pasal Fundamental la!! Wekk! I need to plan on what I should draw for it..
Sheesh.. the Maths quiz I'm going to take tomorrow is bugging my mind! Waaa!!
Hihhihi.. Fina's having a sleep right now, while Ana and I are making ourselves confused which song we should listen to. Coz both of us turned on our MP3s.. Hehh!
Anyway, Audiogalaxy is totally useless now!!
Err.. ookie! Well.. need to think out what am I to do with myself while I listen to that memorable song of mine.. 6,8,12.. hihhihi!! Just love that song, even though it doesn't mean ~anything~ much to anyone.. (Well, sort of!)


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