Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Don't know why I keep on listening to Somewhere! Hehh.. Anyway Bob.. really like the guitar!! Wee~hee!! Very.. very.. very enjoyable!!
Woke up late again today.. Can't seem to understand why I kept missing my Graphics lecture! This is twice! Heck! Monday is my dull day in MMU.. Tuesday is my crazy day in MMU.. Haven't noticed yet what the other days do to me. Hik!
Anyway, they told me that they watched the 'promised-movie' in Graphics! Gosh!! And then.. anyway, I went to my Appreciation class.. and they showed another movie! Called Pollock.. About a real artist named Jackson Pollock.. Right? Hik! I wasn't paying any attention to it, really. I was too concentrated on my English. Hik!
Oh heck! Still can't believe that I missed my Graphics twice!!
Anyway, feeling a bit confused right here.. still have things bothering my mind, as always!
Sheesh! I wonder why I keep on having this 'experiences'.. stupid internet! And such a big mouth I have!! Really should control my mouth.. I don't know why, but I keep on asking the wrong things to people.. Why ah?
Rai.. I still need you! Having a bit situation over here.. Mamat-pakcik-sorta-Arep and you-confusing and weird-kinda-thingy!! Really need help!!
Missing you.. Papa! Hope you're doing great!!


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