Thursday, June 20, 2002

Fed up! Fed up! Fed uppp!!!
I am totally lousy at Maths and I just hate it!! Just managed to study it for a few minutes and I've already started getting sleepy and all.. GRR!! So.. if I get really lousy marks, NASIBLA! Macam tak biase.. Ohhohohohho!
Sheesh! This is such a dry and warm day.
Bob.. jangan la buat harte ek pembaris Wanie tu. Bukak 'sekolah' nanti kasi balek ek. Yang pasti, buat mase ni.. I don't need it lah!
Hmmph! Need to get supplies during the break!! I've used up all of my mounting board.. And my stock of glue is low.. and plus!! Need to get those ivory cards.. Hoe.. more money!!
OoOh heck! Gotta get ready for Maths class.. the quiz is on 3 though.. who knows, I might get to do a bit more of studying while the 2-3 break.. Hoe..
Oh, and I'm wearing the kurung Kedah!! Ohhohohoho!


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