Thursday, June 20, 2002

Good evening lovely people.. Hahh!!
Anyway, I just got back from T@MU Annual General Meeting. Err.. not going to say much really about it. I myself am not sure who actually sees this journal. But seriously, bukan nak kutuk pon! Just that it took up soo long and I was pretty much tired sitting in that uncomfortable chair. Hehhe.. ^.^
Oh well, finally felt the 'thankfullness' of having a shorter hair. I got my shower pretty late tonight and I managed to dry my hair in such a shorter time than the usual.. Plus.. eh! I look cuter with this hair-do lahh!! Wahhahha!!
Finally got my water supply! Hihhi.. selama ni dok beli air untuk sekali minum. Just now, beli lebih.. bole sampai pagi! Wee~hee! And finally get to eat some dinner.. Typically me.. Kung-Fu Burger!! Hihhhihi! I wondered what Samurai tastes like.. Kak Yan asked for it at the gerai..
Gosh!! My money runs like water! Really need to start a list of what I spent my money on.. This is bad..!! Really bad!!
Ookie.. I'm honestly sleepy right here! But I haven't studied my Maths yet!! And Juvita's studying pretty hard next door.. and my classmate just messaged me and remind me about the quiz. As IF I can't recall it myself!! Sheesh! Such a tiring day it is..
Oh.. yeah! Tomorrow's Thursday. I might wear my kurung Kedah tomorrow by the way. So if you think you saw a girl in purple kurung Kedah.. yeahh! That might be me! Hihhihi!
Ookie.. I don't think I need to add in any more else in here.. Later people!! Need to get back to my meal and then start making myself dizzy with Media Mathematics.. Huuhuhhuhuhu!!
Good luck in your assignments Beta FCM!! Bob.. Kak Yan.. Faizal.. GG.. hihhihi!
And you too Abang Zam.. what ever your assignment is about!

Kak Yan.. Kak Aleen.. Ana.. Aisha jahat... JANGAN LAA KACO PASAL BOB LAIE WEII!! Wanie mental la camni!!

Current song : Di Batas Masa by Siti Nurhaliza
~ kala jantungmu bagai laut bergelombang, lemah cengkaman jejarimu di genggaman, betapa sukar untuk kita menerima, tiba detik pasti terpisah.. di batas masa ~


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