Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Need water.. badly!! Need to remind myself to drink loads of water during the break.. just like unta lah!
Having such a mental problem.. can't go to sleep so I sat in front of my pc again.. Get my crappy Y!M online and noticed that Bob buzzed me! So anyway, he's IDLE right now by the way. Entah macam mane, tergerak hati nak tenok journal.. Hihhihik! Updated!! Oh well Bob.. you know I'll wish you luck in everything you do.. ^.^ Lunch was okay ehh?? Ohhoho!
Talking about meal time.. Azraai!! Breakfast this weekend!! I don't care! We need to talk.. I mean, I need to talk, so it'd be such a great great time for me to talk to you. Unless I have a roti canai in my mouth la! Ehh.. missed Arep lah! Hehh.. not ~that~ sort of way.. Hihhi! Dah lama tak denga cite pasal dia.. ^.^ Gosh!! I missed the whole crowd!!!
Hmm.. there's this sort of trip to watch a theatre this Friday. Honestly.. I want to go!!!!!! Tapi.... ngan sape ek? Kak Yan said that I always think that way.. And she said "kitorang kan ade!" Tapi nanti Kak Yan musti ngan kengkawan Kak Yan!! Hmmph! Anyway, then she said "Abang Amir?" Hihhihihik!! Thanx for the humor... Laughed seriously hard..
Ookie.. so I'll have to send in my crappy assignment later today. Such a crap!! I'm starting to get annoyed with my own self.. Stop it with the negative thinking, brain!!! Crap! And now I'm talking to myself...
Such a dull dull day and a long long night it is...


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