Saturday, June 29, 2002

Such a depressing holiday.. langsung takde menda yang seronok! Didn't even get to see Rai!! Bengong betul! Well, at least I get to see Hanis. That's the ONLY thing to be happy about throughout the holiday. Just imagine.. 7 days in Shah Alam and there's only ONE thing to be happy about! So now, I'm back in MMU but still.. nothing much to be happy about here either!! Though.. heck! I guess at least I have my toy dolphin to hug!! Such a big mistake - leaving it here.. alone!! Awww.. sorry dolphin! Hihhihi.. Anyways, so now.. I'm talking crap since I have nothing else better to do! Though.. something weird happened as my Papa drove away from sending me here. Well.. typical us.. (family) to give each other a peck of goodbye when we leave each other.. (don't say anything about this!!!!!) and so my dad did kissed me on the cheeks before he left and anyway... there's this pak guard suddenly asked me a bit later.. 'Ayah ke?' DUHH!! Abehh tu sape? Sugar daddy?! What an idiot!!
So anyway.. that's all I have to say right now.. I'm uploading some of the pages for my website.. update lah kononnye..
Hoe... hope Korea will get third place!! Hihhihi..


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