Friday, June 21, 2002

What a great morning!!
Haven't had my sleep to be honest, but I feel GREAAAAT!!
Just got back from a morning-hang-out with my roomie, Ana. Hehh.. planned to do almost-the-same tomorrow morning! Talked about stuff just now.. Hihhi! What a great morning..
Still haven't call home yet. I'm sure someone's pretty pissed off at home. Probably Dida.. hehe! Anyway, I'll call home later today.. Wanna go home tomorrow!! Yeehee!! Though.. my money tinggal RM 10 jek! Hahha!! I'll manage of course..
Bob tak sudah-sudah mengenakan Wanie. Penat btoll mara kat dia.
Hihhi! What a great morning......!! ~sorry, just can't help myself from repeating the same sentence.. ^.^
Did a bit of stealing with Ana at five something.. Hahha!! Managed to collect RM 2.10 from a particular vending machine. Heehee!!
Wait.. wait... chatting with my mom a bit.............
Okie.. just sent my mom that famous Sajjad Ali file! Yeeheehee!!
Anyways.. Ana's lying down now.. Hihhi! So I'm right here.. still feeling.. err.. quite okay! ^.^ Gotta take my shower in a while and wash my hair!! Hihhihik!
Hmm.. can't remember what I wanted to say just now.. Hoe!
Oh heck!! Really can't remember what I'm so happy about.. gosh! Well... later then!

Rai.. do you think Sunday is okay for you?? Eh jap.. kalau tak pon Wanie balek Saturday pagilaa.. hik!

Current song : Wherever You Will Go by The Calling (thanx Dani!!!)


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