Sunday, June 30, 2002

Yeeheehee.. I honestly don't care about the World Cup finals.. honestly.. Brazil and Germany.. the two teams I'd hate to care about! Ohhohoho! Anyway, I feel sorry for all who wanted Germany to win badly.
Oh well, I'm very much slow at my reading! Just stopped in chapter four.. Hehhe.. I'm not normally this slow. ^.^
Still haven't finished my Graphics and English. I should rephrase that.. Still haven't started my Graphics and English yet!!
I'm thinking up a reason to give to my English lecturer if she ask of it tomorrow. Honestly.. need the book!! Who has an extra.. lend it to me, please!! Heehee.. but of course, I won't do it right away anyways. About that Graphics.. well, I think I get the idea but I'm not sure where to start! Crap!
The room's full of ants right now! Gosh.. I wonder where they'd came from. It wasn't like this at all before the mid-semester break. Hoee.. Oh yeah, to those who kept mispronouncing the 'hoe'.. it doesn't sound like "HO". It's more like.. "HO-E" as in the 'e' sounded like 'air'.. okie! HO-air.. Hihhihik!
Okie.. getting pretty slow right now. Just tired I guess.. So anyway, later people!


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