Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Loneliness starts to crawl..
Oh please, it's just a line from Celine Dion's song!
Wahh wahh!! It's Wednesday and this is my first post for the week! I'm stunned... Ikkikikiki!!
Well.. it's been a very busy busy busy week.. No other word to describe it. Just plain BUSY!!
Handed in our scrap book today.. hehhe! I had a few problems with Ana's printer so I only managed to get it all done an hour before sending it in!! Hahhahhah!! Seriously last-minute work. Well, I believe that we HAVE to get our sleep no matter how busy we are! ^.^ Sleep is the only time when I don't feel like thinking!.. and it's heaven!! Whenever I'm awake.. I'm always thinking about stuff and even minor ones.. and it's.. disturbing!!
Weird.. I was talking to some guys in class today.. I mean, hmm.. I don't really like talking to unfamiliar guys ~ SERIOUSLY! And I happen to say loads of *demm* today. And Melvin went like.. "Hey! it's not halal for you to say damn".. Ekkekkek!! And Juvita said, "Oh, she even said f*ck this afternoon.." and Melvin went again.. "And it's not halal to say f*ck also".. Aggaggaga!! Whatever~lahh! I guess there are just times that we can't really control what we feel and say.. ^.^
ooOoOoh.. my back aches~lahh!! Too tired I believe.
This week is pretty much boring! Nothing much to say.. but I do like to state in here that I've completed three days of fasting! Yeahh Yeahh!! <-- my style of saying it, okie! Though.. it was a hard job.. I'm reaaaaally craving for McD's sundae... Arrghhh!!
And this afternoon, right after Fundamental.. Aisha, Alitt, Juju and Tisha went to get those yummilicious ice creams and sundaes... Huhhuhuhu!! I was like.. hysterical at the passageway 'coz I was reaaaaaaally jealous of them!!! Waaaa!! And Alitt was like.. keep on popping in front of me and repeated how yummy it was.. and he even did a lil' bit of jig.. Arrghhh!!! I AM SO GOING TO GET MYSELF A SUNDAE WHEN I GET HOME!!!!!!! CORRECTION.. MAKE THAT THREE!!!!!
I think I'll go home tomorrow... Can't stand the kesangapan in this room..
The Fundamental final project is kinda weird.. Hehh.. Can't really tell when I'm going to start.. But I'll start immediately... when I get the idea! Hohhhoho!
OooOoh.. yeah, I do get a handphone from my mama!! Yeahh Yeahh..! So now you can reach me wherever I am! Yeahh Yeahh..! But of course, if you want the number.. you'll need to ask around or ask me for it.. Ekkekke!!
Now.. I'm tired.. I haven't finished my Graphics work.. Sheeya's hijacking my PC while I hijacks hers.. and I'm going to BJ's house later this evening with Sheeya to get their comic covers scanned!! Hahhahha~and I have absolutely no business with that but I'm just bored with the idea staying in this room! Ikkikikkiki! I'll get my work done a bit later~lahh!

Can you get me higher?

Friday, July 26, 2002

Mentally unstable
I want a handphonnnneeee!!!! NAK FON NAK FON NAK FON NAK FONNN!!!
Going home tonight! Weeeeeeeee!! Eh silap.. takdela excited sangat sebenanye..
Going to meet Kak Yan tonight.. Ayo.. Jangan la kena buli lagi.. Malas nyer nak layann!!
Oh well.. better pack up my things...

Mari kite majuk beramai-ramai~yeayyy!!
Alahai... Ana's going back! Which means that I'm not going to stay for the weekend~lah!
I don't want to stay for the night alone!! Dahlaa pokai! Pathetic sungguh la! Alang-alang balek, maknenye takdelaa datang sini awal sangat..
I still need to get my things to do the Fundamental project... Okie.. I have to sort this out..!
For the weekend at home, I need to get my Fundamental to start.. and the scripts for Creative Expression.
When I get back here.. I'll have to complete my Graphics and get on with the research for Appreciation...
Waaaaaaaaaa!! Too much work!! I think I'm going insane!!!!!!!

Jealousy came over me!
Wallaweyy!! Maths test is over!! And all I have to worry about nowadays is just my Graphics.. Fundamental.. English... Appreciation.. Heck!! That's EVERYTHING!! Crap~lahh! But somehow I'm not soo soo worried about it all..
The test was pretty amusing in a way.. Coz I got stuck halfway on the paper and so I started writing the script for English Creative Expression.. Hihhi!!
May not be able to go home this weekend.. sheesh! Gotta get my works done.. Haiyoo!!
Last night me and Ana talked and talked all night when we're supposed to study our Maths! Ekkeke!! And both of us decided to enforce a schedule for our own good.. and this is how it looks like...
7 pm - relax or shower
8 pm - library
9 pm - dinner
10 pm - assignments or homeworks
12 pm - relax or sleep

hihhihihi!! We're enforcing it ASAP.. hohhoho! So please.. hihhi.. show us some support! Coz we really need it! ^.^

Don't hold back.. just let it go

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Hohh!! I wonder....
Well.. just now I remembered that I forgot to tell you about something.. Hihhi..
I actually had my sixth accident yesterday! Aggagga!! Right before the trip..
I actually slipped at the stairs!!!!! YEPP! The stairs! I wonder how can I ever forgot to mention that yesterday..
Anyways, nothing much to say actually.. today is just so typically... nothing! ^.^
Anyways.. going out in a bit to the library to try to study for MATHS!! Ayo.. horror-lah!
There's going to be mid-term TOMORROW!! And I really sucked at it.. Wallaweyyyyy!!
Haiyo.. haiyo... something surprising happened today.. But I can't really talk about it...

I'm too young for this lahhh!!
Got nothing much to say right now.. So I'm just going to show you the quiz I did with my friends.. Hehhe!

You’re Mandy Moore! You’re very sweet and caring. You’re also kind of modest, and shy too. You’re not exactly at the top, but you’re not at the bottom either. Which is alright with you, because you’re not taking life’s gifts for granted. Aw, you’re just the perfect little
girl! Polite, gentle, trusting, and have this sickeningly sweet aura that just makes you so darn lovable. But best beware, for your trusting nature can lead to pain as well.

What Kind of Pop Princess Are You?

This is what Fina, Ana and BJ got!

You’re Michelle Branch! You’re the ‘girl nextdoor’ type of gal. You’ve got a down-to-earth feel about you, and you’re not afraid to be original. You’re still trying to find your place in life, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the trip. Rich and famous? Sure! But you’re not gonna let that go to your head.

While Azura and Sheya got this!!

You’re Britney Spears! Face it, ya got it made. You’re sexy and popular, and have tons of people craving to be you. Sure, you’ve got some enemies out there, but you’ve also got a lot of people wishing they were with you. You’re the kind of person who knows you’re hot, and you’re not afraid to go all out to prove it.


Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Do you see me?
Well, went to the trip today! It's sooooooooo tiring! But it was kinda okay.. Hik!
Woke up around six.. had to make some noise before Ana woke up.. And chatted with Alitt, GG and Fariz a while before me and Ana did a bit of synchronized showering. Hehhek! Went out around 8 and the bus moved at 9 (crap!) Anyways, my bus was totally boring!! I wanted to get a little shut-eye but Avi went and bugged me. The couple in front of me and Aisha were... hummm.. how shall I say this? Well, since they're Mongolian.. they actually... humm.. KISSED in the bus!! Aggaggaga!! <--- that's all I can say! No, not really.. I can say *damn* as well lah!
Then.. walked around the gallery lazily.. boringly.. crappily!! Shoot~lah! Walked around with Aisha and the other Wanie.. then walked around with Fina, Ana, BJ, Azura, Mya and Sheya.. walked around with Alitt... talked to Ahmadsyah, Fariz and Tariq.. and even made eye-contacts with unknown people!! Aggagga!! I was like.. keep changing friends 'coz I get bored staying in just one floor.. doing absolutely nothing!! +_+
So then we went to the other place in Jalan Cornlay.. Hung about a while and Fina said Alitt asked if we wanna go lunch with him. So we went.. to Lot 10's food court by two trips! Me, Fina, Ana, BJ and Sheya in the first trip and Azura and Mya in the second..
Lepak-lepak.. makan-makan.. borak-borak ape-ape ntah.. And came Dani, Tariq and some other guys.. Took some pictures and left around 3:15..
Got back to that place and took some more pictures. Alitt kept chatting with that receptionist.. Aggaggaga!! Apelahh Alitt! ~ KUNUNNYERRRR!!!
Afterwards, I went back on Fina and the rest's bus 'coz I'm simply bored with mine..
We were all actually sleeping on the way back. So when we got off, semuanye rupe sangap-sangap belake. Not mentioning how tiring the whole trip felt!! Chit!!
And then hung around in HB3 a while to get hidrated a bit and to our rooms we go!!!!
I tried to get some sleep just now but I CAN'T!! It's bugging me!! I need my sleep~lah!!

I thought I saw someone...
THANX A BUNCH ALITT!! Cayang~cayang!! Hihhihihik!
I am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired!! So I'll just say that and continue on after I get some rest..

Gosh! This is wayyy in the 'dead' morning...
Just posting in to say.... I'M GOING ON A TRIP!!
aggaggaga!! Well.. there won't be any post ins for the afternoon then...

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Fina and BJ rox!!
I finally did it!! Finally!!
The thing that I wanted to do since in Form 5.. the one I always talked about after Form 5.. Ekkekke!!
It started with a pretty crazy evening with Fina, Ana, BJ and Sheya.. And I kept saying how much I want to go out..
So first, we went to Street Mall.. Trying our luck if I get to find what I wanted..
Then we had to go to Puchong since the thing I wanted wasn't there.. Hehhe! We went to TESCO and yeahh.. bought some things! ~ the thing I really wanted!!
So then we went back to MMU.. feeling all excited..!!
So after.. hmm.. a bit more than an hour.. Ahh!! I am feeling all pumped up!! Oooh so excited!! Yeaaaaaaaaayy!!
And.. you're wondering what I did? What made me feel all so excited??
Ikkikikiki!! I COLORED MY HAIR!!!! Aggaggagga!!
Well.. if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see how it looks like!! Hehhehek!!

Thanx Sheya for Driving.. Thanx Fina for Coloring.. Thanx BJ for helping Fina Blow-drying.. Thanx Ana coz you colored YOUR hair too!! Ihhihihik!!
My two nasals are blocked!!!! That's crappy.. but heck! I'm giving myself an MC from English!
So, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm whole free for the rest of the day!
Cepat, cepat.. tengah percuma nih! Aggaggaggaggagaga!!
Anyways.. should stop right here and.. well, try and do something else useful! ^.^

I'm counting on you antibodies!!
Last night was a movie night for us! Ehhehhek!
Me, my roomies ~ Fina and Ana, BJ and Sheya were watching Grease last night. Hihhi!
Sheya really loved the movie.. And believe it or not.. it was actually the very first time I saw the film!!
And I guess I enjoyed that song where Sandy was in her friend's house and was like.. holding some letters (?)..
Well, the song was pretty nice! Hik!
And then Azura and Mya came around and they were like.. taking all sorts of pictures.. which I asked Azura to send some through the pc so I can put it up on the website! Hihik! Afterwards we went down to the café and bought us some drinks and Sheya and Azura had their late dinner.. After a useless visit to HB3, we went back up to the room and saw Visible Secret!! Hehhe!
It'a a Chinese Horror Movie.. Well, I cried at the intro.. the story's pretty slow but hmm.. quite entertaining! But The Eye was easily better than Visible Secret!
Well, our whole activity stopped around 3 am.. and all of us went to sleep.. except for Ana!!! Ikkikiki... she just can't get off her pc!
So.. I guess I had quite enough amount of sleep I guess.. Eh, wait a second.. just four hours?! Oh no.. I didn't get enough sleep.. Sheesh!
Oh well.. I can always sleep in the afternoon! ^.^

Hopelessly devoted??

Monday, July 22, 2002

Tiring.. tiring.. tiring afternoon! Neat though! Hehhehek.. in a way, of course!
Oh well.. English was.. hummm.. quite an experience!
I had to do that public speaking even with my blocked nasal.. Sheesh! I did sound weird, but I guess it was not so bad!
And my topic was.. indeed.. If I'm An X-Men Character.. hehe! Some of them did a bit of 'oooh' as I talked.
Though, I referred to my notes so often! Hahh! Crap.. And anyway, as I pointed out the examples what I would do with the power, somebody called me a 'cheater'! Ekkekke!! Why? Well.. it's because my line goes like.. "And if I like someone, a crush maybe.. I can just read his mind so I'll know how his feelings for me!"
Ekkekkekke!! Three boys did 'Video Games' which was.. umm.. well, un-appealing! But there's this Sharul guy who did the topic 'How To Make Girls Fall For Guys'.. well, the title goes something like that! Hihhihi! Anyway.. that topic rocks!! I guess he did a bit of a study on it! I wonder if he has a girlfriend though.. Hahahha!!
And Avi's was cool too! He said the word 'f*ck' and showed nude pictures and he got 8.5 marks out of 10!! Hahha!! Well.. I just got 6.. and Ms. Zaiha commented that I shouldn't refer to my notes so often. Weird though.. she commented so short for mine! While my other friends got like.. three to four comments!
Anyways.. just wanna state out that.. MY TOPIC ROCKS!! Hahha!! Good thing I didn't do any serious stuff..!
Anyways, after Maths we had to go up to the design studio and collect our pass for Wednesday's trip.. It looks neat! And I'll be in bus 6.. sitting next to Aisha I think! Hihhihik! Well.. it's pretty tiring right here.. gonna get a nap after this I guess.. hmm.. should I shower first? I wonder.. ^.^
Minum MILO anda jadi sehat dan kuat! Thanks Alitt! I'm still wondering who's picture you showed me just now, though.. Ehkehehkeh!!

How sweet and confusing can a mamat be??
Wokeyy.. just had a boring boring MDF lecture.. about the assigmnent we're gonna have to do.. and about the trip as well.. and we're going to have a meeting at the studio at 5 pm! Ayooo..!
Well.. I'm not really sleepy right now.. Just.. plain.. BORED! Huhhuhuhu!
People in my English group were saying that the public speaking is starting this afternoon!! Yeech! I hate public speaking.. yeahh yeahh I know it's good.. but I can't say that I like it...! That would be such a lie!
Knocked on Aisha's door this morning.. And she said to me "wehh.. aku tak pegi klass lah!" Chit!!
So I went with Juvita, Yaya and Tisha!
Sheya made quite a surprise to most of us.. we thought she was going to UTM and there she was.. sitting a seat away from me.. ekkeke! Asking to keep her presence a secret.. Hahh!! Then she went to Fina, Ana, BJ and Azura and made everyone (except Azura) jumped like mad.. Azura knew that Sheya wasn't going.. and when I passed them Fina were like hitting me 'coz Sheya was sitting near me and I didn't say a thing.. Ehkehehkeh!
Well.. shoulda be doing something else more useful... like doing the points for my PUBLIC SPEAKING!! But crap! It makes me wanna yell!!

I don't know why.. but dreaming's all I do ~ I'd love to cast this feeling away.. if only I know how...
Umph! Morning... not a very good one though!
Hehhe.. Fariz must have been thinking that my life in MMU just goes on and on crappily.
And if any else thinks the same way.. Hummm... Let me say this : Not Really!!
No, I don't have a VERY crappy life in here.. Just that..hmm... I guess it gets crappy when you have so much things in your mind..
Hehhe! I do have sweet memories when I'm here... but I guess I talk about it too much and too often that I just have no mood to write about it! Oh heck... what ever!

You're just plain thick.. my message didn't get through..
Let's just say that my mood tonight is better described by this song.....
Hmm... on the second thought.. I better keep that song to myself! Hahhah!!
What to say.. what to say... I am so stuck over here..
My heart aches.. why?? Aggaggaga!! I DON'T KNOW!! Either that or I DON'T WANNA ADMIT IT!! Aggagga!!

Tell me tell me just how.. What am I supposed to do right now?? <-- try and find where this lyrics came from and you might understand how I feel! Weeeeeeeee!!

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Oh!! I forgot to mention.. My site.. it's ready!! Well.. QUITE ready! Hehhe! Too see it, just click!!
You don't have to read this whole page first.. just click!!.. and you'll be directed to my site.. and you can continue on reading from there... When you get to the main page.. click for my name! Wokie! But if you wanna skip the main page, click here!! And you'll go straight to my page!
Wakkakka!! What a dayy!! And again.. I'm heading towards that mental mode all over again! ^o^
Guess what I found in my email inbox!
An email.. (duh!) subjected : Somebody *else* likes you!
Tergelak terbahak Wanie!!
So anyway, here's the update of that silly thingy dingly.. ekkekekke!!

1. Person #1 and #2 is between 15 and 19 years old
2. Person #1 likes to spend free time doing TV/Videos, Person #2 likes to spend free time doing Photography
3. Person #1's perfect first date is A walk through the park, Person #2's perfect first date is Picnic in a park
4. Person #1's hair is Dark Brown, Person #2's hair is Black
5. Person #1's perfect "getaway" date is Sailing in the Caribbean, Person #2's perfect "getaway" date is Diving the Great Barrier Reef
6. Person #1 has Black eyes, Person #2 has Brown eyes
7. Person #1 describes his/her sense of humor like this: I'm a goofball, Person #2 describes his/her sense of humor like this: I like a good joke now and then
8. Person #1 has this type of pet: Dogs, Person #2 has this type of pet: Fish
9. Person #1 and #2 would do the following if he/she won the lottery: Donate most of it to charity
10.Person #1 has this much education: Bachelors Degree, Person #2 has this much education: High School Diploma
11.Person #1 and #2 does this kind of work: Student

OooOlalaa.. ehhe!! two secret admirers! What a surprise!!! Ikkikiki! Anyway, I do believe that who ever they are.. they just typed out my email or something.. Aggagga!! Anyway, I had a bit of thinking and know what? This thing is fun!! I think I'm gonna send some to my friends! Ikkikiki!!
I'll keep you guys posted if I get *MORE* of these.. Ikkikiki!!

Current song : Do You Really Want Me by Robyn
~ You gotta show your girl a little respect or you won't get nothing back but hate ~
Aggaggaga!! What ever lahh..! Kecik ponin!
Aiyo!! My nose really itch!!
Anyways, I did went to that workshop.. Just for a while though.. Can't stand it too long.
My nose really itch and I can't keep my face straight.. and I was kinda cursing all morning!
So.. better.. I just get away from that place! Though, hey! I did met some new people from the workshop. Aggaggagga!!
Anyway, I don't have that fever anymore.. Thank god!! I'm so worried.. I mean, if I get Meningitis or something.. my roomies would get the same risks!! I've been like.. sneezing around the room! Hehhe.. but I guess I don't have to worry too much now. I don't have that much of a headache and the only thing that bugs me is my darned itchy nose!
Wokehh.. I'm gonna try and complete my freakin' website.. Though I don't think I can really really complete it by this weekend. I mean, I'm not too well to get the contents ready by.. TOMORROW! Duhh..
Oh well, really shoulda get some rest when I really need it but, what the heck!! I love doing my website! Though it's such a freak!! Wakkakka!!
What am I talking?? <-------- obviously.. CRAP!!
Later! Need to get a cure to this brain-damage!

Current song : Crush by Mandy Moore
~ I got a crush on you, I hope you feel the way that I do ~
Aggaggagga!! Yeahhh.. of course I do! :Þ
And they say it's a good morning!!
Anyway, I feel like crap right here..
I'm SICK la demmit!! Langsung tak bahagia!
DUHH.. sorry.. can't control myself from cursing for the past few days! Sheesh!
Anyways, I need to unpack my bags now.. get back to you guys later!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Hmm... I just have this one song to sing.....
Yesterday.. all my troubles seems so far away...
Sheesh!! I guess what Bob said was pretty true.. Just.. not completely true..
Life always sucks.. that's what he said.. But it seem to me that life USUALLY sucks.. not ALWAYS.. hehhe!
I'd be lying if I said it always sucks.. 'coz I had a real great time yesterday.. hmm.. wonder why? Ihik!
Sheesh! Why should I be the person who listens to the heart and not the brain??! Honestly, all I get from listening to my heart is TROUBLE!! Crap lah!
Anyways, I guess the only good thing happened today was bumping into Abang Zam.. it's been a while since I last saw him.. Hehheh!
Blaa.. blaa... blaa..
Sheeshh!! Need-to-cast-away-this-feeling!! CRAP!!

Current song : Out Of Reach by Gabrielle
~ I was stupid for a while.. swept away, by you.. and now I feel like a fool.. so confused, my heart's bruised.. was I ever loved by you ~
Yesterday was.. weird! I was... MYSELF! Ekkekekke!
I was myself.. back in the school days.. shouting around.. talking to every person in the room.. Weeeeeee!! That's h y p e r!!
Now, seriously, I don't know how I got that way, but it was pretty fun! I mean, hmm.. Being able to feel like my real REAL self.. Ikkikiki!
Hanis.. Musz.. riinddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Rase nak melepet ngan korang sangat sangat. Ade cerita? Ihik! Could be!
But seriously, I miss you guys!!!!!!
Yesterday, for the first time, I talked to Majin! Sheesh! Let's just say that my social skills just upgraded for one day.. Ehheh!
Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Happily hyper... Even Aisha said she was happy.. ^.^
Owwh... we're going on a trip next week!! To the National Art Gallery.. Yeah, I know.. DUHHH!! Nothing much so special about that..
Especially since we're going there to do an assignment.. We're going to have to write a report on textures.. Chit!
Wokeyy, my template for the website are doing just fine.. ^.^ I'm doing the contents as fast as I possibly can.. Hihhik!
Pretty excited about the new template, though it looked lousy in a way.. Hmm..
But when I get the whole site going, you can also check this journal in my site..
But please don't go now.. it's not up yet! Ehheh! I'll keep you guys posted, wokie!!
Now.. back to the thing that messes up my mind for this couple of days.. WHO SENT ME THAT THING??! Crap!
And.. to the thing that just messes my mind as I turned the Y! M online.. Bob.. TALK TO ME!!
Apsal? Apsal? Apsal? Kalau nak citer, citer lahh ek!

Current song : shhhh... can't tell you guys what's the song! Ekkekkekke!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Wokeyy.. I'm so bored that I'm actually straining my vocal cords..
Yepp! I'm singing like madd!! Just saw *NSYNC's Pod Odyssey all over again.. Weeeeeeeeeee!!
Now, that's a man that I won't hesitate to say my love... Wakkakkaka!!
Now.. better get back to making some NOISEEEE!!

Current song : You Drive Me Crazy by *NSYNC
~ You are the cure and you know, but you don't care ~
It's half past three.. I can't sleep and I'm stressed out!! Demmit! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!
Why? Well, just got this email.. from Telling me that I have a SECRET ADMIRER! Wakkakka!!
And it's driving me crazy!! I can't guess who he is! Or SHE is!! Arrrghhhh!! It's not like I care that much.. but I DO!!!
I'm pondering.. pondering.. pondering.. Aaaaaaaarrrkkkkk!! It's driving me nuts!!
I still wanna know who this person is.. even if he/she is only guessing my name!! Urrghhh!!

Wanna know what the clues are??
1. Your secret admirer is between 15 and 19 years old
2. Your secret admirer likes to spend free time doing TV/Videos
3. Your secret admirer's perfect first date is A walk through the park
4. Your secret admirer's hair is Dark Brown
5. Your secret admirer has Black eyes
6. Your secret admirer's perfect "getaway" date is Sailing in the Caribbean
7. Your secret admirer describes his/her sense of humor like this: I'm a goofball
8. Your secret admirer has this type of pet: Dogs
9. Your secret admirer would do the following if he/she won the lottery: Donate most of it to charity
10.Your secret admirer has this much education: Bachelors Degree
11. Your secret admirer does this kind of work: Student

Damn I hate those guessing games!!!
So, heyy! If any of you out there knows who's been playing around this site.. and knows me.. DO TELL!! I'm officially confused!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I'm not sure if I should be happy or not...
I have the whole afternoon to myself! No class... and also.. no NOTHING!!
Total.. BOREDOM!! Sheesh!!
Well, I'm quite sleepy, so yeah, I'll get some sleep in a bit!
But anyways, just telling you guys out there that my work on the template was quite okay..
Though, I have to warn that it looks horrible!! I mean, the template is waaaaaaaaayy too ugly, but what the heck, eh!
Nasib lerr korang.. ekkekke!!
If everything goes fine, I'd be able to get it done by this weekend..
That's all for now, get back to you later! ^.^

Current song : Upside Down by A*Teens
~ Got no clue, what I should do.. I go crazy if I can't get next to you ~
akkakka!! Would it be any different anyways??

Monday, July 15, 2002

The leg is getting better, thank God!
Just went to see Kak Yan.. Hehhe.. dah lama tak nampak ye?
Hang out a while.. for almost two hours actually.. hehhek!
And now, I'm sooo pooped!! My neck feels stiff and my leg is pleading to get some sleep!
Ekkekke.. you know that's a total fiction, right?
Anyways, a pretty slow day to be truth... and since it's so crappily slow.. Why don't I just use the dull time by sleeping?!
Ekkekke.. oh well, better get some sleep!!
Nitey nite MMU.... see ya tomorrow morning.. Insya Allah.. ^.^

Current song : Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid's soundtrack
~ Watch and you'll see.. someday I'll be part of your world ~
Wokehh.. the pain is still in my leg.. CRAPP!! Waaaaaaaaa!!
Good thing the English class was canceled.. I have a bit more time to rest.. Hoe...
Such a crappy day it is...
Anyways, if you've been trying to get into my website.. I have to say that you can't!! Ekkekke..
Well, I'm doing a bit of experiment on my site and yeahh, I had to close it down for a while.
But when I get it done, you'll be able to access this journal through that website!! Hehhehe.. Weeeeeee!!
That means that there WON'T be two places for me to babble around.. ^.^
Well, now I really have to lie down. I've been spending the whole morning trying to get the website right.. DUHH!
It's just half past ten and I've already had such crappy morning!
Just had a cramp on my leg.. Hurts real badd!! Arrkk!! And it still hurts!!
Good thing it's not so-painful-that-I-wanna-cry type of pain.. Ehhe..
Well, better stop now before I just write some loads of curses in here... ^.^
And...... everything else is getting all crappy with me... GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!
Ahh... back here in MMU.. BOREDOM ATTACKS!!
Anyways, my Y!M is pretty crappy right now.. or is it my pc?? Anyways, I'm confused.. CRAP!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

I'm going hoooooooooome!!
What's with the excitement of going home?? I don't know!! Probably 'coz it's just too demm boring in MMU..
Talking to GG right now.. selamberkan sajoss!! Ekkekkeke!
Oh heck! Need to finish my essay for English.. Pretty much cool really. We get to do what ever topic we wanted to..
So what's mine?? IF I'M AN X-MEN CHARACTER.. Akkakakkaka!!
Oh well, need to pack up my stuff and finish up my essay by the time my dad gets here.. Laterr ya!
Dida, get well soon!! Itulaa.. jahat laie ngan orang, kan dah demam! Tuhan marah tau! Ikkikikikiki!!
Morning... ^.^
Just got my shower just now.. hehhe!
Nothing much really.. haven't been outside yet today..
I'm wondering what should I eat for lunch.. ^.^
Nak balek umahhhh!! But I haven't finish my English work!! Demm!! Urrghh!!
Anyways.. to those who knew.. I thought.. I liked someone...
But anyhow, probably not!!
Why, me... of course.. I never knew what I want.. or like!
And so it happens that I don't really like this guy.. Akkakkakka!!

~ It's just a little crush, not like I faint everytime we touch.. it's just a little thing, not like everything I do.. depends on you ~

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Lupe lak nak bagitau.. Akkakka!! Tadik ade nampak budak muke akan-akan si Arep.. How freaky can it be?? Ohhohohohoh!! Cam nak gelak pon ade.. Dahlaa aritu ade Gamma senior added my nickname in his Y!M..!! Teka name dia!! Ekkekke.. If you guessed Ariff.. then you're correct!!! Wakkakkaka!! Freaky huh?? What's this ehh?? Minggu Ariff Sedunia?? Ihhihihihihihik!!
Anyway, I'm pretty much hyper right now. Had my first super-duper-cool class!! MDF ~ can you believe it??! I'm hyper over Fundamental!!!
Today we did real shadings.. I used charcoal.. and it was COOL!!! I guess I just love making a mess.. ^.^ Seriously, it was such a mess! My hands were all dirty and black! I need to cut my fingernails after this.. ^.^
Anyhow.. it was fun! Fun! FUNNN!!!
And I'll be happy to do the Fundamental homework.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Wokie, I'm actually tired from getting all excited in class.. should get a shower a bit later and.. aahhhhh... SLEEEEEP!!!

Current song : Do You Really Want Me by Robyn
~ Am I really special? ~
I wonder why I am having all these bad headaches! Seriously... it's been a couple of days.. Crap!! Now I'm worried!!
Could it be because of stress?? Well, most probably.. really. I've been wondering about so many stuff lately. It's making me nuts byte by byte.. (8 bits = 1 byte!)
Anyways, I was actually lying down just now.. thinking, why am I having the headaches when suddenly I remembered about the English Creative Expression. Well, I'm sorta the props assistant in my group ^.^ so.. I had this brilliant (hmm?) idea about recognizing my part.. Ekkekkek!! Gotta talk to Dani about this.. ^.^
Hmm.. such a slow day.. probably because of the headache... Sheesh!! GO AWAY!!
Hmm.. gonna submit the Light and Shade assignment this afternoon.. I don't want to get rejected!!!
OoooO yeah.. to those who haven't done the 'me.. me.. ME!!' quiz, please do so! I'm having such an entertainment seeing your answers! So please! I need some cheering over here... ^.^

Current song : Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank
~ I've been crawling in the dark.. looking for the answer ~

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The headache was gone as I woke up this morning... what a relief.. I'd bang my head to the walls if it didn't!
I'm in my tutorial class right now! Felt sooo good! Being able to get a pc in this crappy class.. I went out from my room early today! Weeee... concludes to a happy 'learning' hour..! ^.^ Yeahh... learning... right...!
Wokie.. talking to Alitt right now.. everybody else seems to be sleeping or offline! Sheesh!
Oh heck. later!!
Yee~ha!! Fin! Fin! Fin!!
I actually managed to get the Light and Shade assignment done.. many thanks to BJ... gosh! Thank you for the mango and bottle.. ^.^
I'm still having that bit of headache.. Hmm.. I wonder what triggered it.
Such a hot night it is.. not forgetting.. how boring and slow it is..
Well, gotta go and get my sleep..
Need to banish this pain.. So.. nighty night!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Tired.. tired.. TIRED!!
Woke up with a heavy feeling in my head.. such a crappy day..
It's reaaaaaaaaally hot here in MMU!! Now I'm wondering if I should go for English after this.. four o'clock. Should I go??
I'm soooo sooo tired and I believe I need my sleep right away. But.. in my heart I know I shouldn't skip today's class.. Heck, I shouldn't skip any class!!
I've been spending loads, haven't I? Got to buy some art board and charcoal today.. Demm.. it's expensive! The charcoal is worth RM4!! Me and Aisha were like.. "If our drawings sux.. I'm soo going to piss off..!" Ehhehhe..
Arrgghh!! The question remains... Should I go?? Should I not??
Urrghhh!! I hate making decisions!! Such a crappy dayy!!
Can't believe that I didn't post up anything for the rest of the day! I totally forgot about this blogger's existance!
It's a slow.. slow day... Nothing much have been happening around here.. Can't believe how sleepy I am right now. I mean, it's just one something! ^.^
Hmm... haven't finish that fundamental assignment yet. Gosh.. shading is such a fuss!!
And we'll be having the graphics test later this morning... Am I ready?? Ikkikiki! Bring it on...! I'll just try to hentam as best as I could! ^.^
Such a hot night.. feeling all uncomfy right here.. Ana is sleeping on the floor with her things around her. I think I'll go to sleep after this. Better get my rest as much as I can!
Anyways.. just wondering... I wonder what's going to happen today.. ^.^ Just can't help myself from getting excited..
Wokie, change of plans... gonna do my fundamental with Aisha!! Later! Do the quiz!! If you didn't get it in your email... ^.^
That's all I have to say..

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Sunday, July 07, 2002

I had a whole day and this is my first post...
Been a slow slow day.. tired really..
Slept around five.. while before that I was out with Anna ^.^ to the library to get our Fundamental work start.. The room is just too stuffy to get anything to work..
Oh well.. it's not yet finished, but hey! At least I've started..
Okie.. feeling really drowsy right now.. Better get a bit of sleep while this silence continues.. ^.^
Night..!! Probably I'll be back in front of my pc around... ten??
Well, when I feel like it.. ^.^

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Yes, I'm back in MMU!! ^.^
After a bit of relaxation at home.. I journeyed back over here...
But not before catching a movie! ^.^ I saw The Eye.. A Chinese horror flick!
Pretty scary.. yeahh, I cried. No, not because it's really sad...
Well, honestly.. I don't scream when I get scared.. I cry.. Ikkikiki! So you can say that this film terrified me, that it made me cry!
Ekkekke... anyways, I'll tell you more in my website.. but I haven't updated it yet!
So.. better wait a bit okie!
I did my Graphics website project last Thursday.. Well, I'm done with the layout! Wee~hee!! Oh heck! Now it reminds me of the Graphics test this Monday... CRAP!!

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Guess what? Guess what??
Rai did that angel quiz and guess what he got??!! ANGEL OF LOVE!!! Wakkakkaka!! Sorry.. it's just that... I don't know... Ihik!
Decided to wear my black baju kurung 'coz my white tudung is crumpled! Ekkeke.. next week! Next week! I'll be wearing my PINK baju kurung.. Ihihihhi!!
oOoOoo.. going home this evening! Probably get dinner at MALEE!! Weeeee!! I missed it! ^.^
Today is kinda slow.. Woke up around ten and got my shower only at 11 something.. ekkekke!!
Gosh.. don't know what's wrong with me today.. I've been flirting with every guy I met.. Wakkakka!! ~I'm a hazard to myself~
Ookie.. I'm not being myself these days.. I wonder!

Reminder of the day : Gotta watch my mouth.. I might hurt some people.. or make them think it wrongly... *gosh it's hard! should've THINK before I SPEAK!*
Annoyed... annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. annoyed.. GRRRRRRRR!!!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Well.. good evening y'all!
Still tired and still haven't got the rest I needed.
BJ, Sheeya and Azura came over to me, Ana and Fina's room and they (all five) were dancing and fooling around with Ana's MP3 collections. It was CRAZY I tell you. So anyway, now I have the room to myself as they all went out to have dinner! Gotta call home tomorrow.. hihhi! Probably I'll go home just for Thursday and be back again on Friday!I.. or maybe Saturday..
Anyways.. nothing much really to tell.. except.. I'm trying to decide which baju kurung I should wear tomorrow!! Hihhihik! The pink one or the black one?? Ekkekkeke!

Which Angel would you be?
Angel Falls

Current song : Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project
~ I pretend that I'm glad you went away ~
Such a tiring day!
Didn't get much sleep.. my whole body aches and I had classes for the whole day..
Didn't get rejected! Yeaay! Gosh, I'm sleepy!!
Urmm.. owe Aisha RM 10! Ikkiki.. later ek!
Funny thing happened in Fundamental.. See, Alitt really didn't want people to get to know him.. Even his name!! And then today, Encik Halim asked his name in front of the class.. Ekkekke!! I was really laughing! ^.^ And heyy!! Finally spoke something to Alitt today.. Ekkekkekke!! Gosh.. ape ke gatal Wanie harini..
I'm tiredd!!!! Went to Putrajaya for dim sum!! ^.^ It was pretty much nice! Thanx Zamri.. thanks Ana.. tq Aisha! For convincing me to go with you guys... Ikkikiki!
Anyways.. I think I better rest for a while and get my shower a bit later after this.. ^.^
Later people!!

Which PPG are you?
Heyy heyy!!
I'm having a bit of a headache to be honest..
Woke up this morning with a total shock.. (late againnn..)
I guess eight hours of sleep is too much for me.. that it made me still feeling fresh until 3 o'clock in the morning! ^.^
Anyways, slept around five last night.. talked to Pejal.. talked to Bob.. talked to Alitt.. talked to Dani (yes, I've signed your attendance this morning..).. talked to Rai.. And a whole bunch of people!! I'm having SO MUCH FUN with RPG.. Ikkikikiki!!
How childish can Wanie be? VERY..
Pretty sorry for last night to the people whom concerned. The network was off for some minutes.. So I spent the *free* time by jumping and dancing around to my own pop song called *demm*.. Ihhihihihihik!
Last night was fun... Ihhihihihik! I just got sorted!!
Just in case you guys are wondering what I'm up to these days.. I've been playing around in a Harry Potter's RPG called HEX.. Harry Potter Extreme it's called. ^.^ Really cool actually.. When I signed up, I had to describe something about myself and in three days, they'll sort me to a house. So yeahh.. had to wait three days to get into my house common room.. What's my house? RAVENCLAW!! Ikkikikiki!!
Honestly, I'd love to get Gryffindor.. but heck! I also like Ravenclaw.. For Ravenclaw the cleverest, Will always be the best.
Yeahh.. and the other Ravenclaws were totally friendly! ^.^ I'm loving it there..
Anyway, why do I spent most of my time over there? Well.. I can get holes in my tongue, get money from posting any entries for the Daily Prophet, shop for my school things, get owl posts, go to Gringotts and see how low my money are (5 Galleons!!).. and the list goes on.. and on.. In conclusion.. there's loads to do in there!!!!!! Ikkikikikiki!! Such a good way to waste my time.. ^.^
Sent my Graphics in this morning.. heh! Hope it'll get an 'okay' mark. I'll be sending the Fundamental this afternoon.. Yeech! I'd hate to get rejected!
Ohh.. ookie! Better stop now.. gotta check if there's an owl post for me!! Ikkikikiki!

Which HP Kid Are You?

Current song : Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink
~ I'm a hazard to myself ~

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Ohhohohohoho!! I'm having such a blast doing all these quizes!!

What Flavour Are You? I taste a bit like Almonds.I taste a bit like Almonds.

Mmm, the taste of almonds - anathema to many with nut allergies, and a bad sign for many more, as my taste is not unlike that of cyanide. Am I good or am I poison? A risky thing to guess about. What Flavour Are You?
Guess what?! Guess what?!
I had another accident!! Weehee!!
Know what?!
This time.. I fell at the stairs!! Yeaa!! JUST WHAT I NEEDED.. A pain to my leg!! Crap!
Anyways, didn't go to English.. heh.. the swollen eye is still swollen! Grr.. it's just not my day!
Haven't completed my Graphics and Fundamental.. But I believe that I'll get to finish it by 12!! Hehhe.. Totally pumped up and full of confidence!
I believe I can do what ever I want if I put my effort to it.. Hihhihik!
OoOoO yeahh.. I'm totally against the ants right now.. I bash every one of it that came to my sight!! Yeeheehee!! AMEK KAU!!
And yeahh.. need to get Biore's Pore Pack lahh!! I think I'm starting to have blackheads.. hihhi! Never had any problems with my skin before this.. ^.^ Just bought Sunsilk's leave on hair mosturizer.. Hihhihi! I love it!! The smell is so nice.. Ikkikikiki!!
Hoe.. it's just Tuesday and I'm poor already! Hehh, can't tell you guys how poor 'coz then people would start feel pity for me.. and I don't need that right now.. Ohhoho!
Not sure if I'll stay for the weekend here.. Getting low on the money, but then.. Papa did say if I need more, call home!! He'd come and send some for me!! Wee~hee!! Bole ajak makan kat Malee!! Ohhohoho!
Anyway, I'm getting really crazy/hyper right now so I should stop before I start talking more rubbish.. People would get bored if I do.. correct? ^.^
Later people..!

You are 20% evil! [?]

You're pretty non-evil. You're a little bit off of being all good, but you tend to still be orderly and peaceful. You aren't the bad person at all...for the most part.

Current song : Complicated by Avril Lavigne
~ Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated ~
Can't stop playing this song!!
I believe... the person I wrote in about last night is still mad at me.. hmm...
I knew Tuesday was going to be weird!! I was really wondering last night, what would happen today!
Anyway, I woke up at 8 this morning.. good thing Azura knocked on the door.. I realize that I actually forgotten to set the alarm last night.
Hehh.. slept at twelve! The first time.. I got to sleep early in MMU! Heehee.. felt pretty much fresh, since I get eight hours of sleep! Just what I needed.
But then, as I woke up, I had a weird feeling in my right eye. So I walked to the mirror and saw... BENGKAK!!
I really don't know how it happened but it was HUGE!! And I do have it right now, and it sucks!!
My eyes... felt strained since I'm trying hard to get the right one open as big as it can.. hohho! Anyway, not sure if I'm going for English at 4..
Kalau mata ni tak reda by then, tak pegi la gamaknye.. hihhihihihi!! I'm having my lazy phase right now.. ^.^

Current song : Complicated by Avril Lavigne

Monday, July 01, 2002

Didn't get a chance to continue on reading my Harry Potter.. ihhihi..! Spent the whole day by taking silly tests.. ^.^
Anyways, finally get to see how Alitt looks like! Hihhi.. OoOoOo.. I can start being a stalker again! Weehee! Taklahhh!
Ihhihhi.. anyway, nothing much to say to be honest. I'm feeling majorly tired!! Seriously, I should go to bed early tonight.. Shoot.. my back aches real bad. PMS? Probably.. I lost count, as usual. Hihhihihi!! Such an immature attitude.. really should count the days eh? ^.^
Anyway, feeling a bit mental right now.. not that I want to feel that way but someone's triggered the feeling. Well, anyway.. honestly, if any of you out there have anything to say to me.. please just say it! Janganlaa kasik status Y!M yang hinting hinting ye.. I hate being the paranoid one.. After all, I am already the little one..! ^.^
Ookie.. to Abang Zam, nice seeing you again! Heehee! Jangan lupa ye, kite ade dolphin, bukan penguin! Hihhi!
Now, I have to settle up some of my stuff and.. well, just see what's next!

Quote of the day : "There was no point of worrying yet.. what would come, would come.. and we would have to meet it when it did."
~ in the mood of Harry Potter ~ weehee!
Ookie.. this is odd! I didn't post any entries all morning!
Anyway, I'm eating some nuggets from HB3 right now.. ^.^ and chatting with dear Rai!! Weeee!
My eating mood is huge nowadays.. I wonder why.. ohohhohoho! Gotta get some sleep after this! Sooooooo tired to be honest.
Can't quite remember what I did last night.. Oowwhh!! Finally remember, I was trying to do my Graphics work.. Which turned out pretty okay.. (for the moment!)
So anyway, such a boring day it is.. spent most of my time in Fundamental lecture with melangut.. Went to English class only to find out it was CANCELED!! Duh..
Then.. four o'clock.. MATHS!! Hyuckk!! Hehhehe.. anyways.. I'll be having the mid-term test on July 26th!
Well.. nothing much to say.. All in my head is................................. *blank*
If only I have someone to think about.. at least I have things to think about!! But of course.. I'm not really that ready.. Hihhihihihi!!
I am AVOIDING those stuff, seriously..! ^.^ See no evil, speak no evil, listen to no evil!!! Agaggaggaggaggaga!!
Later people ek! Malas nak taip pepanjang now nih.. malam sikit lah kot!

Spell of the day : Stupefy!
~ in the mood of Harry Potter ~ weehee!

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