Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I wonder why I am having all these bad headaches! Seriously... it's been a couple of days.. Crap!! Now I'm worried!!
Could it be because of stress?? Well, most probably.. really. I've been wondering about so many stuff lately. It's making me nuts byte by byte.. (8 bits = 1 byte!)
Anyways, I was actually lying down just now.. thinking, why am I having the headaches when suddenly I remembered about the English Creative Expression. Well, I'm sorta the props assistant in my group ^.^ so.. I had this brilliant (hmm?) idea about recognizing my part.. Ekkekkek!! Gotta talk to Dani about this.. ^.^
Hmm.. such a slow day.. probably because of the headache... Sheesh!! GO AWAY!!
Hmm.. gonna submit the Light and Shade assignment this afternoon.. I don't want to get rejected!!!
OoooO yeah.. to those who haven't done the 'me.. me.. ME!!' quiz, please do so! I'm having such an entertainment seeing your answers! So please! I need some cheering over here... ^.^

Current song : Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank
~ I've been crawling in the dark.. looking for the answer ~

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