Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Can't believe that I didn't post up anything for the rest of the day! I totally forgot about this blogger's existance!
It's a slow.. slow day... Nothing much have been happening around here.. Can't believe how sleepy I am right now. I mean, it's just one something! ^.^
Hmm... haven't finish that fundamental assignment yet. Gosh.. shading is such a fuss!!
And we'll be having the graphics test later this morning... Am I ready?? Ikkikiki! Bring it on...! I'll just try to hentam as best as I could! ^.^
Such a hot night.. feeling all uncomfy right here.. Ana is sleeping on the floor with her things around her. I think I'll go to sleep after this. Better get my rest as much as I can!
Anyways.. just wondering... I wonder what's going to happen today.. ^.^ Just can't help myself from getting excited..
Wokie, change of plans... gonna do my fundamental with Aisha!! Later! Do the quiz!! If you didn't get it in your email... ^.^
That's all I have to say..

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