Monday, July 01, 2002

Didn't get a chance to continue on reading my Harry Potter.. ihhihi..! Spent the whole day by taking silly tests.. ^.^
Anyways, finally get to see how Alitt looks like! Hihhi.. OoOoOo.. I can start being a stalker again! Weehee! Taklahhh!
Ihhihhi.. anyway, nothing much to say to be honest. I'm feeling majorly tired!! Seriously, I should go to bed early tonight.. Shoot.. my back aches real bad. PMS? Probably.. I lost count, as usual. Hihhihihi!! Such an immature attitude.. really should count the days eh? ^.^
Anyway, feeling a bit mental right now.. not that I want to feel that way but someone's triggered the feeling. Well, anyway.. honestly, if any of you out there have anything to say to me.. please just say it! Janganlaa kasik status Y!M yang hinting hinting ye.. I hate being the paranoid one.. After all, I am already the little one..! ^.^
Ookie.. to Abang Zam, nice seeing you again! Heehee! Jangan lupa ye, kite ade dolphin, bukan penguin! Hihhi!
Now, I have to settle up some of my stuff and.. well, just see what's next!

Quote of the day : "There was no point of worrying yet.. what would come, would come.. and we would have to meet it when it did."
~ in the mood of Harry Potter ~ weehee!


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