Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Do you see me?
Well, went to the trip today! It's sooooooooo tiring! But it was kinda okay.. Hik!
Woke up around six.. had to make some noise before Ana woke up.. And chatted with Alitt, GG and Fariz a while before me and Ana did a bit of synchronized showering. Hehhek! Went out around 8 and the bus moved at 9 (crap!) Anyways, my bus was totally boring!! I wanted to get a little shut-eye but Avi went and bugged me. The couple in front of me and Aisha were... hummm.. how shall I say this? Well, since they're Mongolian.. they actually... humm.. KISSED in the bus!! Aggaggaga!! <--- that's all I can say! No, not really.. I can say *damn* as well lah!
Then.. walked around the gallery lazily.. boringly.. crappily!! Shoot~lah! Walked around with Aisha and the other Wanie.. then walked around with Fina, Ana, BJ, Azura, Mya and Sheya.. walked around with Alitt... talked to Ahmadsyah, Fariz and Tariq.. and even made eye-contacts with unknown people!! Aggagga!! I was like.. keep changing friends 'coz I get bored staying in just one floor.. doing absolutely nothing!! +_+
So then we went to the other place in Jalan Cornlay.. Hung about a while and Fina said Alitt asked if we wanna go lunch with him. So we went.. to Lot 10's food court by two trips! Me, Fina, Ana, BJ and Sheya in the first trip and Azura and Mya in the second..
Lepak-lepak.. makan-makan.. borak-borak ape-ape ntah.. And came Dani, Tariq and some other guys.. Took some pictures and left around 3:15..
Got back to that place and took some more pictures. Alitt kept chatting with that receptionist.. Aggaggaga!! Apelahh Alitt! ~ KUNUNNYERRRR!!!
Afterwards, I went back on Fina and the rest's bus 'coz I'm simply bored with mine..
We were all actually sleeping on the way back. So when we got off, semuanye rupe sangap-sangap belake. Not mentioning how tiring the whole trip felt!! Chit!!
And then hung around in HB3 a while to get hidrated a bit and to our rooms we go!!!!
I tried to get some sleep just now but I CAN'T!! It's bugging me!! I need my sleep~lah!!

I thought I saw someone...
THANX A BUNCH ALITT!! Cayang~cayang!! Hihhihihik!


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