Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Fina and BJ rox!!
I finally did it!! Finally!!
The thing that I wanted to do since in Form 5.. the one I always talked about after Form 5.. Ekkekke!!
It started with a pretty crazy evening with Fina, Ana, BJ and Sheya.. And I kept saying how much I want to go out..
So first, we went to Street Mall.. Trying our luck if I get to find what I wanted..
Then we had to go to Puchong since the thing I wanted wasn't there.. Hehhe! We went to TESCO and yeahh.. bought some things! ~ the thing I really wanted!!
So then we went back to MMU.. feeling all excited..!!
So after.. hmm.. a bit more than an hour.. Ahh!! I am feeling all pumped up!! Oooh so excited!! Yeaaaaaaaaayy!!
And.. you're wondering what I did? What made me feel all so excited??
Ikkikikiki!! I COLORED MY HAIR!!!! Aggaggagga!!
Well.. if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see how it looks like!! Hehhehek!!

Thanx Sheya for Driving.. Thanx Fina for Coloring.. Thanx BJ for helping Fina Blow-drying.. Thanx Ana coz you colored YOUR hair too!! Ihhihihik!!


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