Thursday, July 04, 2002

Guess what? Guess what??
Rai did that angel quiz and guess what he got??!! ANGEL OF LOVE!!! Wakkakkaka!! Sorry.. it's just that... I don't know... Ihik!
Decided to wear my black baju kurung 'coz my white tudung is crumpled! Ekkeke.. next week! Next week! I'll be wearing my PINK baju kurung.. Ihihihhi!!
oOoOoo.. going home this evening! Probably get dinner at MALEE!! Weeeee!! I missed it! ^.^
Today is kinda slow.. Woke up around ten and got my shower only at 11 something.. ekkekke!!
Gosh.. don't know what's wrong with me today.. I've been flirting with every guy I met.. Wakkakka!! ~I'm a hazard to myself~
Ookie.. I'm not being myself these days.. I wonder!

Reminder of the day : Gotta watch my mouth.. I might hurt some people.. or make them think it wrongly... *gosh it's hard! should've THINK before I SPEAK!*


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