Thursday, July 18, 2002

Hmm... I just have this one song to sing.....
Yesterday.. all my troubles seems so far away...
Sheesh!! I guess what Bob said was pretty true.. Just.. not completely true..
Life always sucks.. that's what he said.. But it seem to me that life USUALLY sucks.. not ALWAYS.. hehhe!
I'd be lying if I said it always sucks.. 'coz I had a real great time yesterday.. hmm.. wonder why? Ihik!
Sheesh! Why should I be the person who listens to the heart and not the brain??! Honestly, all I get from listening to my heart is TROUBLE!! Crap lah!
Anyways, I guess the only good thing happened today was bumping into Abang Zam.. it's been a while since I last saw him.. Hehheh!
Blaa.. blaa... blaa..
Sheeshh!! Need-to-cast-away-this-feeling!! CRAP!!

Current song : Out Of Reach by Gabrielle
~ I was stupid for a while.. swept away, by you.. and now I feel like a fool.. so confused, my heart's bruised.. was I ever loved by you ~


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