Friday, July 26, 2002

Jealousy came over me!
Wallaweyy!! Maths test is over!! And all I have to worry about nowadays is just my Graphics.. Fundamental.. English... Appreciation.. Heck!! That's EVERYTHING!! Crap~lahh! But somehow I'm not soo soo worried about it all..
The test was pretty amusing in a way.. Coz I got stuck halfway on the paper and so I started writing the script for English Creative Expression.. Hihhi!!
May not be able to go home this weekend.. sheesh! Gotta get my works done.. Haiyoo!!
Last night me and Ana talked and talked all night when we're supposed to study our Maths! Ekkeke!! And both of us decided to enforce a schedule for our own good.. and this is how it looks like...
7 pm - relax or shower
8 pm - library
9 pm - dinner
10 pm - assignments or homeworks
12 pm - relax or sleep

hihhihihi!! We're enforcing it ASAP.. hohhoho! So please.. hihhi.. show us some support! Coz we really need it! ^.^

Don't hold back.. just let it go


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