Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Last night was a movie night for us! Ehhehhek!
Me, my roomies ~ Fina and Ana, BJ and Sheya were watching Grease last night. Hihhi!
Sheya really loved the movie.. And believe it or not.. it was actually the very first time I saw the film!!
And I guess I enjoyed that song where Sandy was in her friend's house and was like.. holding some letters (?)..
Well, the song was pretty nice! Hik!
And then Azura and Mya came around and they were like.. taking all sorts of pictures.. which I asked Azura to send some through the pc so I can put it up on the website! Hihik! Afterwards we went down to the café and bought us some drinks and Sheya and Azura had their late dinner.. After a useless visit to HB3, we went back up to the room and saw Visible Secret!! Hehhe!
It'a a Chinese Horror Movie.. Well, I cried at the intro.. the story's pretty slow but hmm.. quite entertaining! But The Eye was easily better than Visible Secret!
Well, our whole activity stopped around 3 am.. and all of us went to sleep.. except for Ana!!! Ikkikiki... she just can't get off her pc!
So.. I guess I had quite enough amount of sleep I guess.. Eh, wait a second.. just four hours?! Oh no.. I didn't get enough sleep.. Sheesh!
Oh well.. I can always sleep in the afternoon! ^.^

Hopelessly devoted??


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