Monday, July 01, 2002

Ookie.. this is odd! I didn't post any entries all morning!
Anyway, I'm eating some nuggets from HB3 right now.. ^.^ and chatting with dear Rai!! Weeee!
My eating mood is huge nowadays.. I wonder why.. ohohhohoho! Gotta get some sleep after this! Sooooooo tired to be honest.
Can't quite remember what I did last night.. Oowwhh!! Finally remember, I was trying to do my Graphics work.. Which turned out pretty okay.. (for the moment!)
So anyway, such a boring day it is.. spent most of my time in Fundamental lecture with melangut.. Went to English class only to find out it was CANCELED!! Duh..
Then.. four o'clock.. MATHS!! Hyuckk!! Hehhehe.. anyways.. I'll be having the mid-term test on July 26th!
Well.. nothing much to say.. All in my head is................................. *blank*
If only I have someone to think about.. at least I have things to think about!! But of course.. I'm not really that ready.. Hihhihihihi!!
I am AVOIDING those stuff, seriously..! ^.^ See no evil, speak no evil, listen to no evil!!! Agaggaggaggaggaga!!
Later people ek! Malas nak taip pepanjang now nih.. malam sikit lah kot!

Spell of the day : Stupefy!
~ in the mood of Harry Potter ~ weehee!


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