Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Tired.. tired.. TIRED!!
Woke up with a heavy feeling in my head.. such a crappy day..
It's reaaaaaaaaally hot here in MMU!! Now I'm wondering if I should go for English after this.. four o'clock. Should I go??
I'm soooo sooo tired and I believe I need my sleep right away. But.. in my heart I know I shouldn't skip today's class.. Heck, I shouldn't skip any class!!
I've been spending loads, haven't I? Got to buy some art board and charcoal today.. Demm.. it's expensive! The charcoal is worth RM4!! Me and Aisha were like.. "If our drawings sux.. I'm soo going to piss off..!" Ehhehhe..
Arrgghh!! The question remains... Should I go?? Should I not??
Urrghhh!! I hate making decisions!! Such a crappy dayy!!


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