Monday, July 22, 2002

Tiring.. tiring.. tiring afternoon! Neat though! Hehhehek.. in a way, of course!
Oh well.. English was.. hummm.. quite an experience!
I had to do that public speaking even with my blocked nasal.. Sheesh! I did sound weird, but I guess it was not so bad!
And my topic was.. indeed.. If I'm An X-Men Character.. hehe! Some of them did a bit of 'oooh' as I talked.
Though, I referred to my notes so often! Hahh! Crap.. And anyway, as I pointed out the examples what I would do with the power, somebody called me a 'cheater'! Ekkekke!! Why? Well.. it's because my line goes like.. "And if I like someone, a crush maybe.. I can just read his mind so I'll know how his feelings for me!"
Ekkekkekke!! Three boys did 'Video Games' which was.. umm.. well, un-appealing! But there's this Sharul guy who did the topic 'How To Make Girls Fall For Guys'.. well, the title goes something like that! Hihhihi! Anyway.. that topic rocks!! I guess he did a bit of a study on it! I wonder if he has a girlfriend though.. Hahahha!!
And Avi's was cool too! He said the word 'f*ck' and showed nude pictures and he got 8.5 marks out of 10!! Hahha!! Well.. I just got 6.. and Ms. Zaiha commented that I shouldn't refer to my notes so often. Weird though.. she commented so short for mine! While my other friends got like.. three to four comments!
Anyways.. just wanna state out that.. MY TOPIC ROCKS!! Hahha!! Good thing I didn't do any serious stuff..!
Anyways, after Maths we had to go up to the design studio and collect our pass for Wednesday's trip.. It looks neat! And I'll be in bus 6.. sitting next to Aisha I think! Hihhihik! Well.. it's pretty tiring right here.. gonna get a nap after this I guess.. hmm.. should I shower first? I wonder.. ^.^
Minum MILO anda jadi sehat dan kuat! Thanks Alitt! I'm still wondering who's picture you showed me just now, though.. Ehkehehkeh!!

How sweet and confusing can a mamat be??


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