Monday, July 15, 2002

Wokehh.. the pain is still in my leg.. CRAPP!! Waaaaaaaaa!!
Good thing the English class was canceled.. I have a bit more time to rest.. Hoe...
Such a crappy day it is...
Anyways, if you've been trying to get into my website.. I have to say that you can't!! Ekkekke..
Well, I'm doing a bit of experiment on my site and yeahh, I had to close it down for a while.
But when I get it done, you'll be able to access this journal through that website!! Hehhehe.. Weeeeeee!!
That means that there WON'T be two places for me to babble around.. ^.^
Well, now I really have to lie down. I've been spending the whole morning trying to get the website right.. DUHH!


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