Tuesday, August 27, 2002



A Thousand Miles

Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces passed
And I'm home bound

Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making my way
Through the crowd

And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder....

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you

It's always times like these
When I think of you
And I wonder
If you ever think of me

'Cause everything's so wrong
And I don't belong
Living in your
Precious memories

'Cause I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder....

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you

And I don't want to let you know
I, drown in your memory
I, don't want to let this go
I, I don't....

Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces passed
And I'm home bound

Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making my way
Through the crowd

And I still need you
And I still miss you
And now I wonder....

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass us by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...

If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you

Heartache!! Can't believe that I'm actually feeling this... Cam jauh sangat jek! I'm falling all over again! ^o^
You know you're missing MMU when...
1. you think about your friends and roomates 24/7x 3, you missed all the fun you shared with them.
2. you feel sad eating in the dining room and you'll think about hb1,hb2,3 and 4.
3. you think about cendawan.
4. you want to talk, instead of talking u type. hihihi..
5. you go to the cinema, you imagine yourself in the e theatre.
6. you go to your neighbour's house by car (Sheeyaaaa!!)
7. you ask your sibling to 'synchonize' shower with you (Waniee!!)
8. you try to surf in belmig n it says 'The page cannot be displayed'.
9. you go to the toilet with your toiletries. hihihi..
10. you do something on the computer and you save your work every minute. coz you thought the electricity might turned off as surprisingly as it is in MMU

see u next sem...have a nice holidays...bosannyer...teponla nanti
You know you're missing MMU when...
1. you're just itching to let your pc on ~ and connected to the internet all day long.
2. you're cursing as you see your online buddies on your Yahoo! Messenger is less than 10.
3. you can't stop yourself from going into art stores and buy loaads of art supplies ~ for next semester. (semangat!!)
4. you complain that the iced lemon tea you just bought is not as nice as the iced lemon tea in HB4.
5. you realize you haven't seen an Indonesian movie for a quite while.
6. you're trying to make friends with the shop keepers near your house 'coz the abang and pakcik at HB3 was really friendly to you.
7. your friends are making weird faces as you kept saying 'Chatau's Fast Food' 'coz what you really meant was 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'.
8. you pass by one of the MPH bookstore branches, you read it Multi-Purposed Hall.
9. your heart aches as you recalls the faces of your roommates, gang members and close friends.
10. your sibling told you that you've been repeating the names of your MMU friends in your sleep the night before! ~ KANTOI!!!

Have a great holiday and take care 'coz I'm gonna miss you loaaaads!!
'Coz in a roomful of people you're the only one around..
Such a silly morning.. Anyway, I'm not supposed to be as awake as I am right now but I just can't help myself! Hihhihik!
Me and Ana found a perfect topic for us to discuss before the break! Yeah yeahh! So.. just wait and see for the next blog update! ^.^
And trust me.... it'll be SILLY!
Anyways, honestly I went to sleep after that blog entitled 'I AM FEELING MIGHTY DOWN' like I said I would but somehow I woke around three something and saw Ana has got back in the room and was eating a chocolate bun!! So I woke up and joined.. hihhihik! Chocolate bun and PRINGLES late at night.. just what I need! ^.^
And around six I tried to get back to sleep and ended up rolling on the floor and sang that Blue song, Best In Me.. Hihhi! It felt really silly.. I mean, what's up with that? Rolling around as I sang.. "Cause you bring out the best in me.. like no one else can do.." Hihhihik! Silly...!
So now I'm in front of the pc.. thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home.... and what I'm going to say for the topic dicussion! Yeayy! Hihhihik!

And nothing in this world could ever bring us down.. ^.^



It's making me funnily sick!! Hihhihihik (boleh kan?)





I seriously don't know why.. well, maybe I do! But it's kinda hard to explain! Well..... just imagine.. being all hyped up.. Happy for a certain special thing that someone that matters to you said or done.. and a few hours later, that same person said or did something that just took that special moment away. Get it?
Doesn't matter much if you don't. 'Coz I'm confused myself, why am I making it such a big deal when it's really not?!

Not gonna let this messes my head! SLEEP~

Monday, August 26, 2002

Last Outing
Hihhihi... went out for lunch today.. along with Sheeya, Ana, Azura and Majin! We went to IOI and had McD.. Hihhihik!
Nothing much really... just loads of crap talk along the drive trip!
Just found out that Majin is the last child of three siblings! Ha! So we high-fived twice in the car as the others had no 'gang'. Hihhihik!
I'm clearing up my stuff in the room. Gonna take back all those things I've never used as long as I'm in here.. hihhi! Just loads and loads of space-takers!
Gosh.. why do I feel so bad about leaving...?
Anyways.. since I'm going to be away from internet line for... well, one month! There's going to be looaadddsss of blog coming up 'til tomorrow evening, wokie!


Hari kulalui tanpa hadirmu lagi
Kucuba ingkari sepi ini
Mengapa terjadi, hancur kau akhiri
Satu kata janji tak kembali

Seribu tanya sesak di dada
Haruskah bimbang meraja
Lelah tepis harapanku
Sendiri mencari bayangmu

Kutunggu dirimu
Selalu kutunggu
Walaupun kutahu
Kau jauh .. kutahu .. kau jauh

Biarlah semua seperti apa adanya
Kuterus mencuba relakannya
Satu yang kuminta, kembalilah padanya
Kutahu disana ada dia

Kutunggu dirimu
Selalu kutunggu
Walaupun kutahu
Kau jauh .. kutahu .. kau jauh

I just love the sound of it... ^.^
A great burden have been lifted! Yeahh!
Not going to Melaaaakaaaaaaaaaa!!! Hihhhihihihik! Seriously, I think I should be disappointed for the last minute cancel but somehow I felt happy for it. Why ahh?? Does anyone have a theory for it?? Hihhihihik!
Anyway, I guess it doesn't feel right as we got news that Fina can't go on with the trip on Saturday.. I mean, me and Ana were going along mostly because of her! Hihhi.. since she wanted to surprise Amal with her presence and when we got the news that she wasn't going.. Me and Ana looked at each other.. Hihhihihi!
So anyway, then Azura felt sick this morning.. so wokie!! Another good reason for not going! ^.^
Oh well.. so I should be around today, wokie!
(if I'm not sleeping that is! I just had three hours of sleep..)

Why ahh? Why ahh? Why ahh???
Don't you think it's just sucky when you can't get some sleep??
Well, I know I had too many sleep through out the day.. but gosh! I really miss the night sleeps.. and I just can't get them anymore!
I've been wondering pretty much about it... Maybe I wasn't able to get the sleep I need 'coz my mind just won't let me! Maybe I'm wondering too much about stuff.. why..? Why..? Why can't I get some sleep??!
Urgh! It's so frustrating to just tost and turn and trying to figure out what else you can do to get those sleep.. And as for me.. how can my mind rest when all I can think of is.. ?? Eh? What was I thinking just now? Urgh! Such a bad memory I have..! See? The lack of sleep is damaging my already-pathetic-memory!!
In a way.. I can't wait to get home.. 'coz surely I won't have anything else to do at night than SLEEP! Anyways, I have three theories of why is it so hard for some people to get sleep at night.
Theory #1 They had too much sleep throughout the day and evening.. as everyone else is having their lunch and dinner.. these people with insomnia is having their dreams..! Could it be sweet? How should I know?!
Theory #2 They're too hyper and too energetic to lay down and rest! What can cause this? Hmm... sugar rush!! Just, stay away from sweets and chocolates late at night! Other than sugar rush.. well, logically when something good happens to you. For instance.. oOooOh.. your crush just confessed their feelings towards you!! ^o^ Well, that's a pretty good example don't you think? Hihhihik! Though... not everyday a guy or girl goes up to you and said.. "Urm.. hi! I know this might sound funny to you but I've always had this feeling for you.. I really like you!" So.. you can just strike out this theory since it only happens once in a purple moon. (just got bored with blue.. hihhik!) But seriously... I think this could possibly be the reason for a person to get so hyper at night. So peeps.. if you care for a certain person.. Don't confess your feelings towards them late at night! You're only making them to toss and turn in their beds - thinking about YOU! Ehh..! On the second thought... it wouldn't be a too bad idea, would it? Hihhihi! After all... you do want your crush to THINK about you! ^.^
Theory #3 Someone just broke their hearts or making them sooooooooo confused! Yeahh.. I don't think that depressed people get enough sleep! Hihhi.. and as for the confusion.. let me be more specific.. When you need to decide on something important, and you're stressed to decide quickly.. Mmm hmm!! Gosh, it's hard to get some shut eye that way! Or sometimes when someone said something to you that their words kept repeating in your head.. you just can't get it out from your head 'coz it's affecting you deep down in your heart. Hihhik! Now... that one is a REAL problem. So, what you need to do is let it out..! If what affected you was about something bad a person said... then let it out! Quarrel with them if you should.. hihhik! I mean.. back yourself up! Don't let people say things about you when they're not true! Wokie? But if it's just a plain confusion... errr.. that, I cannot help! Hihhihik! No solutions for that I guess... not for me at least! ^.^
So.. if you're having insomnia.. which theory relates to you?? As for me... hummm.. ?? I'm too tired to relate myself to it! Just make an assumption, if you want! It could be true...! ^.^

Wait for me tonight, will you?

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Amazingly.... BORING!
The day passed terribly slow today...
Me and Ana went to sleep around 7 or 8 in the morning. Really don't know what's up with that!
Well, Ana was pretty hyper for no actual reasons and as for me, I tried real hard to get some shut eye but I kept tossing and turning 'coz I just can't clear up my head.. hihhihi! And.... so... we finally get some sleep at 7 something.. and woke up around 12... And then somehow we went back to sleep.. and woke up again at 3.. Aaaannnddd... had our shower at 6!! Hahhahha!!
So anyway.. we really can't do anything much about it 'coz there were nothing fun to do while we were awake!!
But I guess we'll be staying up tonight... had too many sleep! ^.^
We're trying to work on a topic but we haven't got the perfect topic yet! So if you peeps out there have any good topic in mind.. do post it in the chatterbox wokie!

02:50:30 Sweet!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ahha!! A verrrrrry interesting topic don't you think? And that's why I'm gonna type about this stuff right now. And it'll be a discussion between me and ANA!! Yeah yeahh!

Wanie Let's start off with the meaning of crush! Hihhihik..! Well, it's another word for admiring someone. And amazingly, it's usually kept secret.. but maybe your good friends know about it.. ^.^ So what can we say about crush? Hihhihik!
Ana Hmm.. Crush is a person that we really really admire. And we can get reaaaaally disappointed if our crush hurt our feelings right? Because we want to be perfect for them. Hihihih..
Wanie Absolutely.. now, how do you know when you have a crush on a certain someone? Not that I'm a real expert at this.. but I do know how it feels.. Let see.. for starters.. when you see that person around.. you MIGHT want him/her to notice that you were there. Hihhi! Don't ask me what I'd do.. :Þ And.. when you see him/her you'd feel some funny things going on in your tummy (which are called butterflies!) or your heart skipped a beat or beat even harder that it might even hurt your chest. And one other thing I know.. you'd want to look good when he or she is around. Have any of these happened to you but you can't figure out why?? Well.. now you have the idea, okie!
Ana And we can't help smiling when our friends talk about our crush. And when he or she is around, we'd try to cover our feelings towards them - trying not to let them know. But the most complicated part is the hinting part. Coz sometimes we give them a hint, but they don't react the way we expected. And sometimes when we get the hint, they did or say something that makes us confused. And we wondered if he or she actually admired us or not.. and maybe they're just fooling around.
Examples of a hint : "I'm going to miss you throughout the break.. hahha!! Kidding.. :Þ" This is considered as a hint.. (to a girl) so be careful when you joke around! More examples, "We keep on bumping to each other all day. What a coincidence..and it was all nice" Hihhi.. That one is a dangerous hint! So be very careful of what you say because this one.. means that you like seeing that person.
Wanie Laugh your faces off if you should but I have to say this is all true! Now... more things on hinting.. Err.. Let's just say that it gets even 'weirder' when they dedicates us such meaningful songs. Err.. wait, I shouldn't say that since we do a lot of exchanging mp3s around here. But heck! How should I put this.. errr.. when you know they only listen to rock and all those heavy stuff and they usually give you those types of songs.. but one day, they gave you a veerrryyyy meaningful ballad! Surprise surprise! Ikkikiki!! But this one is just a mild hinting... ^.^ What else? Huhhu.. I have a sudden writer's block! STUCK!
Ana Me too. And it is sad when we give them a hint and they just don't get it. Then we have to explain it to them and that's not fun. Because at the same time we want to hide our feelings. It's hard to explain to them right? We just want to give them a bit of the feeling and at the same time make them wonder about what we've said. And we hope by doing that, they'll think about us from time to time. Hikhikhik
Wanie Crush is a silly business if you ask me! But all the rush is fun though. So let's just say that crush = confusion! Umm... as far as I know, crush can only bring you more and more confusion.. 'was that a hint?'.. 'do they feel the same way?'.. 'am I kidding myself??' Hihhihik! Now, seriously, better get all the truth outside than keeping it inside. If you like a certain someone, you should let it out! Or you'd lose your crush to some jerk! Ikkikiki! Now, honestly.. if you don't let them know how you feel.. they can never give you a response! Better get hurt by telling them than getting hurt keeping it to yourself and wondering... 'What if?' Anything else to add, Ana?
Ana It may be embarassing but we have to let it out so that they can respond appropriately..
Wanie Eccewwaaahhh!! Pandai betul kite cakap ekk! Ikkikiki..!

So you boys out there.. (seriously, you guys have to make the first move!!!) let HER know!! Hihhihik!

Especially brought to you by lil^witch and girl^friday
What's up with GIRLS and GUITARS?
They're just plain cool.... and romantic I have to say! Not that I like romance.. ('coz the thought of it right now is making me laugh!).. at least not right now. But anyways, I guess guitars makes girls melt.. especially when they're played by the guys they like or admire. 'Coz I know I do.. and some of my good friends does.
It's like this.. there are two types of girls and guitars.. ^.^ There are the type of girls which loves guitars so much that they learn how to play it. (I know I almost did.. but somehow the temptation just brushed away) And there are the type of girls which just loves guitar so much... but they doesn't or can't play it.. so they just run around towards the people who knew how to play them. (Now, that's where I am right now) Hihhihik!
Well, I have to say that I always did that in high school.. ^.^ Everytime there's a show in the hall.. I'd try my best to sit at the front.. and when they're finished I'd be the one who shouts/screams out at them. (Yeahh.. even when Puan Normah said that it was an unethical thing to do.. but, heck!) Or even when a person we know walks around with a guitar in their hand (usually happens at the end of the year) I'd call them to sit and play!! Yeah yeahh!! I just love that one.. I get to perasan that they're playing for me! Hahhaha!! Rindu Ajim! But honestly.. This type of girls... (My type of 'girls and guitar') are usually pretty jealous when they see a girl playing the guitar. Seriously.. Example: me and Ana would go like, 'Awwh.. so jealous that Azilah can play the guitar.. I want to learn how to play!! We wanna plaaayyyy!!' almost everytime our friend over here, Azilah plays her guitar. And we can't get our hands off the guitar when they're not playing it. Silly? Of course we are!
And there's the other thing about GUYS and guitar.. with GIRLS. Hihhihik! (a discussion between me and Ana)
I believe that almost every girl in the world loves guys with guitars. So when a guy plays for a girl (willingly, without the girl asks for it).. we'd have to say that he actually likes the girl! Or well.. love the girl maybe.. And... when a guy goes around to that girl and kept on saying he's going to learn how to play it.. we'd have to say that he really likes that girl and wants to make a verrrrrrry good impression on that girl. And, when a girl keeps telling a guy to learn how to play a song.. seriously we'd have to say that the girl reaaaaaaaally likes guitar and that song and would reaaaaaaally love that guy if he did what she asked. ^.^ Hahha!!
This is almost true.. as for me and Ana.. we believe it is true! So you boys and girls out there.. don't go around giving the wrong impressions to the opposite sex wokie! If you like or dislikes that certain person.. just say it 'coz guitar is a very sensitive issue!! ^.^

Current song : You Belong To Me by Jason Wade
~ And I'll be so alone without you, maybe you'd be lonesome too.. ~
Malam itu indah
Hihhi! Such fun nights I had. Yesternight was pretty cool.. hung around at HB 1, had some drinks and managed to discuss some Computer Graphics stuff.. which I was reaaaaaaaally blur at that time. So, yeah.. it was a bit boring.. but something actually made it look a bit interesting.. And there was even a 'secret union' between ehem! winks!~ Kan Azura.. Kan Ana!! (Sorry.. it's very weird to explain anyways...) So, yeahh... Azura cooled off which relieved all of us! ^.^
Then later Ana and I went to HB 3 to spent our money.. hihhik! Kelaparan di malam hari And when we were walking back towards HB 4, we heard some noise and saw Ahmadsyah, Fariz and the rest of their crowd. So I turned to Ana and said, 'Aha! Syah wanted to buy me Cornetto.. should I ask now, or later?' Ana just smiled and gave no real comment. So I was like jumping up and down, trying to decide if I should see them or not.. And heck! Since all the money left in Ana and my posession was RM 1, we jogged back up the hill and entered the minimart shamelessly.. well.. at least I did! Ohhohoh!! I actually came in and kept repeating 'Nak Cornetto, nak Cornetto!' (translation: 'I want Cornetto, I want Cornetto!') ^.^ And so Ahmadsyah treated me and Ana Vanilla Cornettos... Yeahhh!! Thank you Ahmadsyah!
So me and Ana went back to our rooms, laughing and giggling for the sugar rush. Back in our room... hung around in front of the pc.. chatted a bit.. then opened our book, Multimedia PC with the notes and past questions that we exchanged around with some dear friends.. (Thanx Majin.. Thanx Fariz!! ^o^)
And so.. I was pretty hyper in that dead of night as Ana gets sleepy. She dozed off around 5 and I slept next to her 'coz I was bored not long after that. Hihhihik!
Then.. the morning.. Fina came back.. ^.^ and then Sheeya! ^.^ BJ was already in MMU that night.
Computer Graphics was rather interesting.. Pardon me for saying so, but I smiled all the way as I was answering all those questions. I was undeniably amused! I mean, other than I can actually ANSWER some of the questions, I actually had some IDEAS to bantai for the essay part! So, it was quite fun.. Hihhik! ^.^
Well... tonight.. I'd have to say that it started off boringly.. But it just gets better!! Around 9 I got to chat with Hanis.. (miss you LOAAADDSS!!) Around 10.. went to get some food... (THANK YOU SHEEYA FOR THE LOAN!!) Hihhihik.. Then, even though I was a bit heart broken around that time 'coz someone said something to me... the night was still okay!
Went to get some shut eye as I waited for Ana to settle down with her chat as we planned to wash our clothes. She said I actually looked creepy when I got up 'coz I was grinning widely.. Hihhihi! So anyway, grabbed our dirty clothes.. our Dinamos.. and headed towards the toilet! Hihhi.. We were having loads of fun washing the clothes 'coz we just sat on the floor.. getting our a$$es wet ^o^ and sang to some songs that we weren't sure of the lyrics. Hihhik! So then.. finished washing around 2:30 and we headed to the pipes with our shower stuff and kain batik and bathe!! Ahhahha!! Can you imagine? Two girls, having a bath under the pipes with batik.. laughing their heads off 'coz they knew it was silly! We acted like real kampung girls.. I mean, seriously.. the shower 'cube' is just beside us! ^.^ But heck! Getting silly is just down-right FUNNNN!! Though.. neither me or Ana can confirm that we'll do it again next time.. Hihhihik!
And so.. the time now is 5 am and I'm sleepy.. and sadly, HUNGRYYYY!!
Papa please I need some money over here!! Tinggal syiling je nihh ehh!! TULUUNNN!
I'll be staying here in MMU 'til Tuesday... hihhik! Well, as if there's anything much to do if I go home rightaway.......
Oh well... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU HANIS!! Guess I just have to wait two more weeks!!
EVIL TWIN!!! Missing you like crazy!!! Can't wait to get together and finish all those junkies at your house!! Bile nak jumpe saing nihhh??!!

I'm broke... I'm missing my old friends... and I'm gonna miss my friends over here... Pathetic?? Heck!! Nights are still wonderful... ^.^

Thursday, August 22, 2002

What would you do.. when a friendship takes an ugly turn?
How would you handle it?
It's weird to discuss when you don't know how to put it into words..
It's morning... had a walk with Ana around MMU..
And when we were walking towards HB1.. we thought.. "Eeh, we can even have our breakfast!"
So we went back a bit and picked our wallets and off..
And somehow we hurt Azura's feelings.. 'coz we didn't invite her along..
Which we really thought she was asleep!! When actually she didn't get any sleep all night..
Urrrghh!! And she's pretty angry with me and Ana.. and it suxx!!

Hope she'll cool off...

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

A question I can never answer
Our heart is a confusing thing. At least, mine is! Well.. just woke up from sleep 'coz I had a sudden headache. Why? Maybe because I was trying so hard to understand myself. It's just weird when your mind and heart are saying the different things. Which one should you listen? Should you listen to your intuitions and instincts? Or should you listen to your logic? It's a battle inside you... Which is stronger? Your heart or mind?
It gets so confusing when your mind starts telling you that "You may regret it if you follow your heart" and your heart is telling you that "You will regret it if you follow your mind". 'Coz seriously.. if you follow your heart, you get to enjoy the things you really wanted.. no hesitations.. you can be absolutely YOU! But.....
If you won't listen to your mind.. you may feel that you shouldn't have done the things you did.. and the things you did was only going to make you feel and look bad.
I'm not sure if any of you out there have ever experienced it before but it had happened to me millions of times throughout my life. A very painful battle which eventually leads to an achy pain on either my heart or head. There's too many questions unanswered. And it'll stay that way for such a long while.. It hurts to keep inside but your mind keeps on telling you the logic of what will happen if you let it go. Feels like you're going to explode but your mind keeps telling you the damage it'll bring if you did.
So many feelings to care about.. and so I keep on wondering.. Should my heart take control or my mind?
I have to say that my life has been controlled by my heart mostly. And it keeps on recurring in my mind how much pain it have caused myself and the people about me. But... if I change now, won't I be someone else??
And the question remains... should I listen to my heart.. giving no thoughts to what other people might say or what it will cost me in the future; or should I listen to my mind to protect myself from getting hurt badly??
Sometimes it's just so hard to decide.. even if it's only about small matters. Should you go out.. and maybe enjoy yourself or should you not? It might be an enjoyable outing but people might say bad things about you if you do so. But to stay inside just because you're afraid of what people might say about you, and obviously not enjoying your time... that seems a bit ridiculous don't you think?
Or sometimes you have a confusion about someone.. and you really wish to ask that particular someone to answer a very personal question. Would he or she run away? There's a possibility for them to run away from you. There's a possibility that they won't be your friend anymore. So wouldn't it be ridiculous? You lose a friend beacuse you just want to satisfy your heart?
And so.... I keep on wondering....

You could never imagine how much this topic is bugging me...

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

As silly as I can be..
Gosh! Just finished watching Roswell and it was really sad!! I honestly cried!! CRAP!! So I'm feeling mighty silly right now. I mean, gosh! In my room.. crying.. because of a tv series!! It's pathetic!! Anyways.. it was the part where the future Max came by to ask help from Liz to make the present Max fall OUT of love with Liz... and it's sad!! Gosh.. it's just too demm sad for me! I just hate storylines like that!! Can't they do any happier storyline?! Crap!
I'M FEELING SADDDD!!! Urgh!! Stupid show!

I Shall Believe

Monday, August 19, 2002

Still I believe
Sorry... haven't been able to update for a while..!
It's the final trimester week and I've got tests to go through..
Get back to you when I'm less busy!

I'm missing something real

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Daku Memandu Diriku Gila
Fuhuhh! This one is a late update!
Submitted my final Fundamental project and English portfolio yesterday. And I officially dislikes Mastura!! Urghhh!! She looked at my work and told me to put it aside unenthusiatically!! CRAP! And Hanafiah is also crappy!! He just doodled on Sheeya's as he commented on it!! Sheeya was really pissed and upset. After all, everything is going pretty wrong for her. She'd lost her wallet! But Hanafiah really went over board, of course that's the risk of being an FCM student.. but the things he said... CRAP!! Musuh salah satu diantara kita adalah musuh kita semua Hihhihik! This Indonesian movie has affected us so much! ^.^ *Mastura and Hanafiah are our lecturers*
I'm barred from the exam! ^o^ 'Coz I just paid the hostel fees... hihhi! It'll be fine! ^.^
Went to see Ana's play last night. Gosh, she was cute!! Even though she had forgotten some of her lines.. Hihhi.. it was really cute! ^.^
And BJ and Azura will be on tonight! Waaaa! I need batteries for the camera but I'm broke!! Uhhu!! This SUX!
Anyway, when all the plays ended, went back to our room a while, thinking that I should study or just go to sleep. Then they said they were going to grab a bite at Shah Alam. Hihhi, apalagi!! so I followed.. Went by two cars.. Amal's and Sheeya's. *Amal is Fina's boyfriend ~ who came to visit!* We went to Cafe 13th which is around the stadium.. It was pretty neat! The place was nice..! Hihhi... And we got back around two am.. Had to write our names on that stupid book. Hihhi!! ~Ehemm~

Bosan aku dengan penat
Dan enyah saja kau pekat
Seperti berjelaga jika kusendiri

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

That bloody red patch on my nose
I have a red nose right now! And it made me cry!! Huhhu.. PAINN!! Is it only me or does everyone felt hurt when you take of that Biore Pore Pack off your nose? It really hurts for me!! Everytime I took it off, I'll cry!! Seriously! It hurts pretty badd!! Huhhuhu!!
Anyways, got to finish my Fundamental work by sundown. I have to say that I'm quite proud to finish it pretty early! Though.. it looked pretty silly! :Þ
It'll be up on 'pictures' by weekend I hope! Along with the picture of my friends and their great GREAAAAT work!
Went to see Fina, Mya and Sheeya's performance tonight! It was fun!! Fina and Mya were in the same group and they did this scene where they're learning English in a classroom. Fina played as an Angel, Mya was a Devil and there was this Nightmare and a Mathematical Robot. It was pretty silly but it was fun! When the teacher told them to say "Good Morning", they went;
Robot : Good - one times two - mor - plus two - times one -
Nightmare : I am going to kill you!! (as it pulls out a large knife)
Angel : Good morning my child...
Devil : Good morning... stupid! (and pokes her fork at the robot)
And Sheeya was real good!! She played as this story teller girl. She wore a night dress and tied her hair into two and she was holding this huge teddy bear! She was really cute!! Plus, the background song was reaaaaaaaaally cute as well!! Hihhi!! Their performances was FUNN!! I really really enjoyed theirs! Can't wait 'til tomorrow!! Ana will be on!! Hihhihik!
Gosh! I'm practically off the Y! M todayy!! I'm so proud! ^.^

Huhhu.. Dida don't be mad at me pleaaaaaaaaaase!

Monday, August 12, 2002

Rainbows in my eyes
Such a lazy and nerve wrecking day it is..!! Slept around five in the morning and woke up around ten. Didn't even went to consultation for Fundamental! And I skipped both of my Maths class! Sorry Papa.. didn't mean to! The day was too hot and I was soooooooo dehydrated, no one could imagine!
Well, at least I've finished most of my Fundamental work!
Just got back from the creative expression thingy! Hihhi.. Mine was the first one.. so I stayed to see the others' performance. Some of them were absolutely GREAAAAATT!! Poor Fina for waiting so long for her group's turn but it didn't came 'coz it was getting too late. Can't wait for tomorrow!! ^.^ Fina, Mya and Sheeya will be on tomorrow while Ana on Wednesday along with Ahamdsyah and Fariz!! Ekekkekke! Azura and BJ's gonna be on Thursday!
Anyway, I just wanna say that I felt horribly nervous before the thingy started. But I tried my best to lead the nervousness into hyper.. Hihhi! And guess what? Fina did said that I didn't look nervous at all.. and just plain HYPER! Hihhihi.. Anyways.. can't say anything much about my own performance since I don't know what it looked like. Though, Dani's fighting scene was hilarious! Hihihi!! Anyway, I'm having a bit of a headache so I should get some rest.. Yeah yeahh!! I can relax a bit now! Though, I need to finish my essay by tomorrow! Sheesh!
Anyway people!! To my friends who went and see my group's performance.. do comment!! I want to know how it looked like.. Hihi!! Just type something out in the chatterbox, wokie?!

And now, all I have to worry about is MATHS!!
Can you believe it? I just finished my late.. err.. verrry late dinner! Hihhi.. Papa and the rest came for a while to pass some stuff for me. Dida's done with the digital camera.. so I can use it for this whole week!! Yeah yeahh!! Then she's going to use it again. Sebok aje! With the digital camera, Mama bought McD for me! Yeahh!! And I just mentioned about wanting it yesterday.. Hihhi! GREAT! And then they actually bought my usual junkie.. Cheezels!! Hohohoho!! Couldn't feel much happier! ^.^
Haven't finish my Fundamental work.. I've colored my medium a bit but seriously.. why do I have a certain feeling over it? It's not a very nice feeling.. Huhhuh! Gonna have to act later this day.. Sheesh!! Too much stress going on! With the finals coming up starting on the 19th! I'm all spooked!!
Lunch was at HB1 today with Ana, Sheeya and BJ.. Ehh.. the kue-teow is nice! ^.^ Accidentally met Alitt and his friends who was leaving for the beach after their lunch. Made silly jokes and did silly stuff.. as usual! And us ~ the girls promised a bit of a game with each other.. Ehhek!!
Actually went out for dinner yesterday.. (I know it's a bit old news, but what the heck!) Went to a place called Pemadam (??) in Kajang. Went out around.. what time ekk? Forgot.. sorry! But there was Ana, Sheeya, BJ, Azura and myself with Alitt driving his.. err.. dad's car? Think so! And his three friends went on another car.. Umm.. Bobo, Jai and Khalil. Had mee bandung, sate with teh O ais to drink! There was a sorta big discussion going on at the other end of the table ~ between Alitt, Sheeya and Azura over someone which I have to say that it was a bit disturbing... Anyway, didn't really affect the dinner, I think! And.... THANX ALITT!! Coz he paid for it all.. Ehheh!! Cayang laie!!
Anyway... when we got back to our rooms around twelve.. (not so late, okie Rai!! Fariz!! Hohh!) Sheeya, BJ, Ana and myself had a bit of girls talk over something quite err... disturbing and it ended with BJ hugging me for a while.. Hmm.. problemed kid? ..Possibly! *Please note that Azura wasn't included 'coz she went back to her room and this room is basically occupied by FIVE girls right now*
BJ.. you DO roxx!! Thank you! You roxx, but you failed! Hihhi.. Ana and Sheeya with four chances left!

Troubled heart.. Troubled mind.. Out of sight.. Out of mind..
Three chances left for me...... So help me God

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Bad Company
Really need to get my essay done.. soon! Hihhihi... haven't passed up my English writing file..!
Anyways, went out yesterday.. we only planned on going somewhere to eat actually but then suddenly Alitt wanted to see a movie with his friends. So me, Ana, Sheeya, BJ and Azura got ready and Sheeya drove the car out from MMU. We waited a while at the bus stop (since the guys weren't ready!!) 'til they finally arrived in about 15 minutes from the promised time.. (and NO, they don't wear lipsticks!) Drove over to Mid Valley and watched Bad Company. Before we got inside, we bumped into Aisha who was hanging out with her Engineering friends..! She was also catching the same movie with us.. Silly enough, the ten of us.. (me, Ana, Sheeya, BJ, Azura, Alitt and his friends - urrm... Yus... er.. Hafiz.. Khalil..and Mayat <-- wow, I got their names right!!) got the first row seats and Aisha and her friends were on the second!! Huhhuhu..
It was a strain to the neck, really.. ^.^ The movie was really enjoyable.. if you like stupid jokes, but I kept on being distracted with those SMS' from Kak Yan and Fariz.. Chit! Hihhihi... But honestly, the movie was stupidly funny! So MAYBE you should see it.. Hihhi..
When the movie ended.. we decided to grab a bite at someplace.. Hihhi.. I don't really care what's the name of the place 'coz it sux! Akkakka!! We had to wait such a while for our kue-teows! And the place is a hazard!! Too many smoke!! Hihhi.. you get what I mean, right?
So then we went back, with Alitt driving the Punto.. ^.^ Berkejar-kejaran dengan kereta yang dua lagi. Anyways, got back feeling reaaaaally sleepy and desperate for the toilet.. Akkakka!! ^o^
Decided to sleep on the floor alongside BJ but instead of going right to sleep, we talked about our past stuff. Bijaklah sangat. Ended up going to sleep around 5:45 am.
I woke up a while around 10 and saw my dad SMSed me about the magazines I asked a few days back and my mom Y! messaged me about the Add Maths book I wanted.. (which I had it someplace, I believe) And she actually accused me that I'm holding the absence of the book was the reason I got bad results for my Maths test!! Which made me really pissed off.. REAAAAAAALLY pissed off and made me replied like this:
Bile mase Wanie salahkan buku? Ade Wanie cakap?! Takde kan?! And she didn't replied.. Hahha..! Good thing it was only chatting and she didn't hear it straight from my mouth.. 'Coz seriously, if she did.. the arguement will be catastrophic (which is not at all a new thing for me as a rebel myself..) So instead of getting really awake and go showering, I decided to sleep again to wear my anger off..
Then, all I know, it was eleven.. and Nina knocked on the door with an upset face and handed me some magazines.. CRAP!! I didn't know that Papa was coming!! So I ended up lying on the floor.. Cursing at myself for being ME... This is just not the day for family bonds is it?? CRAP! Is all I want to say.. I've passed the quota of cursing for the week. Terrible.. terrible morning...!!!
Too many questions in my head and I don't like it one bit!!!

And so.. I hate crying..

Friday, August 09, 2002

I still pick my friends over YOU
Cayang Azraai!! What a good friend you are..
Azraai came over to MMU just now! He had some 'thingy' in Putrajaya so he decided to come and visit! Hihhi..!
Pretty sleepy to be honest.. I was awoken by Rai's phone call.. and I was like rushing over to the toilet and get ready.. Kawan nak datang takkan nak hegeh² kan? Then Ahmadsyah knew I was going to meet Rai, so he wanted to see him as well! ^.^ Which then he brought along Fariz.. Ihhihihik!
Silly really.. Rai wanted to look around so I did show him around.. pretty much like a tour guide but then he said it was embarrassing! Chit!
So anyway, he left around 12.. without even seeing Kak Yan 'coz she was SLEEPING!! I need my brushes pleaaaaaaaaase! ^.^
Oh shoot, just remembered I haven't hung my clothes I washed last night.. Hihhi!! (gosh, washing is tiring!)
Be back later.... I think!

but what if YOU are my friend?

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Even the train doesn't pass through as fast as my life
TIRED!! This week has been HECTIC!! Thank you dearly to Fariz for helping in Appreciation.. I was really getting crazy last night.. Hihhihi!! Budi saudara tak terbalas oleh hamba.. I actually completed my assignment a few minutes before going out to the lecture.. Huhhu.. If Papa knows about this, he'll be sooooo pissed! Hahhah!! So, friends... hush! Hush! Anyways, now.. I have to concentrate on Fundamental's final project! Which is pretty weird in a way..
Anyway!! I'm feeling horribly moody right now.. Yess yess.. PERIOD LAH!! Demmit ~ yes!
Wokie.. I was feeling absolutely happy this morning.. we had an interesting Appreciation lecture, which was on architecture.. ^.^ Then, I was like.. immitating Alitt as we walked for breakfast. Laughing mindlessly.. Anyway, immitating the way Alitt walked was fun!! Hihhihi!! And the gurls even said I looked cute walking that walk!! Ikkikikiki!! How hilarious can that be?! They said it was cute coz I didn't even cared to walk that way even though I was wearing a kebaya today.. Hihhihik!
oOooO.. yeahh Alitt, thanx!! Blanje orang breakfast tadik.. besh beshh!! Macam tau tau lak duit orang dah sikit! ^.^
Afternoon.. found out I lost my sister's calculator.. which sucked!! And then there was the Maths test!! And then the lecturer gave back our mid term papers!! Which made the day more horrible!! Then I was forced to practice the Creative Expression thingy!! Urrghhhh!! But then.. Dani treat me chocolate milk after the practise.. Hihhi!! Thank you!! Then it gets better all over again... THANK GOD!
Got to my room and found out Rai did the quiz thingy! Hihhi!! Absolutely "walking journal".. ^.^ He got 80%! Highest at the moment.. Number 9 can be easily mistaken actually... Hehhe.. And about that toy dolphin.. Hehh.. only the girls knew what it was.. ^.^ Fina is second with 70% right, Ana and BJ at 60% and Ahamdsyah at 50%..!! Hihhihi.. Now... do the quiz!!
Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

Teruntukmu hatiku.. inginku bersuara....
Akankah seseorang yang diinginkan kan hadir..

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

What can I say.. days are passing by awkwardly each day.
Mama suddenly gave me a ring during the weekend, which I'm wearing now on my right hand.. Huhhuh! Tetibe ajek
I've been hanging out with the girls at night lately.. Hihhi! I guess it's better than going out.. Papa actually told me not to go merayap anywhere farther then Cyberjaya.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I was like.. -UIK?!- Then he told me to call first if I'm going out anywhere.. Hehh!
Papa said another two offer letters came in on Monday. So he SMSed me.. "Wanie dapat ITTAR, nak pegi ke?" And then he said the other letter came from UNITAR. I seriously can't remember where and when I applied for them! Sheesh!! I'm even wondering where all those colleges got my name! Seriously!! They're making too much rubbish with those letters!! Huhhuh!
My credit balance is RM 19.40.. Ehkehehkeh!! I don't think I made too many calls with it.. just too many SMS I guess.. I've messaged my onechans almost every night! Hihhi! Miss you guys!!

And now I'm falling again..

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Amazingly refreshing weekend

Heyy heyy!! I'm back in MMU! Hihhihik! Not sure what really excites me.. 'coz honestly, I shouldn't really feel excited as I'm really.. alone in this room right now! But I don't know! I guess I'm just refreshed with a pretty good weekend!
Oh.. before I forgot.. SELAMAT HARI TUE PAKCIK RAI!! And the list of pakcik keeps getting longer! ^.^
Well, nothing much in the weekend, but I did get the rest I need! Did the same-o same-o things at home.. watch TV and all. Though, something funny happened as I was watching Charmed on Friday. See.. I've been using the nick -lil' witch- for a quite while and last Friday, Prue asked Piper, "Where's Phoebe?" and Piper answered, "That little witch..." Aggagga!! So I was smiling all the way.. Ehek!
And then, on Saturday I was really entertained as I saw an old thingy on telly called Amazing Stories (was it?) and gosh, it was hilarious!! I know, I'm supposed to be amazed with the ideas of those featured stories, but heck!! It's too funny for me to get serious with it. Ohhohoho!! And on Saturday I bumped my right knee to Papa's table.. And yeahh, it really.. really hurts you can't imagine how much! I was like.. shouting, laughing and crying in the same time. Shouting for how much it hurts and how I have to stop myself from cursing terribly in front of Papa.. Laughing for having to believe how clumsy and stupid I was to bump my knee like that, and crying for the terrible.. horrible pain I felt at that time! Huhhuhu... Accidentally let Papa, Nina and Jasmin saw me crying.. Sheesh!
Nina had her convo on Saturday.. that's why Jasmin came.. hehhe!
Oh well.. that's all I am willing to share right now, maybe I'll continue one a bit later tonight! Feeling a bit drowsy right now.. Huhhuhu!
OooO yeahh... created a new quiz!! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME??Ehek!! Try it!! I dare you!!

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

Thursday, August 01, 2002

ooOoOooh yeahh.. friendship's day is on the first Sunday of August!!! Not First of August!
Where's ME?!
Yeahh yeahh!! Handed in my Graphics assignment just now. Good thing I bumped into Yusran, so I was able to hand in my disc to him directly.. Though.. I had to slide my other disc through Ken Neo's door.. and Fina too had to slide her other disc through Neo Mai's door. Hehheh! We even bumped into Azizi (that's his name right?) who was in his way to slide his disc through Ken Neo's door. Honestly, that was the first time I talked to him!! Hahha!! Feeling a bit friendly today, I guess.
Aaaahhhh!! What a relief!! Now I can go home light heartedly. No worries.. NU UHH!!
Finished it earlier today, to be honest.. but then I went to sleep and rest and all.. so I wasn't able to see Ken Neo personally.. Huhhuh!! Even had some time to help out Fina with her site.. Hehhe!! Owwhh!! Need to pay Ana for the ink I use for all the Fundamental printing (which was LOAADDSS!!) and for her CD.. Huhhhuhu! Getting broke!!
Now.. I have to remind myself to get my brushes back from Kak Yan.. Hohho! And ayo Alitt! Where's Fina's puncher?
Wokie.. I'm going back tonight.. after break~fast with the gurls.. Hehhe! So if anyone have the need to get to me.. do call!! Hahha!! My phone has been pretty much quiet~lah! I really need a time off from this room 'coz sitting inside here makes me tense.. hehhe! Remembering all the hard works I had to do in here.. It's like a dejavu everytime I'm in here.. Weird huh? I need some time off with my sisters!! Umm.. as in my triplets.. Muszz!! Niezzz!! Huhhuhuhu!! Manyaknyer cite nak citer kat korang!! Rinnnnduuuuuuu!! I need a break! A real break!! I need someplace quiet.. where I can rest!!.. meditate or whatever~lah!! As long as I can rest quietly. Huhhuhu!
Can't wait 'til break~fast and going home!! Though.. can't really hang around during the weekend. Need to think on the final project..
I skipped both of my Maths class today. I reaaaaaaaaaally do need the time off to just sit down... and get my mind back. For the past two nights.. I was really off!! Funny though.. I've been talking to myself as i do my works and not forgetting how I just screamed in the middle of the night. Heehee!! And the songs I sang.. Aggagga!! Of course, it's that song from my latest single... *Demm~lahh* Ikkikikkiki!!
Really.. I don't curse much.. I do feel guilty whenever I say those words.. but sometimes I feel the need to say something as BADD as the situation. Ohhohoho!!
Oh well.. reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to lie down and close my eyes!! My eyes are threatening to pop out anytime soon..

I'm watching you watch over me.....

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