Saturday, August 10, 2002

Bad Company
Really need to get my essay done.. soon! Hihhihi... haven't passed up my English writing file..!
Anyways, went out yesterday.. we only planned on going somewhere to eat actually but then suddenly Alitt wanted to see a movie with his friends. So me, Ana, Sheeya, BJ and Azura got ready and Sheeya drove the car out from MMU. We waited a while at the bus stop (since the guys weren't ready!!) 'til they finally arrived in about 15 minutes from the promised time.. (and NO, they don't wear lipsticks!) Drove over to Mid Valley and watched Bad Company. Before we got inside, we bumped into Aisha who was hanging out with her Engineering friends..! She was also catching the same movie with us.. Silly enough, the ten of us.. (me, Ana, Sheeya, BJ, Azura, Alitt and his friends - urrm... Yus... er.. Hafiz.. Khalil..and Mayat <-- wow, I got their names right!!) got the first row seats and Aisha and her friends were on the second!! Huhhuhu..
It was a strain to the neck, really.. ^.^ The movie was really enjoyable.. if you like stupid jokes, but I kept on being distracted with those SMS' from Kak Yan and Fariz.. Chit! Hihhihi... But honestly, the movie was stupidly funny! So MAYBE you should see it.. Hihhi..
When the movie ended.. we decided to grab a bite at someplace.. Hihhi.. I don't really care what's the name of the place 'coz it sux! Akkakka!! We had to wait such a while for our kue-teows! And the place is a hazard!! Too many smoke!! Hihhi.. you get what I mean, right?
So then we went back, with Alitt driving the Punto.. ^.^ Berkejar-kejaran dengan kereta yang dua lagi. Anyways, got back feeling reaaaaally sleepy and desperate for the toilet.. Akkakka!! ^o^
Decided to sleep on the floor alongside BJ but instead of going right to sleep, we talked about our past stuff. Bijaklah sangat. Ended up going to sleep around 5:45 am.
I woke up a while around 10 and saw my dad SMSed me about the magazines I asked a few days back and my mom Y! messaged me about the Add Maths book I wanted.. (which I had it someplace, I believe) And she actually accused me that I'm holding the absence of the book was the reason I got bad results for my Maths test!! Which made me really pissed off.. REAAAAAAALLY pissed off and made me replied like this:
Bile mase Wanie salahkan buku? Ade Wanie cakap?! Takde kan?! And she didn't replied.. Hahha..! Good thing it was only chatting and she didn't hear it straight from my mouth.. 'Coz seriously, if she did.. the arguement will be catastrophic (which is not at all a new thing for me as a rebel myself..) So instead of getting really awake and go showering, I decided to sleep again to wear my anger off..
Then, all I know, it was eleven.. and Nina knocked on the door with an upset face and handed me some magazines.. CRAP!! I didn't know that Papa was coming!! So I ended up lying on the floor.. Cursing at myself for being ME... This is just not the day for family bonds is it?? CRAP! Is all I want to say.. I've passed the quota of cursing for the week. Terrible.. terrible morning...!!!
Too many questions in my head and I don't like it one bit!!!

And so.. I hate crying..


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