Tuesday, August 27, 2002

'Coz in a roomful of people you're the only one around..
Such a silly morning.. Anyway, I'm not supposed to be as awake as I am right now but I just can't help myself! Hihhihik!
Me and Ana found a perfect topic for us to discuss before the break! Yeah yeahh! So.. just wait and see for the next blog update! ^.^
And trust me.... it'll be SILLY!
Anyways, honestly I went to sleep after that blog entitled 'I AM FEELING MIGHTY DOWN' like I said I would but somehow I woke around three something and saw Ana has got back in the room and was eating a chocolate bun!! So I woke up and joined.. hihhihik! Chocolate bun and PRINGLES late at night.. just what I need! ^.^
And around six I tried to get back to sleep and ended up rolling on the floor and sang that Blue song, Best In Me.. Hihhi! It felt really silly.. I mean, what's up with that? Rolling around as I sang.. "Cause you bring out the best in me.. like no one else can do.." Hihhihik! Silly...!
So now I'm in front of the pc.. thinking about what I'm going to do when I get home.... and what I'm going to say for the topic dicussion! Yeayy! Hihhihik!

And nothing in this world could ever bring us down.. ^.^


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