Thursday, August 08, 2002

Even the train doesn't pass through as fast as my life
TIRED!! This week has been HECTIC!! Thank you dearly to Fariz for helping in Appreciation.. I was really getting crazy last night.. Hihhihi!! Budi saudara tak terbalas oleh hamba.. I actually completed my assignment a few minutes before going out to the lecture.. Huhhu.. If Papa knows about this, he'll be sooooo pissed! Hahhah!! So, friends... hush! Hush! Anyways, now.. I have to concentrate on Fundamental's final project! Which is pretty weird in a way..
Anyway!! I'm feeling horribly moody right now.. Yess yess.. PERIOD LAH!! Demmit ~ yes!
Wokie.. I was feeling absolutely happy this morning.. we had an interesting Appreciation lecture, which was on architecture.. ^.^ Then, I was like.. immitating Alitt as we walked for breakfast. Laughing mindlessly.. Anyway, immitating the way Alitt walked was fun!! Hihhihi!! And the gurls even said I looked cute walking that walk!! Ikkikikiki!! How hilarious can that be?! They said it was cute coz I didn't even cared to walk that way even though I was wearing a kebaya today.. Hihhihik!
oOooO.. yeahh Alitt, thanx!! Blanje orang breakfast tadik.. besh beshh!! Macam tau tau lak duit orang dah sikit! ^.^
Afternoon.. found out I lost my sister's calculator.. which sucked!! And then there was the Maths test!! And then the lecturer gave back our mid term papers!! Which made the day more horrible!! Then I was forced to practice the Creative Expression thingy!! Urrghhhh!! But then.. Dani treat me chocolate milk after the practise.. Hihhi!! Thank you!! Then it gets better all over again... THANK GOD!
Got to my room and found out Rai did the quiz thingy! Hihhi!! Absolutely "walking journal".. ^.^ He got 80%! Highest at the moment.. Number 9 can be easily mistaken actually... Hehhe.. And about that toy dolphin.. Hehh.. only the girls knew what it was.. ^.^ Fina is second with 70% right, Ana and BJ at 60% and Ahamdsyah at 50%..!! Hihhihi.. Now... do the quiz!!
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Teruntukmu hatiku.. inginku bersuara....
Akankah seseorang yang diinginkan kan hadir..


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