Monday, August 26, 2002

Don't you think it's just sucky when you can't get some sleep??
Well, I know I had too many sleep through out the day.. but gosh! I really miss the night sleeps.. and I just can't get them anymore!
I've been wondering pretty much about it... Maybe I wasn't able to get the sleep I need 'coz my mind just won't let me! Maybe I'm wondering too much about stuff.. why..? Why..? Why can't I get some sleep??!
Urgh! It's so frustrating to just tost and turn and trying to figure out what else you can do to get those sleep.. And as for me.. how can my mind rest when all I can think of is.. ?? Eh? What was I thinking just now? Urgh! Such a bad memory I have..! See? The lack of sleep is damaging my already-pathetic-memory!!
In a way.. I can't wait to get home.. 'coz surely I won't have anything else to do at night than SLEEP! Anyways, I have three theories of why is it so hard for some people to get sleep at night.
Theory #1 They had too much sleep throughout the day and evening.. as everyone else is having their lunch and dinner.. these people with insomnia is having their dreams..! Could it be sweet? How should I know?!
Theory #2 They're too hyper and too energetic to lay down and rest! What can cause this? Hmm... sugar rush!! Just, stay away from sweets and chocolates late at night! Other than sugar rush.. well, logically when something good happens to you. For instance.. oOooOh.. your crush just confessed their feelings towards you!! ^o^ Well, that's a pretty good example don't you think? Hihhihik! Though... not everyday a guy or girl goes up to you and said.. "Urm.. hi! I know this might sound funny to you but I've always had this feeling for you.. I really like you!" So.. you can just strike out this theory since it only happens once in a purple moon. (just got bored with blue.. hihhik!) But seriously... I think this could possibly be the reason for a person to get so hyper at night. So peeps.. if you care for a certain person.. Don't confess your feelings towards them late at night! You're only making them to toss and turn in their beds - thinking about YOU! Ehh..! On the second thought... it wouldn't be a too bad idea, would it? Hihhihi! After all... you do want your crush to THINK about you! ^.^
Theory #3 Someone just broke their hearts or making them sooooooooo confused! Yeahh.. I don't think that depressed people get enough sleep! Hihhi.. and as for the confusion.. let me be more specific.. When you need to decide on something important, and you're stressed to decide quickly.. Mmm hmm!! Gosh, it's hard to get some shut eye that way! Or sometimes when someone said something to you that their words kept repeating in your head.. you just can't get it out from your head 'coz it's affecting you deep down in your heart. Hihhik! Now... that one is a REAL problem. So, what you need to do is let it out..! If what affected you was about something bad a person said... then let it out! Quarrel with them if you should.. hihhik! I mean.. back yourself up! Don't let people say things about you when they're not true! Wokie? But if it's just a plain confusion... errr.. that, I cannot help! Hihhihik! No solutions for that I guess... not for me at least! ^.^
So.. if you're having insomnia.. which theory relates to you?? As for me... hummm.. ?? I'm too tired to relate myself to it! Just make an assumption, if you want! It could be true...! ^.^

Wait for me tonight, will you?


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