Monday, August 12, 2002

Can you believe it? I just finished my late.. err.. verrry late dinner! Hihhi.. Papa and the rest came for a while to pass some stuff for me. Dida's done with the digital camera.. so I can use it for this whole week!! Yeah yeahh!! Then she's going to use it again. Sebok aje! With the digital camera, Mama bought McD for me! Yeahh!! And I just mentioned about wanting it yesterday.. Hihhi! GREAT! And then they actually bought my usual junkie.. Cheezels!! Hohohoho!! Couldn't feel much happier! ^.^
Haven't finish my Fundamental work.. I've colored my medium a bit but seriously.. why do I have a certain feeling over it? It's not a very nice feeling.. Huhhuh! Gonna have to act later this day.. Sheesh!! Too much stress going on! With the finals coming up starting on the 19th! I'm all spooked!!
Lunch was at HB1 today with Ana, Sheeya and BJ.. Ehh.. the kue-teow is nice! ^.^ Accidentally met Alitt and his friends who was leaving for the beach after their lunch. Made silly jokes and did silly stuff.. as usual! And us ~ the girls promised a bit of a game with each other.. Ehhek!!
Actually went out for dinner yesterday.. (I know it's a bit old news, but what the heck!) Went to a place called Pemadam (??) in Kajang. Went out around.. what time ekk? Forgot.. sorry! But there was Ana, Sheeya, BJ, Azura and myself with Alitt driving his.. err.. dad's car? Think so! And his three friends went on another car.. Umm.. Bobo, Jai and Khalil. Had mee bandung, sate with teh O ais to drink! There was a sorta big discussion going on at the other end of the table ~ between Alitt, Sheeya and Azura over someone which I have to say that it was a bit disturbing... Anyway, didn't really affect the dinner, I think! And.... THANX ALITT!! Coz he paid for it all.. Ehheh!! Cayang laie!!
Anyway... when we got back to our rooms around twelve.. (not so late, okie Rai!! Fariz!! Hohh!) Sheeya, BJ, Ana and myself had a bit of girls talk over something quite err... disturbing and it ended with BJ hugging me for a while.. Hmm.. problemed kid? ..Possibly! *Please note that Azura wasn't included 'coz she went back to her room and this room is basically occupied by FIVE girls right now*
BJ.. you DO roxx!! Thank you! You roxx, but you failed! Hihhi.. Ana and Sheeya with four chances left!

Troubled heart.. Troubled mind.. Out of sight.. Out of mind..
Three chances left for me...... So help me God


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