Wednesday, August 14, 2002

That bloody red patch on my nose
I have a red nose right now! And it made me cry!! Huhhu.. PAINN!! Is it only me or does everyone felt hurt when you take of that Biore Pore Pack off your nose? It really hurts for me!! Everytime I took it off, I'll cry!! Seriously! It hurts pretty badd!! Huhhuhu!!
Anyways, got to finish my Fundamental work by sundown. I have to say that I'm quite proud to finish it pretty early! Though.. it looked pretty silly! :Þ
It'll be up on 'pictures' by weekend I hope! Along with the picture of my friends and their great GREAAAAT work!
Went to see Fina, Mya and Sheeya's performance tonight! It was fun!! Fina and Mya were in the same group and they did this scene where they're learning English in a classroom. Fina played as an Angel, Mya was a Devil and there was this Nightmare and a Mathematical Robot. It was pretty silly but it was fun! When the teacher told them to say "Good Morning", they went;
Robot : Good - one times two - mor - plus two - times one -
Nightmare : I am going to kill you!! (as it pulls out a large knife)
Angel : Good morning my child...
Devil : Good morning... stupid! (and pokes her fork at the robot)
And Sheeya was real good!! She played as this story teller girl. She wore a night dress and tied her hair into two and she was holding this huge teddy bear! She was really cute!! Plus, the background song was reaaaaaaaaally cute as well!! Hihhi!! Their performances was FUNN!! I really really enjoyed theirs! Can't wait 'til tomorrow!! Ana will be on!! Hihhihik!
Gosh! I'm practically off the Y! M todayy!! I'm so proud! ^.^

Huhhu.. Dida don't be mad at me pleaaaaaaaaaase!


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