Thursday, August 01, 2002

Where's ME?!
Yeahh yeahh!! Handed in my Graphics assignment just now. Good thing I bumped into Yusran, so I was able to hand in my disc to him directly.. Though.. I had to slide my other disc through Ken Neo's door.. and Fina too had to slide her other disc through Neo Mai's door. Hehheh! We even bumped into Azizi (that's his name right?) who was in his way to slide his disc through Ken Neo's door. Honestly, that was the first time I talked to him!! Hahha!! Feeling a bit friendly today, I guess.
Aaaahhhh!! What a relief!! Now I can go home light heartedly. No worries.. NU UHH!!
Finished it earlier today, to be honest.. but then I went to sleep and rest and all.. so I wasn't able to see Ken Neo personally.. Huhhuh!! Even had some time to help out Fina with her site.. Hehhe!! Owwhh!! Need to pay Ana for the ink I use for all the Fundamental printing (which was LOAADDSS!!) and for her CD.. Huhhhuhu! Getting broke!!
Now.. I have to remind myself to get my brushes back from Kak Yan.. Hohho! And ayo Alitt! Where's Fina's puncher?
Wokie.. I'm going back tonight.. after break~fast with the gurls.. Hehhe! So if anyone have the need to get to me.. do call!! Hahha!! My phone has been pretty much quiet~lah! I really need a time off from this room 'coz sitting inside here makes me tense.. hehhe! Remembering all the hard works I had to do in here.. It's like a dejavu everytime I'm in here.. Weird huh? I need some time off with my sisters!! Umm.. as in my triplets.. Muszz!! Niezzz!! Huhhuhuhu!! Manyaknyer cite nak citer kat korang!! Rinnnnduuuuuuu!! I need a break! A real break!! I need someplace quiet.. where I can rest!!.. meditate or whatever~lah!! As long as I can rest quietly. Huhhuhu!
Can't wait 'til break~fast and going home!! Though.. can't really hang around during the weekend. Need to think on the final project..
I skipped both of my Maths class today. I reaaaaaaaaaally do need the time off to just sit down... and get my mind back. For the past two nights.. I was really off!! Funny though.. I've been talking to myself as i do my works and not forgetting how I just screamed in the middle of the night. Heehee!! And the songs I sang.. Aggagga!! Of course, it's that song from my latest single... *Demm~lahh* Ikkikikkiki!!
Really.. I don't curse much.. I do feel guilty whenever I say those words.. but sometimes I feel the need to say something as BADD as the situation. Ohhohoho!!
Oh well.. reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to lie down and close my eyes!! My eyes are threatening to pop out anytime soon..

I'm watching you watch over me.....


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