Tuesday, August 27, 2002

You know you're missing MMU when...
1. you think about your friends and roomates 24/7x 3, you missed all the fun you shared with them.
2. you feel sad eating in the dining room and you'll think about hb1,hb2,3 and 4.
3. you think about cendawan.
4. you want to talk, instead of talking u type. hihihi..
5. you go to the cinema, you imagine yourself in the e theatre.
6. you go to your neighbour's house by car (Sheeyaaaa!!)
7. you ask your sibling to 'synchonize' shower with you (Waniee!!)
8. you try to surf in belmig n it says 'The page cannot be displayed'.
9. you go to the toilet with your toiletries. hihihi..
10. you do something on the computer and you save your work every minute. coz you thought the electricity might turned off as surprisingly as it is in MMU

see u next sem...have a nice holidays...bosannyer...teponla nanti


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