Tuesday, August 27, 2002

You know you're missing MMU when...
1. you're just itching to let your pc on ~ and connected to the internet all day long.
2. you're cursing as you see your online buddies on your Yahoo! Messenger is less than 10.
3. you can't stop yourself from going into art stores and buy loaads of art supplies ~ for next semester. (semangat!!)
4. you complain that the iced lemon tea you just bought is not as nice as the iced lemon tea in HB4.
5. you realize you haven't seen an Indonesian movie for a quite while.
6. you're trying to make friends with the shop keepers near your house 'coz the abang and pakcik at HB3 was really friendly to you.
7. your friends are making weird faces as you kept saying 'Chatau's Fast Food' 'coz what you really meant was 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'.
8. you pass by one of the MPH bookstore branches, you read it Multi-Purposed Hall.
9. your heart aches as you recalls the faces of your roommates, gang members and close friends.
10. your sibling told you that you've been repeating the names of your MMU friends in your sleep the night before! ~ KANTOI!!!

Have a great holiday and take care 'coz I'm gonna miss you loaaaads!!


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