Monday, September 30, 2002

Because I'm a girl..
OooOoo yeahh..! A new week! Funny enough.. the three occupants of this room were late this morning.. Ana and I woke up pretty much late than we would usually wake.. While Fina wasn't even around by 8:30!! Hahhahha!! She only got to the room when me, Ana, Bahijah and Sheeya were walking towards the E-Theatre.
Lecture was normally boring.. hummm.. what more can I say? So now I'm wasting my time while waiting the clock ticks by for my class at 4.. Bluerrgh! Owh! I forgot to mention... that I got Ms Zaiha back for the trimester!! Hihhihik! We were all cheering when she informed us last week.. ^_^
Wokehh.. so anyways.. I'm kinda sleepy right now, but I guess it's too late to get a nap at this hour.. Sheesh! Soo.. what else can I say?
Owhh.. last night was weird..! Seriously.. Got extremely sleepy while we were doing Fundamental.. (Probably 'coz I got a bit fed up 'coz my color won't 'flatten'!) And people have been asking me weird questions.. And my dreams were all jumbled up while I was sleeping.. I don't know!!! Urgghh!! Everything just seemed weird.
Probably 'coz I got tired from running back and forth from my room to Sheeya and Bahijah's room.. hehhe! 'Coz we were all excited with that application Fariz gave.. so I had to run around to help the two get their thingy to work. Hehhe..! It was tiring, really.. Even got myself confused, trying to figure out their IP addresses..
And then there's this one time when Sheeya entered my pc.. and gosh, I hate to lose control of things!! Urgghh! I was pretty pissed really.. But finally.. I solved it all.. by switching off her pc!! Wahahhaha!! Neat stuff, really.. if you're willing to let people take over the pc.. Hihhihik..
Wokehh.. gotta run! An errand to do.. Aisha asked me to wake her up!

And I do get tired from waiting..


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