Saturday, September 21, 2002

Holiday Summary... some flashbacks banging into my head
Ola!! Yeeheehee! Anyways, as promised, I'm going to do a bit of a summary about the school break I had.
Honestly, as my dad was driving me towards this place... I dunno.. it felt strange again! usually I'd go like.. "Yeahh!! Cendawan!!" But this time, the sight of the water tank was like a stab in my heart! -_-
Let's just say.. that the break wasn't so bad after all! (Surprisingly!) I mean, with the so many free time in hand, I get to do a bit of self-discovery! Truly... something! ^_^ Y'know, by lying in my bed.. with my diary/scrapbook in front of me.. I can say that I've found out what I am afraid of.. I've learn to appreciate the things people had done to me.. and I realize about the things that I regret the most.. (which I really have to make up for it if I ever get the chance!) So.. hanging around wasn't bad at all! ^_^ Though.. through all the self-discovery 'sessions' still cannot explain what I truly want! Urghh! My biggest problem in life! Sheesh!
And telly wasn't too bad as well if I manage to get up from my bed early.. Hihhi.. And amazingly, I CAN get up by 9 am.. and straight towards the telly I go.. to see if there's any new vids on ntv7! Hihhi...! And I have to say that I am VERRY satisfied 'coz they got new vids!! Yeeheehee!! And surprisingly, they listed the videos the way I listed it in my playlist! Yeeheehee!! ^_^ There's this one time, I even shriecked 'coz after Hoobastank's Running Away.. Silverchair's Without You was on!!!! Ayayyayyaya!! Such a happy morning it was... ^o^
So other than that, I got to bully my cats as usual.. Hihhik! Well.. it costed me some blood to be honest! Got scratches on my arm and believe it or not, on my right ear too!! Ahhahha!! Dumb. One of my cats scratch my ear.. but all I feel was this sting on it so I ran my fingers on my ear.. and guess what I found? BLOOD! Ahhahha!! Dumb again for me! Well, I have to say that for an ear.. there was quite a lot of blood! ^.^
Oh.. ohh! If anyone have ever said to you that they got cramps from using the computer but you didn't believe it.. BELIEVE IT!! 'Coz other than lying in my bed.. and do some silly stuff around the house, I keep on coming back in front of the pc, and it made an aching pain to my shoulders, kaki kebas, cramps on my right arm (twice!) and of course.. neck pain. Uhhuhu! Dumb! Well of course, that's just one of the silly things I've done.. ^_^ Honestly, what I did in front of the pc was just trying to complete my website.. listen to music.. play solitaire and hearts.. and of course, MELALAK!! Yeahh!! Of course it's more enjoyable when I'm alone in the house.. which is almost every morning!! YEAHH!! Without my dad around, I get to sing like $hit who doesn't care about anything at all.. Yeeheehee! I have to say that the best songs were I'm Just A Kid ('coz it said fu*k which I can sing freely!), Complicated ('coz I can get angry like the way Avril sings it!), Love Left For Me ('coz I REALLY don't know the lyrics.. AKA I got to ruin the song!!) and all the other songs which requires me to sing in high pitch.. AHHAHHA!! Totally horrible! Honestly, there's this one day when I was left alone 'til the evening.. hihhik! I had to keet quiet for a few hours afterwards 'coz my voice cords were too strained that my voice became hoarse! Ahhahha!! Had soar throat for a whole night.. Yeeheehee! O yeah, I also got to find out that if I stay tooooooooooo long in front of the pc, I feel like throwing up. Hihhi..!
And anyways, yesterday was a pretty interesting day.. (no, I'm not talking about when I found out my results!!) I sorta saw Wanita Hari Ini on telly and they're actually discussing about Internet Love! AHHAHA!! I know I smacked my forehead the moment I saw the topic and I was like.. giggling like mad. AHHAHHA!! Me and the internet..... it's a curse I'm telling you!! Years passed by and still.. AHHAHHA!! (If you don't get this part, don't bother!) So anyway, expect me not to chat so much after this.. I need to study on my Maths anyways.. Oh, then I went to my mom's office and there's this one guy actually said.. "Perempuan ni kalau baru bangun tido teruk ek?" AHHAHHA!! And I remembered all the times my friends phoned me while I was sleeping. I must've sounded horrible.. yeech! Well.. it's like.. err.. I have a tendency to sleep-talk so I had to talk real slow to make sure that I won't go talking all crap that you won't understand! Yeeheehee! Though... I have to say thanks to all who continued on talking to me even though they knew they just woke me up! Hihhi.. it's not like I can get back to sleep, anyways! ^_^ DOMO!
Wokehh.. I also found out that my dad actually trusts me enough to let me go to KL all alone. Hihhik! We were in the car heading towards the commuter station and I just suddenly asked, "Aren't you afraid of letting your daughter going to KL alone?" Ehheh! It was a bit of a pleasant shock to me.. memandangkan Papa sebenanye cadang cume kasi Wanie kuar bile dah Form 4. And in just two years he trusts me to go out alone. A funny story really... about my tween-life. I like to ask my dad silly/stupid questions like.. what age would you let me go out.. outside Shah Alam with my friends - which he at first said Form Three and when I got to Form Three he said Form Four! (Though.. of course, I seldom listen to anyone, so why start then? ihhhihik!) O yeahh, I also once asked him when will he let me to have a boyfriend - which I can still remember the answer and my reaction, but you may not want to know about it! Hihhi..silly! Anyways, I didn't went out with my friends only when I got F3 of F4.. nu-uhh..! Hihhik.. I remembered the first time I went out.. secretly with Nani and Zeida. I was in Standard Six back then! Yeeheehee! Then.. another secret one while I was in Form One.. I went out with Musz and my dad found it out from her dad!! Ahhaha!! Kantoi giler mase tu.. Papa tanye, rase cam kecut nak jawab! Terkejut giloss.. rupenye ayah Musz bagitau.. ampehh!! But anyway, Papa only found that out when I was in Form Two.. Yeeheehee!!
Oh well, sorry for a bit of de-tour from the main subject! So anyway, the point is.. PAPA TRUSTS ME ENOUGH! Hihhihik! Know what? What surprises me is the fact that there's this time in the car when I did some silly/stupid jokes, Papa asked Nina if she would believe that I'm actually in a university if she didn't knew me. Well anyways, Papa said that if he didn't knew me.. he'd thought that I look more alike a Form Three student! Wahhahha!! So.. does that mean he actually trusts me since I was in F3?? Hihhihik! Gosh! Now I'm thinking about that year!! Aaaaahhh.. F3, besshhnyeeerrr!! Rase cam nak patah balek, tapi takdelaa sangat.. But F3 memang beshh!! Tahun paling mengarut but paling besh! Takleh kira brape banyak kali Wanie memalukan diri.. dan dengan bantuan Azraai!! Ahhahha!! Lawaknyer bile ingat balek.. Tahun BA kan tu.. BARAI?! Ahhahha!! I can't help smiling when I think about 1999.. Hihhihik! The best year of my tween-life!!
Oh well.. I should stop.. or I'd talk more about Form Three.. I have to admit that I might not stop if I really started! ^o^

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