Saturday, September 21, 2002

Promises are meant to be kept!
You know.. there are somethings people ought to know about promises.. hehhe! Just thought I should talk about this since *something* happened through the break.. Ehheh..
See.. you really shouldn't make them if you cannot fulfil it. Do take this seriously.. Just imagine the heart break you'll cost when you can't fulfil your promise to someone..
Humm.. now, not that I'm saying NOT TO make promises. Honestly, you should be brave to make a promise.. that shows your confidence in yourself and your will to actually make them happen. But you do have to remember it in detail. I mean, the people you gave your promise to.. they'd probably get their hopes real high. They may trust you with all their heart and they may rely on you to make your words HAPPEN! But please, no sweet talks! It'll only cost more and more heart ache if you make one bit mistake. ^_^ To be on a safe side.. make your promises short and simple..!
Wokeyy.. if you're not that confident about yourself. SAY IT! I mean like.. humm... how should I say this. For instance, if you promised to see someone on a certain day.. but you can't really confirm the time, CONFIRM that you're really going to see that person! Get it? I mean.. if that someone truly care about you.. they may wait for you no matter what time you're going to get there! Crystal?
Woraitt... enough said! I think you peeps ought to get the idea already! Can you believe that I actually take notes before I typed this out? Hihhi..! Just for safety precautions that I won't forget my main points.. ^_^

emotion sickness.. oh my! I'M going a bit ego over here.. why?!


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