Friday, September 27, 2002

Three girls in one room.. Hihhihik!
Wokehh.. goin' home some minutes from now..
Slept at Sheeya's last night. Honestly, Ana and I left our room around two in the morning.. but we stayed talking until about FIVE! Ahhahha!! Talked about so many stuff! Mostly about the things that has been bothering our minds... ^_^
Today's a bit silly really... Me and Ana only woke up when Sheeya got BACK from her class.. hihhihi! And Sheeya said that Ana did some weird thing in the morning which made me laugh so hard! Hihhihih!
It rained again today.. spent the day mostly in front of the window.. the air seemed cool!! Hihhihi.. Well of course me, Ana and Sheeya also used the chance to see who passes by the building.. Hihhihik! Very pleased to know that Ana seemed happier today.. at last.. at the end of the week... Kan Ana.. kan??
Eyyhh!! I need to pack my bags!! Maybe if I can still remember what happened today.. I'll tell you about it sometime later...
Well.. have a nice weekend!!
Probably I'll get back here on Monday.. Rase malas nak balek awal... Hihhihik!


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