Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Hey heyyy!! What's up peeps? Hihhik.. anyways, I'm at my mom's office again.. Have some things to do.. ^.^
So have you guys verified your 2nd trimester registration? Bluerrghh! I hate the fact that there's no free-day anymore!! I have classes on Monday 'til Friday!! Bluergh! And... like Ms Zaiha said, my group will be getting a new English lecturer.. and I got Ms Farihan! So.. anyone have any information about her? How she teaches?? Oh well.. gonna meet her on Monday anyways!
Well.. wokie, nothing much to say! I'll give you guys a long summary of my school break when I get back to MMU.. Hihhi! I promise it'll be BORING! Nyeh nyehhh...

She's not really THAT cute! Sheesh!


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