Saturday, September 21, 2002

Yeah yeahhhh!!
Papa beshh! Papa beshh!! Tak saba nak peluk Papa lagi!! Yeaaaahhh!!
Anyways.. seems that I'm going back home tonight 'coz I'm alone tonight! Ahhahha!! And the fact that I actually left some things at home.. HAHHAHAH!!
Papa is so great!!
O yeah anyway.. there MAY be a great topic coming when the new trimester starts.. Hihhi! I have this reaaaaaaaaally cheeky topic but it'll be better if I get together with my friends to talk over the topic! The topic I'm thinking of.... HOW SHOULD GUYS..... ahhahaha!! You didn't think that I was going to spoil all the anticipation, did you?! Ihhihihik!! Can't wait to discuss about this!! Yeeheehee!!
Oh yeah, that promise thing I wrote.. well, it's not about me okie! So don't wonder so much if *someone* did wrong to me.. I was only writing it because it's something that related to my sist, Nina and her fiance! Ahaahhaha!! Hamek kau! Yeeheehee!!
Oh and... there is somewhat a connection to my last messages at the end of every posts.. Hihhihi! See?
Love is overrated >> ego attack!! AHHAHA!! Just.... something..!
Oihh... ape laa mood change ganas sangat nihh.. PMS kot? AHHAHHA!! Things that guys just can't understand... Yeeheehee!!

Yeah yeahh EGO attack!! Bitchy bitchy bitchy!!


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