Thursday, October 31, 2002

Not Myself

Suppose I said
I am on my best behavior
And there are times
I lose my worried mind

Would you want me when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

Suppose I said
Colors change for no good reason
And words will go
From poetry to prose

Would you want me when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

And I, in time, will come around
I always do for you

Suppose I said
You're my saving grace?

John Mayer

AHHAHAHA!! Ana has gone crazy!! Heeellllpppp!!
Huwaaaaaaaa!! My chest aches.. Ana have been making stupid stupid jokes with her MSN status.. Really can't stand it!! AHAHHAHA~! Laughed so hard just now.. can't remember when was the last time I laughed as hard as just now.. Ouch!! Semput.. semput.. ANA MERBAHAYE!!
Yeayy~! So relieved that I've submitted my Graphics assignment just now.. Though.. me and Ana spent some minutes outside this one room (which I thought was my tutor's room.. but it wasn't!!) Good thing we just kinda hung around a bit and this girl from my same tutorial passed by. Hihhihi!! Good thing I didn't just slid my CD in between the first door! ^_^ AHHAHAH!! Silly daayyy..
Just slept for three measly hours. Huuu.. Kept changing from doing my Fundamental to doing my Graphics. Though, I have to say that I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! I mean.. my drawings and coloring for Fundamental last night (and this morning) was not bad at all.. and the poster for my graphics was pretty neat! Hihhhi.. I laughed at it everytime I see it. It's called.. The Lord Of The Drink : The Fellowship Of The Coke Hihihik~! I'll put it up on my site along with my friends' works by the end of this trimester.. (hopefully!)
Hihhhihi.. stupid enough.. I didn't really dedicate my whole time on my assignments.. Hihhi.. 'Coz I spent some time browsing around for some information on John Mayer. I have to say.. that I'm quite surprised with him! I mean.. he's just 24!! He sounded older than that! Anyways.. I'm like.. into him these days.. And it all started since I heard him on the radio with No Such Thing. Gosh! Guitars is just cool!!!!! Eh.. kewll!!! Hihhihik! And further more.. Last night.. I found a site with all his guitar tabs!! Waaaah~!!! Hihhihik.. Kewl indeed! So excited about John Mayer these days.. My my.. Wanie.. get a grip!!!!

Cepatla abes download sumer lagu nihh! Tak saba nak dengaaaa!!
I was right!!
See see!! I did fell asleep just now! Huu.. dozed off for three hours. Woke up at three.. somehow. Good thing I managed to get up by myself.. Huu..
Woke up at three.. called out to Ana (who was also asleep) 'coz she haven't finish her work as well.. And we just finished our Maggis! AHHAHA~! Honestly starving!! Huu.. Eyh Ana.. Maggi Fina tak tu.. kot? Hihhi.. Ingat kena ganti balek tau! Hihhik!
Yeeps! Still loads of works to do!!!


Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I really need to get them done!! Huwaaaaaa!! I'm stuck with my Graphics so I'm going to do my Fundamental for now.. But.. with the pace I'm going.. Huuu.. I might be falling asleep while I'm at it.. Yaaah~~! So tired!!! Can't understand how I get this tired! Huuuu...!
I'm hoping that I won't be falling asleep.. not now at least!!
Anyways.. to whom ever who reads this blog.. if you've been trying to message me through Y! M or MSN and I won't answer.. Huu.. There's a VERY big possibilty I've fallen to sleep. Yikes~!

Love Song For No One

Staying home alone on a Friday
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof
After all the crushes are faded
And all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
Get here..

Searching all my days just to find you
I'm not sure who I'm looking for
I'll know it
When I see you
Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
Staying up all night just to write
A love song for no one

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
You'll be so good
You'll be so good for me

John Mayer
Such a sloowww day... and a tiring one, too!
Huarrghh!! So so soooooooo demm tired!! I feel sick! Feel so cold! The wind is blowing outside, sending me the chills! Huwaaaa!! I won't be surprised if I catch a cold by tomorrow.. Huu..
Slept around six last night.. Woke up again at nine.. got my shower and back to sleep again after a single sweet.. Awoke again at twelve something, with nothing much to do. Wanted to start my Graphics so badly.. but.. SERVER WAS DOWN!! Gosh!! So crappy... So anyways.. went to Fundamental with Juvita and Tisha.. send in my Color Scheme.. WITHOUT THE THUMBNAILS!! Yikes~! Gotta do something about that, I guess.. Huuu!! Demm color shceme.. It was such a lot of work!! Urrghh!! Spent the whole night doing it! Good thing I got the chance to cover back the sleep I need. (Though.. honestly, 5 hours is not enough!!) Huwaaaaa!! TIRED~!
Just hung around awhile in Fundamental.. talking to my friends.. and Fariz (DUH!) as usual.. then.. the gurls came by and told me 'bout some stuff they did with En. Anis (one of the lecturers). It so happens that the 'gedik' video have been the talk-of-the-town in Melaka campus. Huumm.. amusing, indeed! So the gurls did some interview thingy in En. Anis' office.. with them.. and En. Anis on it. Honestly, I think it was more to 'comedy' than any 'explanotary' video clips..
Feeling so tired.. Just got back from Putrajaya to do some sketches. Amal came by and drove us there.. And I have to say.. I'm pretty proud of my work even though we spent just some while there..! Hihhihi.. Yeayy~! Can't wait to show it off.. though it's not really GREAT but.. it's much much BETTER than my stupid crayon work! ^_^
Much much work to do tonight and BJ and Sheeya is persuading me and Ana to go out for dinner. Huwaaaaaaa!! Really can't! Don't want to!! So tired!! So many work to do!! And I miss talking to my boyfriend!! Yaahh~! Hihhihihhik! One whole day with no line maa... Sadis.. sadisss.. Hihhihik~!
Okeyy.. gotta start something for my Graphics and later I have to continue on my Fundamental sketches and thumbnails!! Sheesh!

Current song : You Belong To Me by Jason Wade
~ and I'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too.. ~

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Me and my crazy friends..
Yaahh~! Just pausing a bit from doing my Fundamental. Huuu..
Such a lazy daaayyy.. Went to Graphics in the morning.. listen to Neo talking about Serif and Sans Serif.. while I doodled on some stuff in my pretty-new Pooh notebook. Hehhehe.. and since I was fasting.. Huu.. made no such stops along the walk back from the lecture hall with Ana and Fariz. Got back into my room.. and watched the original version of The Ring. I have to say.. the English' version is spookier but the ghost of the Japanese one is absolutely HORRIFYING!! So then.. I slept for four hours in the afternoon.. Waking up only to find myself in front of the pc chatting with dear Fariz.. Hihhih.. while I traced my Fundamental work! ^_^ (See see!! I didn't forget to do my work!! Hihhihik!)
So.. seven p.m. Sheeya drove her Kembara (her parents finally decided that they HAD to change the Punto's wind-shield for that crack..) to Putrajaya.. Waaah~! Nice dinner with Sheeya, Ana, Fina, BJ and Azura. The way back was a bit crazy.. Azura fooled around with the radio.. pretending that she was RTM's deejay.. messing around with the songs played.. And the windows are all down.. Soooooo cold!! And practically, we have to shout to let others hear us. Hihhihi! And there's this one time Azura asked around what was on our mind at that moment.. Sheeya and BJ said 'minyak' (for the car), Ana said 'angin' ('coz the wind was blowing hard) and Fina said 'Amal' (her boyfriend, DUH!). And it's pretty silly since it concludes to 'Minyak Angin Amal'. Huu.. Bile mase Amal kluarkan produk?? Hihhihik~! Humm.. Fina seemed hard to believe 'bout what was on my mind at that time.. OH MENGAPAA~? Hihhihik! Sekali sekalaa.. ^_^
And now.. we're back in our rooms.. stuck with our assignments.. Good thing I'd only have to send in my Graphics assignment on Thursday! Yeaahh~! And there's no more tutorial!! Yeahh~! I'm free tomorrow morning! Yeahh~! Oh heck! I need to get back to my Fundamental right about now.. Hihhi.. later~! (if I feel like saying something)

Lucky me.. lucky you..
Tuesday Morn
Huaaarrghhh!! I am feeling extreeeeeeemely lazy!
Get back to you later~!

Monday, October 28, 2002

Vavi laa vavi!!! Tau ape vavi tu? Vavi laa!!
Vaviiiiiiii!! Memang dasar vavi lagi demm yang beribu kali lahh!! Huwaaaa!! Vavi vavi vavi!! Ikut ati sumer pon kuar!! Siaallaaaannnnn!!
I've typed down such loads of things just now.. How I feel about the things that's been happening about (around) me.. and when I clicked at post.. it disappeared!! Urrghh!! I AM SO DEMM FRUSTRATED!! Arrrrghhhh!!!!!!! *toot toot toot toot!!* (Gotta keep it down so my boyfriend wouldn't know how far I can really get.. Hihhihik~!)
I AM SO SO SO SOOOOO ANGRY!! Demm blogger.. Demm MMU!! The reason for why I am so angry with EVERYTHING!
Huuu.. it's about that second 'gedik' videoo.. I really hate the guy who spread the video around! I don't need to know him to hate him!! He suxX real bad!! He should really get hit by a cow or something! Even better, fell into the cow's dung as well! I wish one day he woke up in the morning with everyone in the world dissing him for his stupidity and his immatureness! I wish he'd suffer for ruining my friends' normal days! For everytime my friends gets dissed, I wish he'd get bitten my ten mosquitoes. For everytime my friends feel sad for what had happened, I wish he'd fell off from wherever he's standing. Urgghh!! I can really get farther than this.. but fuuhh.. gotta keep it down.. Huu..!
This time, all my friends are on it. I am.. partly in it to be honest. But 'protected' in a way.. if you don't look at it carefully. 'Coz I watched it plenty of times and I saw something that not everyone should see! *Demm!* Azura was behind the cam again.. So there were Ana, Mya, Fina, Sheeya and BJ on the "new" video. This just suxX!! I HATE!!! I hate the fact that I can't do anything much to make them feel better.
Just imagine.. when they started to get frustrated and sad.. I have to control my words even more carefully!! Or they might just say.. that I don't understand them.. the situation. Yeah, OF COURSE I DON'T! I'm not on it!! I'm not saying that it's harder to be in my position.. But it makes me even upset being all so helpless! I don't have the rights to say much.. 'coz it wasn't me who was in the video.. People can't see my face. But it disturbs me.. seeing my friends.. being upset.. over a supposedly-funny video! It disturbs me that I can't say anything to make my friends feel much better. It disturbs me that everything had been done and there's no way of stopping the past!! This disturbs me loaaddsss!!
Friends are simply indisposable.. and I care for my friends.. I REALLY DO CARE FOR MY FRIENDS!! THAT MUCH!!! Urgghh!! I hate that person!! He deserves ten slaps and kicks from all seven of us! Urrghhh!!! I hope that person is short and oh-so-ugly!! So I could say : Dahlaa takde keje, nak susahkan orang!! Dahla rupa huduhh..
pendekk lak tuu!!!
GET A LIFE!!!! AHHAHAHAH~! (Can someone please remind me how childish I can get? Hihhihik~!)
Anyway.. that guy really suxX! And someone should really tell him that. Weeyy.. Vavi la wei.. VAVI!!

Undeniably V A V I.. Vavi is forever him..
My very first real pimple
AHHAHAH~! Can you believe it? I'm almost eighteen and I just got my real pimple.. and it's on my NOSE!! And my hands are itching to do something to it!! Yikes! AHHAHAHA~!!
Just got back to MMU.. from a superb dinner with my parents and Nina who just got back from a 'family day trip' of the company she's working with. Great weekend I had.. Huu!! So happy! ^_^ Ate steak in Bangsar.. and along with it.. a very VERY large glass of star fruit juice (which caused me to run over to the toilet when I got back to MMU) And guess what? I managed to finish it.. all by MYSELF!! Waaaah~! Large appetite eh? (I swear I didn't do anything with anyone!! AHHAHAHAH~!)
So what did I do through the weekend? Huuu.. plenty!!
Saturday Went to Pyramid with Musz.. surprisingly Papa sent me straight from home! Went around and lunch (Dave's Deli!!!!) and then round and round we go.. 'til Fariz got there.. and went some rounds again.. and then Ahmadsyah came.. Huu.. And what else did we do? Aaahh.. me and Musz watched as the guys played those archery.. Huhhu.. Legolas tak menjadi ~ OH MENGAPAA? AHHAHAH~! Then we went for a movie. HONESTLY!! I wanted so much to see Red Dragon, but I guess it was just fate.. when I said "Red Dragon" the ticket lady said - You can't see it. So I was like, "why?" - Because you should be 18.. - "I AM 18!" - Your IC? - (and I gave her my IC, and she asked her friend if people who were born on '84 is 18 already) And when all that is over.. she said there's no ticket left for four. DUHH!! Then do something to the stupid telly then!! It was showing that there's still ticket available! *Demm!* I never liked TGV anyways.. good thing Dida always brought me to GSCs instead. I won't be making TGV any richer! ^o^ So we picked a movie.. Ballistic which was so dumb! I feel so dumb having to pick that movie! God!! The only moral from that film is ~ Don't piss people off 'coz you'd never know what they might do back to you AHHAHAH~! Honestly.. all there is to be wowed over the film is the explosions.. So if you like things to explode around.. SEE THIS!! Ihhihihik~! Now.. after the movie.. we were on our way back! Stopped over in Carrefour 'coz the guys decided to get dinner before going home. Huu.. then, my parents came over to pick me up (though I didn't ask to!) and so it happens they passed Burger King where the four of us were. AHHAHAH~! So I ran to them.. before they walked towards us.. (for safety measures) AHHAHAH~! Funny thing how I reacted when they're so kewl about the details I gave them. AHHAHAH~! Even Musz laughed at me.. Hihhihihik..! So anyways.. it was bye-bye to the boys not so long after that.. Hahhaha!! Papa and Mama asked soo many questions in the car and I saw Musz giggled her way through the journey.. Huhhu.. I didn't say anything wrong did I? Well, maybe I was too direct! Huu.. Papa was a bit quiet though.. I wonder! Hihhihi.. so busy in the car! Answering questions.. persuading Mama to buy me credit.. AHHAHAH~! "Owh, selama ni abes kredit kasik SMS .... je la, bukan abes telefon Mama Papa.. kenape nak kena belikan?" - "Ahhaa.. cuba bayangkan, kalau Wanie tak call Mama Papa langsung, brape lagi kredit Wanie ade.. (evil laugh goes here)" Hihhihik!
Sunday Yeah yeahh~! Mama bought me credit! Weeee!! Even more.. my parents did all the shopping for my food stuff for this week! Not forgetting Papa helped me do the laundry.. Cayang~ cayang~ Mama Papa! Alahai bucuk~ bucuk~! God, I'm such a spoiled brat! Ihhihihik!! Really silly.. I slept most of today.. Even smiled 'stupidly sleepy' when Mama came over to see how I reacted when she reloads the phone for me. Aaaannnddd... the whole day was nothing much.. until night came along! Yeahh~!!
But now... things started to trouble me.. People starts to worry me.. and this suxX!! I HATE THIS!! Somehow my guts is telling me that this week is going to be crappy..
Oh thank you SO MUCH for giving me THISSS!!
Anyways.. this was something a friend gave to my inbox. Hehhe.. TRY! Pretty neat (is it?) Well.. just try! Personality Test! So what did I get??
Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting;
someone who is constantly the center of attention, but sufficiently well balanced not to let it go to their head.
They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding;
someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Humm... kewl thing I get to be described that way.. instead of something... icky!
(Gosh.. I took such a LOT of time typing up all these!)

"ingat Wanie main kutip je ke laki memane?" AHAHHAH~!
God, I love my stupid sense of humor and my outspokenness.. THANK YOU!

Friday, October 25, 2002


I'll be missing ya' anywaysss

Such a lazy day
Yaaaaah~! So bored!! Today just seemed soooo... slow somehow! AHHAHA!! Woke up lazily this morning and got ready for English. Huum.. thought of skipping the class but I bumped into Juvita in the toilet and she'd really persuade me into going, anyways! Hihhihik~!
Wasn't so bad after all.. did a bit of debate in the class. Got this passage about a mom who hit her child in public and it was on tape. Blaa.. blaa.. I was in the group where we have to say that "It's OK to hit the kid, for disciplinary measures. After all, the kid was phisically fine and the mom agreed for rehabilitation!" Huhhuhu.. Honestly, in this case.. I can't decide which side should I choose. But anyways, our next debate is going to be about the tiger and the lady. It should be an interesting one..
It's about making a choice. A semi-barbaric princess who is supposed to decide the becoming of her lover. It's like this.. there's this two doors. One, with a fierce tiger on the other side. Behind the other door is a lady. You see, the princess' lover had to be punished for 'loving' the princess by the king. And the punishment at that time is for the lover to choose between the two doors. If he chose the tiger, he'd be a victim to a hungry creature. If he chose the lady.. then he'd be married to the lady. And so it happens, on that day.. the lady behind that door is the woman who has a feeling towards the princess' lover. She's pretty and all, and the sight of her makes the princess filled with cold fury and jealousy. (The princess is also beautiful, but anytime the lady passes her lover.. he'd look at her.) Now, the lover doesn't know which door holds the tiger or the lady.. but the princess did! And when the time comes.. the lover stared at the princess, asking which door should he open.
Ehhehhee!! Sooo... humm.. if you were in the princess' place.. which door would you want the lover to choose? Would you want the one you truly love with all your heart.. to live, married to the one you totally despise.. (try imagine that one day you'll see them together walking around.. laughing!) Or would you just let your lover open the door of the tiger and get himself/herself killed? Hihhihi..
Pardon me for being a bit feminist over the subject, but I'd really prefer if the princess show the lover the door to the tiger! AHHAHHA~! No, I'm not on the jealousy part.. Just think about it. Why won't the lover choose for himself? It's his life!! So obviously.. he doesn't really care how the princess felt. A big burden on her.. letting her rival to "win" or watch her lover die.. Yeech! But honestly.. it's better if there's a choice for the lover to kill himself. As Juvita said as she was acting a bit of the moment.. "I refuse to die in the jaws of a beast, and I refuse to die without the love of my heart" AHHAHAH~! Honestly, I can't remember what Juju actually said.. hihhi! So, that's actually my words to what's almost like what Juju said this morning.. Yeahh.. better he kill himself!
Now, I'm wondering when will my Papa get here.. Huwaaa!! I hate waiting!! What a torture! This suxX!

Current song : ....... hihhihi~!
~ Coz I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings ~
Seriously blurry... Huuu.. nothing to say.. Going' for English in some minutes.. Later~

Let Me Be

You try to read me
You try to figure out
You try to breathe me
But you can't blow me out
You try to feel me
But I'm so out of touch
I won't be falling
You won't have to pick me up

Sorry if I sound confused
I don't feel the way you do
But I won't turn around
I won't turn around

Think that I might back down
But I won't
Think that I might have doubts
But I don't
No insecurities
Won't you just let me, let me be
Think that you know me now
But you don't
Think that I can't stand on my own
Ain't my philosophy
Won't you just let me, let me be

Trust in my instincts
Trust that I know what's right
These are the reasons
That i keep you up at night
Tell me go slow
This is my flow
Cuz you don't know
Know what I know
Let me tell you how it feels
Baby it's time that you see me for real

Sorry if I sound confused
I don't feel the way you do
But I won't turn around
I won't turn around

Think that I might back down
But I won't
Think that I might have doubts
But I don't
No insecurities
Won't you just let me, let me be
Think that you know me now
But you don't
Think that I can't stand on my own
Ain't my philosophy
Won't you just let me, let me be

Trust that I know
This is my show
Letting you know
Gotta go the way I go
Trust that I know
This is my show
Letting you know
Gotta go the way I go

Think that I might back down
But I won't
Think that I might have doubts
But I don't
No insecurities
Won't you just let me, let me be
Think that you know me now
But you don't
Think that I can't stand on my own
Ain't my philosophy
Won't you just let me, let me be

Britney Spears

Oh well.. BJ thinks I should share this essay I did last trimester with you peeps.. So, here goes!

How To Spice Up Your Life

Do you think your life is boring? Or even worse, do you have a life? Do you feel that you need to do something but you just can't figure out what it is? Well, obviously you need to spice up your life. And to do so is just easy. Follow these steps and you can make big improvements to your life!

There are so many activities you can start off with. But for starters, find something fun to do around you. My first suggestion is for you to walk towards the nearest telephone and call up your old and dearest friends. Suggest a place for you to meet and reunite so you can catch up on their news. But if you think your friends are boring, make new ones! Go someplace crowded to meet people. Don't be too shy to approach an interesting looking stranger; but if you are, just try bumping on them and say much more than just "sorry".

If you're at home or your hostel room, don't stay there for long! Go outside to get some fresh air. If you have a car, drive out! Or even better, hold a road trip with your other bored friends. And if you're a silly type kind of person, don't stop yourself from being YOU! Do not let anyone tell you what you shouldn't do. Life is a risk and you will learn from mistakes and anyway, being silly can be fun!

Do not let work take over the time you should spend to pamper yourself. You need to relax and not getting panic over life. If your life is hectic, do not forget to take a pause and breathe. Everyone needs that once in a while.

Another way to relax is just by hanging around someplace nice where they serve great food. Stuffing yourself with food can be relaxing! And maybe you should learn to meditate or practice yoga for better air and blood circulation. It's good to maintain your health.

But if you have too many things burdening your heart and mind, just let it out. Holding it in will only make you suffer from pain. The best way to let it out is by shouting or scream. It may not solve any problem but it will help you relax and find the best way to solve your problem. The time for you to let it out varies from the dead of night to the moment an airplane pass you by. If you shout and scream at night, you can assume how much tense you feel. But by shouting and screaming as an aeroplane pass you by can avoid you from being mad at or cursed.

Another important essence for you to spice up your life is by thinking positive. Never let minor things burden your heart and mind too much. Remember that they are only minors, which means that there are other important things you should put your mind into. If a bad thing ever happens to you, keep in mind that it happens for a reason and that it won't stay bad forever. There will be good things at the end of it if you let time be.

Spicing up your life doesn't concern only on having fun. If you know when and how to relax and also to think of life positively, your life would seem happier and interesting. If my suggestions does not work, try Spice Girls' advise; slam it to the left, shake it to the right, chicas to the front and go round! There.. all spiced up!

Hihhi.. ain't that silly? Well, that's how I usually write my essays anyways.. Humm.. amazingly, Ms Zaiha drew a smiley face on my paper and wrote "Well done!" for this essay.. Hihhihi.. Sorry for putting up my essay instead of a real blog.. I am totally clueless on what I should tell you peeps for tonight.. huuu..

Thursday, October 24, 2002

What's up with that?!
Fine.. fine.. fine night last night... Fine fine fine morning today.. Hihhihi!
Hung out again in HB0.. HBO.. heck! It's just almost the same..! With the ones I care.. Ana, Fina, BJ, Fariz, Dar and a bit of Azura ('coz she was there a bit while waiting for her boyfriend and then later when she got back from her date) Hihihi.. there were no stars around.. but the moon was full! AHHAHA!! As if I cared that much.. (uUuUu.. Rai might want to laugh at this..) I think we went back to our room around one something.. Hihhi.. managed to do a bit of Gedik ver. 2 with Azura and Ana on it while we were walking back to the block.
Finally send in that stupid color book this morning in Fundamental. Blueerghh! Mine was absolutely sucky.. but, what the heck! Didn't put up my whole heart into it, anyways.. my own fault.. Huu.. Pretty nice-lah this morning! Hihhihik! Did that boring thumbnails with Fariz.. huu.. stupid stupid thumbnails. Boring.. boring thumbnails.. though.. I am SO going to start doing the assignment early.. I've had enough with last minute jobs!! They're all crappy and lousy.. and I always end up talking bad stuff about myself! AHHAHAH~!
Eh Fariz.. I think I just got a theory about why people just can't accept the fact lah! The reason They can't figure out how come a guy like you could mix with a girl like me.. who hangs around the gediks! AHAHHAHA~! Humm.. screw them! The more they say, the more we talk about it.. The more we talk, the more we get attached to each other! Hihhihik~!
ps : .. bebudak MMU memang manyak yang macam tolol..

Current song : No Such Thing by John Mayer
~ I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve ~
** Falling in love with the sound of this song!!! **
Is it just me or the days seemed to pass pretty fast this week. Hihhii!! I know that sounded crap, but seriously! I do think that the time passes 'faster' this week.
Huuu... didn't get the enough sleep I should get. Huwaaaa!! Soo sleepy! Good thing I only have an hour of English in the afternoon! Huuu..
Anyways, better lie down a bit...

Seriously disturbed

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Still wondering who changed my WinAmp playlist.. huuu!! There were that Dakota Moon's song, A Promise I Make.. Avril's Why and I'm With You, Jason Wade's You Belong To Me, Nick Carter's Help Me, Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You, Cuppycake Song, Michelle Branch's You Set Me Free, A New Found Glory's Sincerely Me and... Boxcar Racer's Sorrow! I mean.. yo! What's up with these songs??! AHHAHHA!!
Huumm... remember 'bout my post when I said this day suxX? Well.. I take that back.. it was only sucky before 2:30.. AHHAHAH!! Kewl.. kewl.. such great friends I have around me. ** Thank you peeps!! Lucky me! ** Huu.. I can really depend on you guys, ekk! Cayang~ cayang~!
Went to Street Mall to doodle on some stuff.. Eeew! Mine's sooooooo yucky! Can't believe that I'm THAT bad at playing the crayons! Urrghh! Wished I'd just left it alone with the pencil marks.. It looked much better!!! Yeech! oOooOohh.. so jealous of Fariz' drawing!! GrrRRrRrR!!
So anywaysss... sleepy.. but I shouldn't be sleeping just yet! Hihhihi..! Humm.. hopefully tonight will be a nice night! ^_^

Current song : You Set Me Free by Michelle Branch

Can't you see?
There's a feeling that's come over me
Close my eyes
You're the only one that leaves me completely breathless

No need to wonder why
Sometimes a gift like this you can't deny

'Cause I wanted to fly,
so you gave me your wings
And time held its breath so I could see, yeah
And you set me free

There's a will
There's a way
Sometimes words just can't explain
This is real
I'm afraid
I guess this time there's just no hiding, fighting
You make me restless

You're in my heart
The only light that shines
there in the dark

'Cause I wanted to fly,
so you gave me your wings
And time held its breath so I could see, yeah
And you set me free

When I was alone
You came around
When I was down
You pulled me through
And there's nothing that
I wouldn't do for you

'Cause I wanted to fly,
so you gave me your wings
And time held its breath so I could see, yeah
And you set me free
Neat night, stupid morning
Yo! Such neat night I had last night.. Me and the gurls (Ana, Fina and BJ) went to hang around "HB0" hihhihik! Well, it's that place in between HB1 and the apartment.. Those seats.. Oh well, me and the gurls just decided to sit around instead of going back to our rooms after dinner. Saw the full moon, crapping about stuff.. Got stomach ache from laughing out too hard.. hihhihik! We were like, doing the acts for the song we sang. Really silly.. (Negaraku was absolutely ridiculous and My Friends Over You was just too spastic!) Fariz even hung out with us for some while.. Hihhi.. and Azura and Mya came to join in!
oOoOOo.. forgot to mention about the guy groupies around us that mentioned about that 'gedik' things. Urrm.. well, it ruined the mood a lil' bit but just a BIT. Kinda disturbs me to see Fina's reaction last night. I don't know.. I just hate it when people gets that way.. especially the ones I'm very much attached to.. Humm..
So anyways.. neat night, now's the part where the morning gets crappy! Firstly, I just don't get WHY I was awoken at 5 am!! It's really bugging me.. things like this always happen to me and it kept bugging my mind! So I looked around the room, the time on my phone.. and stared at the ceiling for some bit. Huuu.. good thing I managed to get some more sleep!
So then.. I realize that the room went suddenly dark. (It was earlier lighted with a small desk lamp) And my monitor was dead black! *Demm!* The electricity on this side went off again! Stupid stupid stupiiiidddd!!
Humm.. now.. I feel even worse! Stupid stupid day I'm having.. Yeech! Stupid stupid stupid!! I hate my feelings.. I hate today!! SuxX!!

Eyhh.. wondering who changed my WinAmp playlist.. humm.. Lagu gedik-gedik nih!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Yahh~! Had a pretty neat nap this afternoon.. I guess it's such a neat day, todayy.. Hihhihi! Ignoring the fact of a small 'disturbance' in Graphics' lecture this morning.. Hihhihi!
oOooOo.. going to Putrajaya tomorrow! Hoping that the gurls will come along for the afternoon trip as well! ** oOo please.. please!! **
BJ got herself a new set of color pencils.. oOoOo.. so jealous!! So, I might get myself one, too.. Hihhihi! I totally forgot about my colors back at home! Hihhih! Busy weekend I had.. Hihhihik!
Annnnyyyywaaayyy.. Decided NOT to cut my hair.. yet! Why? Hihhi.. stupid really. Well, I went to the toilet when I got up from my nap this afternoon to wash my face.. I tied my hair as usual, but somehow.. some of them 'got away' and stayed in front of my face.. I looked into the mirror and so I thought.. "Oihh!! Lawa la plak rambut!!" AHHAHAHHA!! So anyway.. the hair will stay.. ^_^

Current song : I Don't Give A Damn by Avril Lavigne
~ Guys are always such a drag ~
Neat morning
Hey heyy! Honestly.. somehow my neck pain returns to me! Sheesh!
But anyway, had a neat morning today.. Heehee!! Went for Graphics with Ana and Sheeya (thank you girls~!) And there's this part when our lecturer, Ken Neo told group 5 and 8 to stay back to do some sort of a survey thingy.. *~ ain't that weird, of all the groups.. he asked group 5 and 8 to stay.. hihhik! ~*
Anyways.. then walked around to get breakfast along with Fariz.. hihhi... and waited for BJ and Fina to come down.. and finally decided to get breakfast at the FCM cafe.. Hihhihi... Fariz had to endure some while of girls' conversation-lah! Kewl enough, my friends really don't mind getting guys listening to their talk about colored bras..! AHHAHHAHAH!! Such kewl friends I have! Lucky me! ** You gurls spices up my life! ** HAHHAHHA!! And anyways.. I kinda noticed that the guy at the table next to us were kinda looking at us for some while.. and hushed something to his friend. Probably he thought that BJ's face looks kinda familiar.. I don't know..! AHHAHAH!!
Oh well.. a neat chat.. a neat walk.. a neat morning! Now, off to some nap I go.. Hihhihik!
Get back to you peeps later~!

Current song : If You Don't, Don't by Jimmy Eat World
~ If you don't know, honey, why'd you just say so? ~
Girls night out
Huaaarrghhh!! Sleepy... yet deadly.. AHHAHAH!! What am I crapping about??
Just got back from Pyramid to catch that new spooky movie, Three.. Yeeps! It's a bit hard to comment on, really. 'Coz it consist of three spooky stories from three directors of three countries - Korea, Thailand and China.
The Korean one was.. urrghh! Spookyy!! I cried.. Yeech! The way the picture was taken.. was simply scary! And the main actress on it.. Huuuu! She has a very scary look on her face! And the part where the camera revealed the inside of the bag.. Yikess!! I hate that part!!!!
Thailand one was about a curse.. it was spooky too! I mean, everyone keeps dying because of a cursed doll..! Yeech! The Chinese one was a bit more relaxed.. and slow. It's more to a love story than a ghostly story. Very sentimental indeed..
Yaaah~! Very tired indeed! Pretty much need a sleep in this time around... Haaa... felt so good somehow..! ^_^

Current song : Sincerely Me by A New Found Glory
~ I've had a hard time, very hard time.. seeing less of you.. I never thought you knew ~

Monday, October 21, 2002

Yeayyy!! No class!
Stupid dayy.. honestly! Stayed up the whole night, trying to complete my freakin' color book along side Ana.. and guess what? It's just a waste!! 'Coz we weren't able to submit it anyways... the time was up! Stupid lahh!! So we're going to have to submit in on Thursday.. Sheesh! Such a waste of time!
Anyways.. honestly, I have nothing much to update! Due to... I don't know..!! Just nothing interesting to share! Hihhihik... sowee!
I thought I was getting pissed over something at a certain two people.. But know what? I might just let them go and do nothing.. I need to control my temper, really. Tak manis ek pompuan marah-marah.. Especially when it comes to my situation.. Hihhihik!
Hey pakcik.. they're just jealous 'coz we're kewl lah~! Hihhihik!

What actually makes you think that I like him more than he likes me?? What? What? You're in this relationship, e-zit? Sorry.. I ain't dating losers like you!! So turn your back on me and buzz off!
Feeling so dowwnnn!!
Huwaaaaaaaaa!! It's like a heart ache that refuse to end! Huwaaaaaaa!!
So sooo sad!! I got this whole lot of work to do.. but I am so not in the mood to even look at it..
So I hope that a certain someone would be online so I could at least talk to.. But nooooo!! I am left here.. all empty!!
Huwaaaaaaa!! I feel so hollow!! Gosh I hate needing someone as much as this.. suxX!!
Nak tunjuk perasaan, cam tak munasabah! And you'll get annoyed if I do..
*~ I know you're busy and all.. I know you need to get your works done as well.. I know I am being childish right now.. I know I am not being sensible.. I know I'm being over-sensitive.. I know I should get back to work.. But I can't help myself from wanting you to be around!! And I hate the fact that I just realize that I need you as much!! Huwaaaaa!! ~*

Where's my Coke? Hate my feelings! So lame, so crappy oh so lousy!

Sunday, October 20, 2002


To my friends who are... single
Love is like a butterfly,
The more you chase it, the more it eludes you,
But if you just let it fly,
It will come to you when you least expect it.
Love can make you happy and often it hurts,
But love's only special,
When you give it to someone who's really worth it.
So take your time and choose the best.

To my friends who are... not so single
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person"
It's about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

To my friends who are... playboy/playgirl type
Never say "I love you" if you don't care,
Never talk about feelings if they aren't really there,
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart,
Never say you will if you don't plan to start,
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie,
The cruellest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love..
when he doesn't intend to catch her fall.
.. and it works both ways..

To my friends who are... married
Love is not about "it's your fault", but "I'm sorry"
Not "where are you", but "I'm right here"
Not "how could you", but "I understand"
Not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are".

To my friends who are... engaged
The true measure of compatibility is not the years together
but how good you are for each other.

To my friends who are... heartbroken
Heartbreaks last as long as you want
and cut as deep as you allow them to go.
The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks,
but to learn from them.

To my friends who are... naive
How to be in love:
Fall but don't stumble,
be consistent but not too persistent,
share and never be unfair,
understand and try not to demand,
and get hurt but never keep the pain..

To my friends who are... possesive
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else
but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you..

To my friends who are... afraid to confess
Love hurts when you break up with someone,
it hurts even more when someone breaks up with you.
But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel..

To my friends who are... still holding on
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love,
only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be,
and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it.
If he/she isn't worth it now, he's/she's not going to be worth it a year or ten years from now.
Let go..

To all my friends...
My wish for you is a man/woman whose love is honest, strong, mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish..
"As long as we have memories, yesterday remains..
As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits..
As long as we have friendship, each day is never a waste.."

Friends are like stars,
You can't always see them, but you know they're there..
Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them..
Have great dreams and dare to live them..
Have great expectations and believe in them..

** Thanks Did! **
Why should the feeling go?
Huwaa!! Feeling all crappy! Why? I don't know! Maybe 'coz I got in MMU too soon! I was napping while in the car, and somehow, when I opened my eyes.. I've arrived the parking space of HB4. God, this suxX!! The feeling right now is like.. when you really like something, so you're trying your best to hold on to it.. but somehow, something took it away.. just like that! Huwaaaaaaa!! I don't know why I feel so bad.
Amazing thing.. that my weekend was fantastic (before the journey back towards MMU!) 'coz I got to see my old friends again. Gosh! It's like... I don't know, it's just amazing! Made me realize how much I really missed my friends! Me and Musz took the commuter and *demm* PUTRA and met up Niez and Yat in KLCC! Weeee!! So sooo kewl! Walked around the place for some while.. talking and talking.. babbling and babbling.. yapping and yapping.. And then met up with Yat's roomies, Nadia and Iman (right?) and their new friend, Ikram.. who surprisingly knows the Imran and Irman twins! (pardon me if you don't get what I'm babbling about - Imran and Irman were my schoolmates in Sec 2) Hihhi.. and then, met up with Fariz and Dar! And what was our activity after that? Humm.. walk around again! Hihhihi! Then.. bumped into Alitt and his Beta friends.. who actually said BJ was supposed to be around the place!! AHHAHAH!! (Though.. we didn't get to meet BJ)
Huuu.. only got home around seven.. which then I packed some of my stuff and off to Musz' house I went.. Neat night! Talked and talked and talked about loaadddsss of stuff! We only got some sleep at FOUR!! Hahhaha!! What time did we got up? Humm.. Seven in the morning.. when we decided NOT TO have the morning walk we first planned.. ten o'clock when I said, heck.. I'm sleepy, still! Eleven o'clock when Musz calls out my name.. but then she went back to sleep as well as I did.. and finally when Ana calls me up to remind me that I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY FUNDAMENTAL PROJECT!! Huwaaaaaaa!!
Oh heck! Me and Musz sat around her room.. played around a bit.. Layan angau.. Hihhihik!! And somewhere around two we went down for lunch.. Then, around three I went back home. Now, if you're wondering where's the part when either me or Musz got our shower.. well, I didn't! At least not at her house! AHHAHAH!! I only got my shower when I got home.. Hehhehe!!
Oh heck! Need to do something about my work.. so.. later~

Friday, October 18, 2002

Lok alaa.. Avril sebaya kita rupenye!
Betul laa Avril nampak tua! Memang tua dari Wanie pon! Ahahahha!! Ingatkan betul laa 17.. chit! Anyways.. I'm talking about Avril Lavigne.. Huu.. she's 18. Birthdate : September 27th, 1984. Ahahha!! And I thought she was a year younger! Oh heck.. that's all I wanted to post in this morning.. gotta get ready for English..
ooOoOo yeahh.. going back home earlier than any other Fridays, I think! NO WATER OVER HERE~! Ahhaha!! *Demm* MMU.. Just been such a trouble lately, doesn't it?!

Padre.. yo no comprende.. la speaka no Englise.. AHHAHA!!
Rough and tough..
Somehow.. it hurts my heart. Blueekk! I hate this feeling, 'coz it's simply crappy! I don't know why.. but I seem to make small matters.. BIGGG!! Yeeps! I hate the fact that I'm ALWAYS like that.. Urghh! How childish can I get.. this suxX!
And it scares the crap outta me.. knowing that I can get that way all over again....

Current song : Why by Avril Lavigne

Why, do you always do this to me?
Why, couldn't you just see through me?
How come, you act like this
Like you just don't care at all

Do you expect me to believe
I was the only one to fall?
I could feel I could feel you near me, even though you're far away
I could feel I could feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, do you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

Hey, listen to what we're not saying
Let's play, a different game than what we're playing
Try, to look at me and really see my heart

Do you expect me to believe I'm gonna let us fall apart?
I could feel I could feel you near me, even when you're far away
I could feel I could feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

So go and think about whatever you need to think about
Go ahead and dream about whatever you need to dream about
And come back to me when you know just how you feel, you feel
I could feel I could feel you near me, even though you're far away
I could feel I could feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me

It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, do you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

Thursday, October 17, 2002

A pretty normal dayy
Ola!! Well, anyways.. just did this quiz thingy about Avril's song.. and I have to say that I laughed pretty loud just now.. Hihhihik! Well.. humm.. see for yourself lah!

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Anyways.. last night.. Well, the almost same thing happened again.
BJ got dissed for no reason again.. and we just couldn't find her anywhere! Huu! Finally found her around one o'clock.. Yeech!
Can't imagine myself hanging around like that.. alone! Yeech! Anyways, so we kinda hung out there.. talked everything out.. Pretty sweet of Majin to actually come over and see how was BJ. See! Friends are just indisposable!!
But anyways.. kinda feel a bit err.. guilty? 'Coz I kinda did something that I shouldn't do in front of a certain person last night.. Err.. but something that I was requested to, and probably should do in front of a certain someone else! Maybe someday.. but.. that certain person said something could happen if I did it in front of that certain someone! Yikes! Err.. well.. yeeps! Urrgh.. never mind!
Huu.. my leg kinda hurts right now 'coz I was fooling around with Aisha in Fundamental just now.. Yeech!
oOooOo yeah, Fariz.. thank you for the donut!! Hihhihik!
Yah yahh! Can't wait to see my friends this Saturday.. Weeeee!! Miss you guys loaadddss!! It's been probably half a year since I last saw Musz.. 10 months since I last see Yat, and Niez promised me a story!! Yeayyy!! Hihhihik!! Rai, nak ikut?? Hihhihik! It should be fun to see my old friends again!

Current song : Everywhere by Michelle Branch
~ 'Coz you're everywhere to me, when I close my eyes it's you I see ~
Friends are indisposable, aight?
Long night... had some crisis over here..
Got me so worried! Friends are simply indisposable.. that's what I've been saying.
Somehow, the longer I'm here.. I learn much more things about friendships.
It's great to know the right things to say when someone's upset, for they can say the right things as well when you're upset.
It's great to keep track on your friends, for they can keep track on you as well.
And it's great to be there when your friends need you.. for they will be there when you're needy too.
So hey heyy..! To all my friends.. to those whom I care so much.. to those who have been around for me, in my toughest times.. I thank you loaaadddsss! Our friendship may not last forever, but I'll cherish all the memories we had together.. ^_^

You should know by now that no matter what will the outcome be.. we will always be there for you..
Kasut sape tertanggal tu? Ya Allah.. bodohnye!
Yeayyy!! Finally I can get into Blogger! Urghhh! Hard to believe that I can get real cranky not being able to let my feelings out.. Hee! But kewl thing I have a great person to share with..! Hihhihik! *~ Thank youuu! ~* You're such a kewl guy in my eyes.. ^_^
So I have to start from the beginning! Ehhehe.. Morning.. woke up so early 'coz we had to journey back from Sheeya's house. Honestly, I have to say that being away from my computer was pretty much relieving for my nerves.. Though.. humm.. well, I felt something else too.. but never mind that! But I have to say that I got pretty 'sick' last night. I don't know.. I just had this reaaaaally bad headache and chest pain and not forgetting my stiff neck!! GOD!! It pisses me off realizing that my body is malfunctioning bit by bit! Urggh!! Anyway, I actually had to lie down and kept changing my position 'coz the chest pain won't go away.. DUHH!! Good thing it left as I went to sleep.. sheesh! *Demm* stress! I do think I'm too young to handle this all.. yeeps!
So anyways, went to Graphics this morning with Aisha (who was surprisingly up at 7!!!!!!) We went by for only some few minutes.. sent in out assignments and left.. errr... practically running through the door while the tutor was clicking around her computer. And then.. Majin actually told us that she checked the attendance at the end of the session!! Ahahhaha!! *Demm* lah! But of course, this is what you get when you take chances.. and if you don't take your chances and risks.. might as well you just die! Hihhihi... no point of living if you're too careful! ^.^ Hihhi..
Fundamental was almost... absolutely useless! We just hung around and yapped and yapped 'til 3:30 to sign in the attendance! Sheesh! Though.. heyy! The session helped me realize something pretty much important about something in my life. Hihhihi... *~ so relieved that you felt the same! ~*
So what did I do for the rest of the day? Humm.. Went to Malee for dinner! Hihhi.. The gurls were so loud in the car! We were like.. ruining songs and all.. Everyone was pretty much hyper this night. And after dinner, we went to see the street soccer match. Well, not exactly a pretty sight at first 'coz as we got there.. we saw Alitt and his teammates were pissed and cursing and all. Yikes! Not a pretty sight at ALL! So we were like, hanging out over there for some while.. with roving eyes.. *nyeh nyehh* Don't blame us!! There were guys EVERYWHERE! Ahahhaha!! We were like talking about stuff with horrible horrible English. (ruining it on purpose - which I truly can't do as good as the others..) And even Fariz joined the English-ruining session! Hihhihik!
oOooO yeahh.. we were practically there (at the volley court) to see Alitt's team and Fariz' team.. Hihhihi.. Tariq was pretty hilarious back there..! Had fun just watching him guard that small goal post. Well.. me and Ana waited some while and got to see Alitt's team play. They were good! Seriously.. me and Ana agreed that Alitt can really use his legs.. AHHAHAH!! In the end.. well, I think everyone's pretty happy.. (At least that's what I think!)
Huu.. sooo.. it's night again lah! Sleepy.. sleepy sleepy to be honest! Bu tI need to wait for Musz to get online. Yeaaayyy!! Gosh, friends are so indisposable, aight? Can't wait to get home for the weekends.. Though.. really need to work on my Fundamental project!! Yeech!
Oh yeah, another thing I'd like to share.. this one came from Niez and I think it's reaaaaaaaally neat! ^_^
Do you know that a simple HELLO can be a sweet one?
How are you?
Everything all right?
Like to hear from you!
Love to see you soon!
Obviously I miss you!
Hihhihik! Well, I think it's nice!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The need to share this with others.. ~winks!

You'll know that you miss someone very much, when every time you think of that person, your heart beats faster.
And just a quick warm "Hello" from that person calms you down.
Bottomline : You might have fallen for that person, it's just that you do not realize or refuse to admit.

Don't be too good, I will miss you. Don't be too caring, I might like you. Don't be too sweet, I might fall for you. It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all.
Bottomline : A person who makes me love him/her is actually a person who loves me more than I love him/her.

If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you, but for some reasons he couldn't stay, don't cry too much.
Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for a while.
Bottomline : Time will tell. If he is yours, he will come back.

Don't throw your back to love when it's already in front of you, don't drive it away from you because if you did, someday you'll regret why you let love flown away when it was once right in front of you.
Bottomline : Treasure the one, who loves you, it's not easy to find a person who loves you. It's always more valuable to have a sincere heart.

The greatest regrets in our lives are the risks we did not take. If you think something will make you happy, go for it.
Remember, we only pass this way once.
Bottomline : Time doesn't wait. If you think you have found the right one, treasure him/her. Don't let him/her go away. Don't let fear hold you back. Give it a try or else you might regret later. No one knows what can truly make you happy except yourself.

Two teardrops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, "I'm the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. Who are you?"
"I'm the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl go."
Bottomline : Nobody will sympathize a person who constantly let chances pass by without making any efforts to salvage. We usually don't realize how important our loved ones are until they have left us. And we'll start reminiscences which results in misery.

It's so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception.
Bottomline : We are critical especially to the one we like or love because we want him/her to be the best. Constantly seeking for perfection, which should be worked out by both parties in a relationship and not one party alone to shoulder the burden.

Love can make you happy although often times it hurts.
But love is only special if you give it to someone who is worthy.
Bottomline : If you have found someone who truly appreciates you, he/she deserves more of your love. "ATTITUDE, not APTITUDE, determines ALTITUDE."

** Thanks Alitt! **

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Going away
Yaayyy!! Something's good happening in a few hours..
I'll be off to Sheeya's house with BJ later.. Staying there for the night.
Just what I need.. away from my computer!! Yaayy!!
Pardon me for saying this but computers have been some sort of a curse to me for the last three years. Yeech! It have brought me much much things.. Huuu! Though it have brought me much happiness.. I just can't seem to get over the sadness that it have brought me.. Huu!! I HATE!!!
Well.. gonna be away tonight... don't miss me okay! ^_^ I'm not worth all the trouble...

It just gets so hard..
Graphics test.. Yeech! I'm gonna be so screwed!
Huu.. so tired! I'll be brain-dead if this keeps on going. What am I talking about? Well.. sooooooooo many things I have in mind.. that rase cam nak tepu je otak ni. It's just.. so hard!! Huwaaaa!! If you think that I'm strong.. no I'm not! If you think that I'm brave.. no I'm not! I'm falling at this moment.. in a pretty fast rate, too! And I'm scared.. 'coz I refuse to lose the people I care so much..! And if that means I have to sacrifice some bit.. I am willing to.. 'coz friends are dead important and they're indisposable!! And.. I need friends more than any other sorts right now.. (And I'm dead serious about this!) Well, of course I can't change the way I feel about some things.. 'coz that's the way I feel.. and I may even feel the way I feel for ever.. But I am willing to restrain it all..
Huu.. this is how I run..! Urrgh! I hate admitting that I am more emotional than logical.. So tell me if I get too emotional wokie! I'm not really the rational-touch in anybody's life..
I'm asking myself where did I go wrong.. how did I get this far?
Please don't ask me what to do next.. 'coz I don't even know what I'm gonna do next..
Good night... Bad night...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINA!! October 15th.. Fina's birthday! Take a note on that! ^_^
Celebrated a bit last night.. Kinda did a surprise celebration for Fina. Honestly, we thought that she had already knew.. but when she got down to the cafe downstairs.. she was like pretty surprised! Heee! Well.. too bad Amal couldn't come.. Hihhihik! It'll be a real surprise if he did..!
My neck pain.. humm.. I guess it's getting better. Huu!
Anyways, not really in a good mood to talk.. all I feel like doing right now is.. I don't know.. hit my head hard? Yeahh... I guess that one's good. Urgghh!! Last night was pretty fun.. but amazingly, there are still things that bothers my mind so much.. and I don't like the feeling.
Isyk! Life just gets weirder everyday.. weird.. and harder everytime I realize it.

Current song : Naked by Avril Lavigne
~ doesn't really matter what I feel inside ~

Monday, October 14, 2002

Just not my day
Owwch.. I'm having such a horrible pain at the back of my neck.. Huwaaa!!
Can't turn my head properly.. can't look down without causing any pain.. can't help myself from keeping my head looking right straight like a zombie.. Sheesh!!

Current song : Falling Down by Avril Lavigne
~ I am falling down.. feel so good to hit the ground ~
Rainbows? Naahh.. that is SO over-rated!
Yeaaayyy!! Feeling much better now! Hihhihik! Kewl kewll! See see? Mood swings.. simpthoms of PMS.. Ahhahha!! Honestly.. the only times that I'm so thankful about being a girl is in Ramadhan (where I can at least have a break for a week from fasting), when people started talking about men's responsabilities.. and with the fact that I don't have to be brave to make a FIRST MOVE!! Ahahhaha!! Seriously.. periods can be sooo fussy.. yeech! And now, what's wrong with me? Talking 'bout period.. AHHAHA! I'm stopping~
Much much happier.. Weeeee!! It's good when you let go of things, ekk!! Kewl kewll!
Now.. should I go or shouldn't I for English? Malasnye mak datukk!
uUuUu.. honestly, just wanted to say.. How intimidated I was when I saw this girl pierced her eyebrow..! I just bumped to this girl last night.. small.. very petit.. Fadhilah is it, her name? Huu.. confused! But anyways.. I was like.. 'eh? piercing on her eyebrow!' And then one thing hit me.. O MY GOD!! She wears tudung lahh!! Huuu..! That is like so kewl!! But of course.. I'm not going to do THAT in any way.. Sheesh! Though I'm sick and tired of being a 'nice person' ehhe.. but piercing on anywhere else other than my ears is out of the question.. Hihhihik! Kewl? Maybe.. But that's not my style! Yeah yeahh!!
Get back later~!

Current song : There Is by Boxcar Racer
~ will you sleep tonight or will you think of me ~
So help me God..
Urrghhh!! I am so frustrated for something but I just can't say it!! It's like.. something is really really reaaaaaaally bothering my thoughts but I just can't let it out. Get what I mean?? And it's causing a LOT of tension to me!! My neck is killing me!! Huwaaa!! I need to settle this out but I don't know how... how can I start when I just can't say what's bothering me?! Urghh!! EGO EGO EGO! My *demm* ego!
So what am I doing right now? I don't know!! I guess I'm just waiting for it to settle itself.. Urghhh!! I HATE!!!
Fundamental this morning was pretty okay, I guess.. I mean, Najib sort of approved my 'color wheel'. That's good I guess.. but then he said that my 'simultaneous contrast' couldn't show a real contrast 'coz of the shape of my 'grey'.. Bluerrghh! (Never mind if you don't understand this.. 'coz I'm not giving a *demm* if you don't right now..)
Huwaaaaa!! I hate it when I have things in my mind... things that have to do with other people.. which I have no control over it!! This suxX! Wish I could just say 'life suxX'.. but it doesn't! Well.. not ALWAYS at least..!!
It's just weird when some days you just hate yourself.. isn't it? Probably you wake up in the morning feeling great.. waiting for the day to throw things at you to go through.. and until some point, you realise that you're not really ready for it.. You try to be strong.. tried to put a smile on your face everytime people look at you.. but inside.. you wish you could just shout and scream to reveal it all..
Well, what can I say.. this is one of the days when I just hate myself.. for not letting things out.. for keeping away my feelings.. for trying to make others happy when I'm not.. for trying to figure out the answers.. for trying to understand it all when it's just so blurry.. for trying to settle all my confusion.. all alone, by myself..

* I love the fact that we can talk about everything, but I hate the fact that I don't know how to let things out *
Oh well.. should be sleeping right now.. I've been telling everyone that I was going to sleep.. but I just can't.. yet! Something's in my mind? Could be.. I don't know.. Heck!
So anyways.. just did another quiz! Weeee!!

Take my Quiz on!

Huu.. in need of a sleep!! Catch ya' peeps later~!

Current song : Stars by The Cranberries
~ and still I have my ugliness ~
Hey heyy!! Pretty okay weekend I had..
Well.. heck! Gotta type this blog sometime later 'coz I've got loaaaddsss of Fundamental work to do..
uUuuU! I just saw my grades.. and I didn't get any A.. Huu! Just B+, B, B-, C+ and C.. Hihhihik!
B+ is for English of course.. yeech! No matter where I turn up to be.. my highest grade must came from THAT! Well.. thank God that I'm at least pretty good at SOMETHING! Ahhahhaha!! Later now~

Current song : Sincerely Me by A New Found Glory
~ I've had a hard time, very hard time.. seeing less of you ~

Friday, October 11, 2002

Sometimes I get so weird. I even freak myself out
Humm... Just woke up! Gosh! The day was horrifyingly boring! After class, I bought myself a sandwich.. and after I ate 'em.. what did I do? SLEEP!! Ana is sleeping as well.. Hihhihik! I don't know.. somehow I feel like my cheeks are 'fatter'. Ehheheh!! Uuuu.. tembam tembam
Huwaaaaaaaa!! I am so *demm* bored!! This is like.. the most boring Friday I ever had!! Huwaaaaa!! The listening test for English this morning was pretty okay. Though.. I have to say that I have to improve my vocabulary 'coz I actually had to assume the meanings of some words. Blueerrghh! I hate to admit that I don't know about something. Sheesh!!
Humm.. sheesh! I may not be able to be on strike lahh!! Probably going back home this afternoon.. So much for merajuk! I hate when I'm not able to make my point!!
Ayyayya!! I don't know why I'm just so crazy for Avril's songs.. AHAHHAHA!! Noooo.. I'm not crazy about her.. but her songs! Oh well.. I think I should do some of my work now.. Later~
Cold! Scared to take my shower, really.. Huuu! It's going to be freezing, I believe. Huuu.. why should I have class on Fridaaayyy!!
Anyways.. listening and singing to such a cool song.. So peeps, spend some time to listen to my current song for this entry! ^_^

Current song : I Don't Give A Damn by Avril Lavigne
~ I'm not gonna cry about some stupid guy ~

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Dull and dumb?
Huwaaaaa!! What a sleep!! It wasn't relieving at all!! I felt even more sad when I get up! I don't know... just woke up with a bad feeling! Huwaaaa!! Wasn't a sweet dream I guess.. Huuuu..
Well.. what a day! I'm fasting again.. but today seemed such a long day somehow. And I don't like it one bit! Have this feeling that something's going shaky.. and I hate it!! Today is not really a happy day.. I don't know.. too many things messing up my head! Urrghh!
Humm.. a pretty lazy day for me.. Just went to sign the attendance for Fundamental.. But English was kinda neat! Well.. it was hilarious but also embarassing..! Had to discuss about compare and contrast and we spent loads of time just trying to pick what sort of thing we want to compare. Our group was Juju, Aisha, myself, Majin, Sharul, Joey and this other boy (which I never knew what was his name!). At first it was only us, three girls.. so we joked if we should compare Kotex and Whisper.. Hehhehe! Then.. when the guys came.. they started talking about boxers and briefs!! God!! It's hard to believe that I'm mixing around with those sort of people! What's more.. even Ms Zaiha joined the conversation! They have gotten theirselves so deep into the topic!! Urghhh!! I can't contribute much on the topic though.. I know nothing (and refuse to know about it!) I was laughing pretty hard.. Majin even said I blushed. How can't I?!! I kept on asking myself how I got into those sort of conversation in the first place!!
Anyways.. Kinda just woke up.. and I just have a nasty feeling inside of me.. Gotta stop~

Current song : Ready To Fall by Meredith Edwards
~ I can't promise forever but baby I try ~

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm on top of the world and no one can bring me down... at least not tonight!
^_^ So happy!! I guess the day is SOOOO alright after all!! But of course.. I'll be careful tomorrow. I mean, it's usually like that isn't it? If you get too happy at one time.. next time you'd get sooooo sad! Well, it's usually like that for me anyways! ^.^ Well.. I'm happy now!! Seriously happy!! No biggies! Oh! What am I so happy about? Well.. I passed my supplementary Maths!! I was able to tell my dad with much much much relief.. I know he's relieved to know that I passed.. yeayyy!! Hihhihik! And.. my pointers happens to be 2.76! Yeahh.. good enough for me.. right now! Nyeh nyehh! Happy happy happy!! HAAAPPPPPYYYYY!!!
And I thank all those lovely people who felt the same for me... Gosh!! Friends are truly indisposable! ^_^
Early tonight me and the gurls went to Dengkil with Alitt.. Sheeya, Fina, Mya and Azura in the Punto and Alitt was driving his friend's car with Ana, BJ and myself.. Hihhihi! Gosh! Dinner was waaaaayy GREAAT! Had rice.. 'daging merah', 'tomyam', 'tauhu' and 'sayur campur' <-- sorry! too lazy to find the english words for them! ^_^ Me, BJ and Fina actually had second round! Hihhihik! It was such a happy hour! And then.. when I got back.. I even got good news 'bout my results!! Gosh!! Friends are so indisposable! .. My dream came true!! Thank You God! Alhamdulillah...! Sooooo super duper-ly happy that my dream actually came true!!! *September 29th entry* I dreamt that I passed my supplementary Maths but I was so worried to even imagine that it could really happen.. and.. now that it had happened.. YEAAAAYYY!! Bole joli!! Hihhihik.. No lahh! I am SO going to do my Maths properly next trimester! And I am SO going to try my best to achieve that 3 pointer this trimester! Let Papa see that his little witch is not so helpless after all!! Hihhihik... and they said that I can't cope with university life.. Well.. I'm still living! That should be a good sign, right? Hihhihik!
Humm... falling off my chair this morning was kinda worth it after all! Hihhihik!

Current song : Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
~ I was spinning free, with a little sweet and simple numbing me ~
* humm.. where did I get that message thingy from, anyways?? It's making me wonder.. *
It was neat.. and I wish we could always be like that..
UuuUuUu.. can't wait for break-fast! Brape ari lagi kena ganti ekk? Ahhahha!! I really should keep track on the days! Silly me...
Tired.. that's what I feel.. but not really tired.. just a bit! Hihhih! Feelin' a bit tired getting all hyper this afternoon. I don't know.. the MUET doesn't seem to disturb me at all.. ^_^ Fundamental? Well.. it was... neat! Hihhihik.. well, I was bored most of the time, of course! But me and Ana kept finding some reasons to get out from the class and well... walk around! Hihhihi... Well.. all in all.. it was neat! *But the gurls were so.. urrghhH!! ~speechless~*
Humm.. going out for break-fast! Malee? That's what they said anyways.. Ahhhh!! Rindu nasi goreng daging merah!! Sedap laa gile!! Yeahh!~ Well, of course it's not confirmed yet!

Current song:Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne(see! I keep listening to her!)
~We are in love, haven't you heard, how we rock each other's world~
Is there anything else to be said?
Hohh.. what a.. umm.. crappy morning it is.. Had to woke up soooooooo early in the morning! Had to endure the super-cold water in the shower.. Had to endure my sleepiness while waiting for my turn for MUET! Yeech! Weird really.. everytime I close my eyes while waiting.. I dozed off.. and even had a wee bit of a dream! AHHAHA!! I kinda had a dream about snow.. silly huh? Well.. it was super-cold in that room too! My fingers became numb when I finally got out from the room. Everytime I touched Ana, BJ and Sheeya they'll say how cold my hands felt. Good thing Ana's hands were warm enough! Yeeheehee! Thanks Ana! Beshhlahh!
So how was MUET? I don't know.. but for sure I'm gonna lose some marks since our group wasn't able to make any conclusions by the end of the time limit. Yeech! Crappy lahh! But.. what the heck! I tried my best.. I know I did my best! ^_^
Then I went for the gurls' Fundamental.. (asked Dani to sign the attendance for my Graphics! Hihhii..) And guess what?? Got my 8th accident in MMU!!! (2nd one for this trimester) AHHAHHA!! How accident-prone can I get?? Well.. I fell from my seat as I was getting up to follow Ana and Sheeya. Stupid me..! I tried to jump from my seat when I know there are wheels on the chair, so it moved and gravity did the rest! Kinda bruised my elbow (but it's okay now) and a bit of my pride. AHHAHA!! Gosh, it was embarassing.. but I laughed anyways. Not to cover the fall.. but I just can't stand my silliness! Yeeheehee!! Honestly, I practically lay down on the floor and laughed at myself! Oh well.. I'm over that now. ^_^
Anyways.. going upstairs to Bahijah and Sheeya's room now.. Feel a bit sleepy really.. weird! I mean, I slept around TEN last night!! 'Coz the night was boring.. nothing good to do.. Let's just say that I went to sleep with such a bad feeling.. but I felt fine the moment I saw my computer! Why ahh??

Current song : Nobody's Fool by Avril Lavigne
If you're trying to turn me into someone else
Its easy to see I'm not down with that
I'm nobody's fool
If you're trying to turn me into something else
I've seen enough and I'm over that
I'm nobody's fool
If you wanna bring me down
Go ahead and try

Try.. and it'll be your big mistake 'coz I'll leave..

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Current song : Tide Is High ~I'm gonna be your number 1~
Waduhh.. ape la tetiba teringat ape Kak Shima cakap smalam.. Wanie feminin.. AHHAHHA!! How funny can that be?? My sister's friend said that I was 'feminine'!! AHHAHA!! What? Just because I was wearing my boot-cut pants.. and a cardigan over my top.. I could look feminine?! AHHAHA!! What ever... I don't know!! It seemed like an insult somehow! AHHAHA!! I mean... feminine... eeeeww!! Hyuckk~! I only used that word for jokes.. never for real! And now, someone said I was feminine??! Yeoww!!
Remembering my primary school days... GOD! I am so relieved that I passed those days!! Can't imagine how I got that boyish.. hihhihi! Weird enough.. I even heard some years later that some people were scared to get close! AHHAHHA!! Gosh! Ain't that silly? And.. ahhaha!! Never mind.. I'll tell later... gosh! Hihhihik!
Well anyways.. boring afternoon..! Sleepy sleepy! Only Bahijah is around.. chet! My roomies are having classes! So.. probably... I'll get a bit of sleep right now..

Or am I already your number one? Ahhahha!!
Help me figure out why I'm stuck in the middle
Yo yo!! Such a fine morning it is.. I was awoken around seven.. checked my computer a bit.. and got back to sleep again! And again.. and finally stayed up around nine.. Yeech! Still sleepy.. somehow.. Good thing I'm free for the whole afternoon! Yeayy!
Just remebered that I practically didn't buy anything in Mid Valley last night.. I mean, all I bought was that Maybelline Lip Gloss thingy and a pretty neat bangle I got with Bahijah.. Yeeheehee! Oh well.. and I suddenly remembered the discussion me and my sisters had in the car.. Hihhi.. 'coz Jasmin called Nina while we were on the way and Dida then asked.. 'why can't guys know how to treat girls?!' AHHAHA!! Well.. they discussed some stuff as I just listened.. Still wondering if I should share it though.. maybe some time later. ^_^
Weeee!! Feelin' cheery right now! Had McD's chocolate sundae just now.. and then somehow.. I got involved to this year book booth where they took pictures of groups.. yeeks! I HATE TAKING PICTURES!! It sucked so much! Promising myself not to get talked into those sort of things again! Bluerrghh!!
oOooOo yeahh.. what was I saying? I had something to say but somehow I can't remember it.. sheesh!! I hate it when this happen!
Yeoww.. had to spend my 50 ringgit just now for my phone's airtime! Urrgh! Really need to take things easy! Bluekk bluekk (I'm 'bluekking' at myself)
Humm.. well.. can't think of anything else to say.. get back later~

Current song : Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne (what's up with me and Avril's songs these days anyways??!)
~ Why should I care, 'cuz you weren't there when I was scared ~
I'm With You
I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone trying to find me?
Won't someone please take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm, I'm with you

I'm looking for a place
Searching for a face
Is there anybody here I know
Cause nothing's going right
And everything's a mess
And no one likes to be alone

Isn't anyone trying to find me?
Won't someone please take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm, I'm with you

Oh why is everything so confusing
Maybe I'm just out of my mind

It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm, I'm with you

Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm, I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you...

Avril Lavigne
No point of getting so worried..
Just got back!! O my.. what a tiring night! I am so sleepy but I better type this all out before I forgot the details..
Went to Mid Valley with my two sisters.. But then we parted 'coz Dida actually met up with her friend.. so me and Nina walked around with nothing much to see.. Hehh! Then at 8 something Ana called.. told me that she's also in Mid Valley with the rest of the gurls!! Yeayy!! Hihhihi...! So, around ten my sister left.. and I met up with Ana, Sheeya, Fina, Bahijah and Majin in the third floor.. Yeeheehee! Pretty cool night.. as the shops closed one by one.. we were able to skip around and well.. practically act as if the whole mall was our's! Hehh! Then.. since it was just ten.. they decided to drive over to Bangsar (which we found nothing to do) and next to Hartamas, where we had our drinks and a bit meal courtesy of Bahijah!! BJ roxXs!! Yeahh! Good thing the Milo wasn't THAT hot.. Majin actually suggested that I should ask the guy to bring some ice.. Hehh!
Then when it started to rain.. we left, heading back. Sang so many songs in the car.. had to endure one song of KRU 'coz Fina sang through the whole song! Though.. the favorite moment was the part when Ana, BJ, Sheeya and myself sang through Complicated.. I dunno! It was pretty neat since we sang through the whole song.. from the beginning 'til the end! It was reaaaaally neat! So anyways.. in mid way.. when we got to Cyberjaya.. Majin received a phone call.. saying Inarah had an accident! So, as a pretty friendly people who do care about the people we know.. we followed behind Katok's (is this how his name's spelled?) car.. only to find Inarah and her gang having their late meal in PJ! AHHAHHA!! What a night.. silly silly silly.. All those talks in the car.. Ihhihik!! Never mind that though..
Oh well.. going for the Graphic's second session tomorrow.. why? Well, it kinda hit me that I don't really need the rush to get up early.. and that I reaaally need enough sleep.. and heyy! I'm free for the whole day tomorrow! Hihhihik! Yeahh!! Well, gotta get my works done anyways! But of course I'll find some slots to play around! Weeee!!
Well.. okie then.. good night.. sweet dreams.. and may tomorrow be a much better day than today..! ^_^

Current song : Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch
~ you were the one I love, the one thing that I tried to hold on to ~

Monday, October 07, 2002

Should I care? You care, don't you? You want me to care about it?
What a news.. but I kinda refuse to care. I mean.. it's what you think about yourself that matters the most, right? If you keep on following what other people say about you.. you might as well commit suicide! There'd be no point of living if you can't enjoy yourself through it! Bluerrghh! So.. pardon me for not caring as much as others, wokie? Gedik pon gediklahh.. I'm not all bragging about it.. but what's wrong with that? If I AM what they said about me.. I still have trusting friends by my side.. And obviously those who said crap about me don't know nothing about me!.. and obviously not my friend! And so tell me.. why should I care, again? Hehhe.. Sorry if it kinda sounded *bitchy* but I believe only I can talk bad about myself! Hehhe.. and those whom I care, of course! ^_^
English was pretty neat just now!! I mean, I was hessitated to go.. but it turned out okay after all! We did some listening exercise and me and Juju made fun of the 'speakers' 'coz they can't pronounce right! Like Ms Zaiha said.. they were using 'artificial accent!' Bluerrghh! But it was pretty okay! Considering I can get real cranky when I'm sleepy.. ^_^
Can't wait for my sisters to get here! I really need to walk off my troubles.. Yeeheehee!

Need to clear up my mind as you have been messing it up for me..
Saturday = lousy day!, Sunday = bluerrghh!
Hehh.. That was my weekend! No, not that it's that crappy! Just.. some parts of it are just... pretty disappointing! Sheesh!
Woke up on Saturday morning.. got ready and went back to kampung. Of course I didn't stay for long. Me and Dida left for the cinema not so long after we got there. Sadly, Nina couldn't come along with us 'coz her fiance, Jasmin SUDDENLY decided to come over with his parents to set the date of their wedding. Sheesh! Not that she can't leave.. she could, but Papa told Nina to learn how to do that kuih kemboja from Embah (grandmother in Java). Why? Because Jasmin's family liked it so much!! Urrghhh!! Such a party pooper they are!! Jasmin.. Papa.. sheesh!! Anyways.. managed to catch Dark Water with Dida in Mid Valley.. It was pretty suspense! It's not really that scary.. considering that I managed to control my tears.. AHHAHA!! Well, the storyline is pretty sad.. I have to say that it's quite enjoyable.. but The Eye is much more scarier! ^_^
Anyways.. then.. humm.. the day didn't get any much better! Bluerrggh!! Buat sakit ati jek! I was pretty much ignored for the whole night.. and it's just so frustrating! I've been messaging some of my friends but no reply came.. Sheesh! So I was on strike for the whole Sunday. Turned my phone off 'coz I was pretty angry.. I mean, what's the point of having a phone if it doesn't ring?? Might as well save the battery for some other day! Huhh!! Only turned it on again last night..
Sunday.. humm.. was left alone in my home.. 'coz the rest of the family went for Dida's convocation thingy. Well, I amused myself yesterday.. who would've thought that I can get sleepy by listening to rock music? Ihhihihihik! I blasted the player and I kinda dozed off for a while 'til my subconcious mind reminded me that I need to pack up my stuff.. Hehh!
Going out this evening with Nina and Dida.. to make out the time we're SUPPOSED to spend together in the weekend (which was ruined by JASMIN!! Urrghh!!) But the gurls planned to go out tonight! Huwaaa!! To catch a mid-night movie!! Huwaaa!! Then.. I might get back here.. when they're all gone in the middle of the night! Huwaaa!! Well.. I'll think of something! Sheesh!
Going for English at four.. haven't finished my summary though.. huhhu! And that Jonathan (or was it John??) lecturer guy said that my color list lacks of five colors! Aiyoo!! So many works to do!! Haven't even finished my Graphics yet.. Yeeheehee!! So much of planning to get it done in the weekend! Ahhaha!!
Well.. gotta run.. get back later~

Current song : I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan
~ This could be the one last chance to make you understand ~

Friday, October 04, 2002

Don't you just hate it when you can't find the words to say??
Ever felt that way? You reaaally want to say something to the person in front of you but your head was just... *blank*! Well, these are some things you might want to do if that happens:

Wanie RUN!! Don't even go and see the person! Ehhehe!
Ana Sing or hum.. just to cast away the awkwardness..
Wanie Just smile for your own silliness..
Ana Don't make any eye contact!
Wanie Just stare into space.. ahhahha!!
Ana Play around with an object.. example: handphone, wallet, cup, etc.!
Wanie and Ana JUST SAYY SOMETHING!! "Hey, nice weather isn't it?" - "Remember yesterday when.." - "Finished your assigment yet?" - "Why are we being so quiet today??"
Ahhahha!! That's what the both of us always do, anyways! ^_^

Related song : Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne
What's wrong.. with my tongue..
These words keep slipping away
I stutter.. I stumble..
Like I've got nothing to say
What's wrong with meeee??!
Hehh.. nothing's wrong.. I was just merely being myself.. "Lazy girl who wonders a lot".. Nyeh nyehh! Curiosity kills the cat.. good thing I was not born as a cat! AHHAHA!!
Just got back from class.. yeowwch! My tummy is singing! Bluerghh! I just send in my essay just now and left! Ms Zaiha is sooooooooo KEWWLLLL!! Bluekk! Dani can't find the class so he messaged me to sign for him. Chitt! I really should use that sort of tactic somedayy..
Hungry hungry hungryyyy!!
Bile laa Sheeya nak abess klass nihh!
Well.. gonna run.. nothing else to say.. Just loads of things to feel... hehhe!
Get back later~

"Tengok sape?"
"Takde sape.. takde pape nak tengok.. tengok ajelaa sesaper.."
GOSH!! I am so attached to Simple Plan!! Ahahhaha!!

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Obviously, you thought wrong! Hihhihik!
Mixed emotions.. that's how I feel! I'm just extremely happy.. but I'm afraid to get so attached! Yikes! What if it doesn't go through the path I hoped it would? Humm.. I guess only time will tell.. Yeeps!
Anyways.. I can't deny that I'm totally tired from the day's activities.. But I am extremely pleased this evening! Hihhihik! Had dinner at HB1.. Amazingly.. there's so many things to talk about!! And then Majin came by after he had his game of rugby. Sebok suruh orang blanje! And since he actually wanted my drink.. I offered him a ringgit instead.. Hehhek! Gosh.. talked about so many things! Somewhat unlikely topics are included.. Ehh Majin.. Thanks ekk! For saving me from an extreme blister.. Uhhuhu! 'Coz it was pretty cold outside, I ordered hot Milo.. And guess what? It was *demm* HOT!!!!!! The first sip that came to my mouth actually caused tears to my eyes.. and my tongue felt pretty numb even until now.. Then Majin went into his 'gentleman-mode' and dunked some ice into my cup.. Yeahh!! Hihhihi.. Thank you thank you.. You're my saviour!! AHAHHAH!! Bunyik cam lain macam jekk!
And when I got back to my room.. the first words that came out from my lips was.. Aiyyakk!! Pencabulan hak assasi!! 'Coz Fariz was playing around my computer with that remote administrator thingy. Hihhihik! Then all four of us.. (BJ, Sheeya, Ana and myself) just watched where the cursor was goin'.. AHHAHA!! Cool stuff!!
Ohkie.. now I better start my other Graphics thingy.. Thought I should get it done by tonight since I've got nothing else to do.. Well.. minus Fundamental of course! I am toooooo *demm* sick and tired of looking at those colors!
Mengingatkan balek En. Anis yang dok nak tolong Wanie ngan Ana tadikk.. hisyy!! Sampai orang nak mengelamun pon taklehh! Dia ingat kitorang ni rajin sangat ke?? AHHAHHA!! Tak pasal-pasal jek.. AHHAHHA!!
Wokeyy.. gonna lie down for a while.. need to rest my back.. Have a pretty long night ahead for me... ^_^

But you seem to amuse me even more.. and that's why I like you best! ^_^
I was spinning free
Hohh!! Tiring day it is.. I was out my room most of the dayy!! And the heat was not exactly helping.. Sheesh! Anyways.. Fundamental was so-so.. honestly, I went to get my smart card while I was supposed to be in the class.. Hik! Thenn... humm.. went back to my room doing absolutely nothing.. and again went out for English. It was silly really.. Coz me and Aisha was sleepy.. that we kept on talking crap. Crap around with each other.. crap around with Ms Zaiha.. crap around with Majin.. There's this one time when Ms Zaiha was explaining about those Adverbs and Nouns and all.. So anyways, she asked us to give any sentence.. So we come up with "Sleeping is my favorite hobby" (Something like that, anyways!) And so.. Ms Zaiha kept repeating the sentence over and over again.. changes her question to which is the subject.. which is the noun.. blaa blaa... And there's this time she repeated, "My favourite hobby is.." and me and Aisha answered "sleeping"! And Ms Zaiha looked at us and me and Aisha laughed kinda hard. Ms Zaiha wasn't expecting an answer! She was just repeating the sentence to make us understand!! Well.. stupid.. stupid.. my mind was just OFF right there.. oOooOo yeahh.. maybe if you get the chance to see my phone.. you might want to, y'know! Hihhihik!.. It's being very funny! Hihhihik!
Well.. humm.. gotta run! Getting dizzy dizzy dizzzzzyyyy!!

Current song : Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
~ Sinking into sweet uncertainty ~
They didn't hear that BJ.. did they?
Well.. gotta type this fast! Going for English in a few mins.. and I haven't even wear my tudung!!
OooOoO.. tiring morning.. urrghh! I have a feeling that it's going to be a tiring afternoon too!! Well.. I'm going for the afternoon Fundamental I guess.. may not be for the whole session.. but I may stop by or something like that.. depends how tired I am after English..
Oh well.. actually I have nothing much to say.. well, at least not for now.. but I really want to post in my current song!! AHAHHAHHA!!

Current song : Best In Me by BLUE
~ I don't ever want to lose this feeling ~

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Are we more than just friends?
Yesslahh! That's how I feel 'coz I'm pretty much left alone right here! Sheeya somehow disappeared without any notice.. BJ and Fina went for the Alpha commitee meeting.. And Ana.... well, she's sleepin'!! Bluerrgh! I tried doing that, but then BJ called.. asked me if I could help her start her Graphics work. Of course.. right when my brain's fully funtional, wokie!
Gosh.. I am so bored! It's so frustrating!! Urrghhh!!

Current song : Help Me by Nick Carter
~ I wish I could define all the thoughts that cross my mind ~
Surrounded by kids lahh!!
Very tired indedd... just got back from foolin' around at the playground.. Yepp.. playground! Hihhihik! Of course I can't play much since I was wearing a LONG SKIRT!! Cam tak caye je ekk.. Wanie pakai skirt! Hihhihik! Such a tiring daaaayyyy!! Went for Graphics.. hang around the morning session's Fundamental.. Then went for MY session of Fundamental.. Menggatal nyer pasal.. AHHAHHA!!
oOooOo yeahh.. while we were at the playground.. while Fina, Ana, Bahijah and Azura were running around.. I got to listen to the radio..!! (Yeahh.. so what's new about THAT?!) But anyways... at first I had to listen to *NSYNC's This I promise You.. (which is not really what I feel at the moment..! Bluerrghh!! Tak pasal pasal otak slow Aiyyakk!! Memories!! Bluerrghh!) And then guess what?? I changed the frequency.. aaannnndddd... Sweetness was ON!! Ahahhahhaa!!! And then later BJ passed again the radio when My Friends Over You was on.. Hahhaha!! We actually sang the whole song as we walked back towards HB4.. and people were watching!! AHHAHHA!! (As if we care that much..)
AHHAHHAHHA!! O my goat (mmbeekk).. Sheeya's singing to Mariah Carey!!! Yeooowww!! AHHAHHAHAA!!! Okayy... saved by the cellphone! Yeeheehee!!
So anyways... been crapping around the whole day.. Especially to the lecturers! Ihhihik! Wonder what's up with me these days... Hihhihik!
Oh well.. what else? I guess I've already wrote in the main points for today... Hihhihik.. Of course there's always something else.. but.. hummm.. I just decided not to tell! ^_^
Oh yeahh.. just thought of sharing these words I got from some forward thingy my sister gave me..

Where there is pain, I wish you peace and mercy..
Where there is self-doubting, I wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it..
Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I wish you understanding, patience, and renewed strength..
Where there is fear, I wish you love, and courage...

Ye ke good lookin'?? Ye ke? Ye keeeeee??? Ihhihihik! Padann ekk? AHHAHAHH!!
I'm staring at my feet..
Pretty much sleepy right now.. Slept around 3 something last night.. trying to get our Fundamental done.. and clearing/cleaning out our stuff out of the way. We did our works along the hallway, to be the truth.. (no electricity, remember?) So everytime anyone passes the hallway.. they could see how much mess we made on the floor. Hihhihik.. Well anyways, I wasn't really doing JUST clearing up.. 'coz I went to Juju's room and watched a couple of video clips.. Nyehnyehhh.. Incubus.. Hoobastank.. Avril.. who else, huhh?? Oh well.. it was pretty fun!! 'Coz Juju was learning the keys for the guitar.. and guitars are just sooooo.... ~aaaaaahhhhh~ Hihhihik!!
Yeah yeahh!! BJ and Ana are going for Fundamental for sure! Yeayyy!! So I won't be alone!! Weeeee!!
Anyways... reaaaaaaaaaaally sleepy right now... Gotta get some rest.. GOD!! Why does it have to be so hot!! Huwaaa!! I am SO going to sing through my walk towards the studio later.. Who knows.. I might get lucky and get it to rain! Hihhihik! Gosh.. I really need to remember those lyrics.. Hihhihik! Kept getting stuck halfway in my songs.. Bluerrghhh!!

Cause I know you're worth it..

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Wing A can be so sucky!
Bluerrghh! I hate those renovations at the toilets!! Just imagine.. I had to walk over to Wing C just to satisfy my bladder! AHHAHA!! It sounded a bit disgusting, doesn't it? But I'm telling the truth!! Coz most of the toilets in Wing A is not working.. NO WATER!!! Huwaaa! Means.. I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow and shower in Wing C.. Bluerrgh!!
Anyways.. I just noticed that I've been listening to punk rock songs these days!! Waaaahh!! Hihhik.. I guess the thing that amazes me about the couple of bands I've been listening to is the fact that their singer has a real nice vocal.. but they just had to 'flatten' their voice!! Hihhihik! Cool though... had loads of fun imitating their voice.. Yeeheehee!
Wokehh.. one down, one more to go! I'm gonna need to get the other song Dida asked me to download.. Bluerrgh! Mengade nyer pompuan! Of all the things she asked.. she asked me to get Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter's songs.. and clear up her inbox!! Jahat jahaaatt!! Mempergunakan adek sendrik! Tak senonoh nyer kakak! But I miss you anyways! ^_^ So pleased that I'll get to see you when I get home!! Tak saba betul nak balek Jumaat nihh! Lepas kelas jugak nak balek!! Since Papa takmo amek time petang.. Balek tengahari lahh!! Yeahhh!! So I get to spend more time with you!! Yeah yeahh!! Happy happy happy!!
Owhh!! But I haven't get my smart card yet.. Shucks! I hate to get my pictures taken! Bluerrghh!
Just noticed the 'templates' for the messages in my hand phone.. What a waste of space! Of all the 5/6 (??) templates.. the only one that I MAY use someday is the one with.. "Please call". Chett!! The others were like.. "I'm going to be late.." Blaa blaa.... bluekkk!! What a waste!!
Wokielahh.. Going to get myself drunk with my mp3s while trying to do my - ngok ngek - Fundamental..
Get back later..

Current song : Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne
~ If it ain't coming out, we're not going anywhere ~
Even when she's tired from all the walking in the baking sun.. she still manages to give away her sweet smile..
Tired!! VERY VERY VERY!! Uhhuhu... felt like fainting right at this moment..!! I was just so forgetful that I forgot to bring along my keys when I got out with Sheeya just now.. So I went to the lecture hall again to get Ana's key.. Urrghh!! Soooooooo tired!! -_-
The electricity gone out last night.. hehhehe!! Pretty funny story, really.. but I can't say it right here.. Hehhe! I don't have the rights to tell.. hihhi.. So last night, Ana, BJ, Fina and I went to HB1 to get some air and drinks! Azura was there for a while.. but then she went out with a certain someone.. Hehh! And then Alitt joined us.. Hehh! Can't remember about all the things that the five of us crapped about last night.. But there was something about cows and goats.. tom yam bowls and soap boxes.. AHHAHHA!! Just some silly things.. but we stayed there even after they turned the lights off.. Hehhe! Mamak pon dah balek!
Honestly.. there are some more things I can crap about right here... but I guess I'm just toooooo tired to talk about the things I can talk some time later.. Ehhhe...
So, til next time!

Current song : You Drive Me Crazy by *NSYNC
~ You are the cure, and you know but you don't care ~

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