Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Current song : Tide Is High ~I'm gonna be your number 1~
Waduhh.. ape la tetiba teringat ape Kak Shima cakap smalam.. Wanie feminin.. AHHAHHA!! How funny can that be?? My sister's friend said that I was 'feminine'!! AHHAHA!! What? Just because I was wearing my boot-cut pants.. and a cardigan over my top.. I could look feminine?! AHHAHA!! What ever... I don't know!! It seemed like an insult somehow! AHHAHA!! I mean... feminine... eeeeww!! Hyuckk~! I only used that word for jokes.. never for real! And now, someone said I was feminine??! Yeoww!!
Remembering my primary school days... GOD! I am so relieved that I passed those days!! Can't imagine how I got that boyish.. hihhihi! Weird enough.. I even heard some years later that some people were scared to get close! AHHAHHA!! Gosh! Ain't that silly? And.. ahhaha!! Never mind.. I'll tell later... gosh! Hihhihik!
Well anyways.. boring afternoon..! Sleepy sleepy! Only Bahijah is around.. chet! My roomies are having classes! So.. probably... I'll get a bit of sleep right now..

Or am I already your number one? Ahhahha!!


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