Thursday, October 10, 2002

Dull and dumb?
Huwaaaaa!! What a sleep!! It wasn't relieving at all!! I felt even more sad when I get up! I don't know... just woke up with a bad feeling! Huwaaaa!! Wasn't a sweet dream I guess.. Huuuu..
Well.. what a day! I'm fasting again.. but today seemed such a long day somehow. And I don't like it one bit! Have this feeling that something's going shaky.. and I hate it!! Today is not really a happy day.. I don't know.. too many things messing up my head! Urrghh!
Humm.. a pretty lazy day for me.. Just went to sign the attendance for Fundamental.. But English was kinda neat! Well.. it was hilarious but also embarassing..! Had to discuss about compare and contrast and we spent loads of time just trying to pick what sort of thing we want to compare. Our group was Juju, Aisha, myself, Majin, Sharul, Joey and this other boy (which I never knew what was his name!). At first it was only us, three girls.. so we joked if we should compare Kotex and Whisper.. Hehhehe! Then.. when the guys came.. they started talking about boxers and briefs!! God!! It's hard to believe that I'm mixing around with those sort of people! What's more.. even Ms Zaiha joined the conversation! They have gotten theirselves so deep into the topic!! Urghhh!! I can't contribute much on the topic though.. I know nothing (and refuse to know about it!) I was laughing pretty hard.. Majin even said I blushed. How can't I?!! I kept on asking myself how I got into those sort of conversation in the first place!!
Anyways.. Kinda just woke up.. and I just have a nasty feeling inside of me.. Gotta stop~

Current song : Ready To Fall by Meredith Edwards
~ I can't promise forever but baby I try ~


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