Monday, October 21, 2002

Feeling so dowwnnn!!
Huwaaaaaaaaa!! It's like a heart ache that refuse to end! Huwaaaaaaa!!
So sooo sad!! I got this whole lot of work to do.. but I am so not in the mood to even look at it..
So I hope that a certain someone would be online so I could at least talk to.. But nooooo!! I am left here.. all empty!!
Huwaaaaaaa!! I feel so hollow!! Gosh I hate needing someone as much as this.. suxX!!
Nak tunjuk perasaan, cam tak munasabah! And you'll get annoyed if I do..
*~ I know you're busy and all.. I know you need to get your works done as well.. I know I am being childish right now.. I know I am not being sensible.. I know I'm being over-sensitive.. I know I should get back to work.. But I can't help myself from wanting you to be around!! And I hate the fact that I just realize that I need you as much!! Huwaaaaa!! ~*

Where's my Coke? Hate my feelings! So lame, so crappy oh so lousy!


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