Thursday, October 17, 2002

Friends are indisposable, aight?
Long night... had some crisis over here..
Got me so worried! Friends are simply indisposable.. that's what I've been saying.
Somehow, the longer I'm here.. I learn much more things about friendships.
It's great to know the right things to say when someone's upset, for they can say the right things as well when you're upset.
It's great to keep track on your friends, for they can keep track on you as well.
And it's great to be there when your friends need you.. for they will be there when you're needy too.
So hey heyy..! To all my friends.. to those whom I care so much.. to those who have been around for me, in my toughest times.. I thank you loaaadddsss! Our friendship may not last forever, but I'll cherish all the memories we had together.. ^_^

You should know by now that no matter what will the outcome be.. we will always be there for you..


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