Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Good night... Bad night...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINA!! October 15th.. Fina's birthday! Take a note on that! ^_^
Celebrated a bit last night.. Kinda did a surprise celebration for Fina. Honestly, we thought that she had already knew.. but when she got down to the cafe downstairs.. she was like pretty surprised! Heee! Well.. too bad Amal couldn't come.. Hihhihik! It'll be a real surprise if he did..!
My neck pain.. humm.. I guess it's getting better. Huu!
Anyways, not really in a good mood to talk.. all I feel like doing right now is.. I don't know.. hit my head hard? Yeahh... I guess that one's good. Urgghh!! Last night was pretty fun.. but amazingly, there are still things that bothers my mind so much.. and I don't like the feeling.
Isyk! Life just gets weirder everyday.. weird.. and harder everytime I realize it.

Current song : Naked by Avril Lavigne
~ doesn't really matter what I feel inside ~


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