Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I'm staring at my feet..
Pretty much sleepy right now.. Slept around 3 something last night.. trying to get our Fundamental done.. and clearing/cleaning out our stuff out of the way. We did our works along the hallway, to be the truth.. (no electricity, remember?) So everytime anyone passes the hallway.. they could see how much mess we made on the floor. Hihhihik.. Well anyways, I wasn't really doing JUST clearing up.. 'coz I went to Juju's room and watched a couple of video clips.. Nyehnyehhh.. Incubus.. Hoobastank.. Avril.. who else, huhh?? Oh well.. it was pretty fun!! 'Coz Juju was learning the keys for the guitar.. and guitars are just sooooo.... ~aaaaaahhhhh~ Hihhihik!!
Yeah yeahh!! BJ and Ana are going for Fundamental for sure! Yeayyy!! So I won't be alone!! Weeeee!!
Anyways... reaaaaaaaaaaally sleepy right now... Gotta get some rest.. GOD!! Why does it have to be so hot!! Huwaaa!! I am SO going to sing through my walk towards the studio later.. Who knows.. I might get lucky and get it to rain! Hihhihik! Gosh.. I really need to remember those lyrics.. Hihhihik! Kept getting stuck halfway in my songs.. Bluerrghhh!!

Cause I know you're worth it..


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