Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Is there anything else to be said?
Hohh.. what a.. umm.. crappy morning it is.. Had to woke up soooooooo early in the morning! Had to endure the super-cold water in the shower.. Had to endure my sleepiness while waiting for my turn for MUET! Yeech! Weird really.. everytime I close my eyes while waiting.. I dozed off.. and even had a wee bit of a dream! AHHAHA!! I kinda had a dream about snow.. silly huh? Well.. it was super-cold in that room too! My fingers became numb when I finally got out from the room. Everytime I touched Ana, BJ and Sheeya they'll say how cold my hands felt. Good thing Ana's hands were warm enough! Yeeheehee! Thanks Ana! Beshhlahh!
So how was MUET? I don't know.. but for sure I'm gonna lose some marks since our group wasn't able to make any conclusions by the end of the time limit. Yeech! Crappy lahh! But.. what the heck! I tried my best.. I know I did my best! ^_^
Then I went for the gurls' Fundamental.. (asked Dani to sign the attendance for my Graphics! Hihhii..) And guess what?? Got my 8th accident in MMU!!! (2nd one for this trimester) AHHAHHA!! How accident-prone can I get?? Well.. I fell from my seat as I was getting up to follow Ana and Sheeya. Stupid me..! I tried to jump from my seat when I know there are wheels on the chair, so it moved and gravity did the rest! Kinda bruised my elbow (but it's okay now) and a bit of my pride. AHHAHA!! Gosh, it was embarassing.. but I laughed anyways. Not to cover the fall.. but I just can't stand my silliness! Yeeheehee!! Honestly, I practically lay down on the floor and laughed at myself! Oh well.. I'm over that now. ^_^
Anyways.. going upstairs to Bahijah and Sheeya's room now.. Feel a bit sleepy really.. weird! I mean, I slept around TEN last night!! 'Coz the night was boring.. nothing good to do.. Let's just say that I went to sleep with such a bad feeling.. but I felt fine the moment I saw my computer! Why ahh??

Current song : Nobody's Fool by Avril Lavigne
If you're trying to turn me into someone else
Its easy to see I'm not down with that
I'm nobody's fool
If you're trying to turn me into something else
I've seen enough and I'm over that
I'm nobody's fool
If you wanna bring me down
Go ahead and try

Try.. and it'll be your big mistake 'coz I'll leave..


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