Tuesday, October 15, 2002

It just gets so hard..
Graphics test.. Yeech! I'm gonna be so screwed!
Huu.. so tired! I'll be brain-dead if this keeps on going. What am I talking about? Well.. sooooooooo many things I have in mind.. that rase cam nak tepu je otak ni. It's just.. so hard!! Huwaaaa!! If you think that I'm strong.. no I'm not! If you think that I'm brave.. no I'm not! I'm falling at this moment.. in a pretty fast rate, too! And I'm scared.. 'coz I refuse to lose the people I care so much..! And if that means I have to sacrifice some bit.. I am willing to.. 'coz friends are dead important and they're indisposable!! And.. I need friends more than any other sorts right now.. (And I'm dead serious about this!) Well, of course I can't change the way I feel about some things.. 'coz that's the way I feel.. and I may even feel the way I feel for ever.. But I am willing to restrain it all..
Huu.. this is how I run..! Urrgh! I hate admitting that I am more emotional than logical.. So tell me if I get too emotional wokie! I'm not really the rational-touch in anybody's life..
I'm asking myself where did I go wrong.. how did I get this far?
Please don't ask me what to do next.. 'coz I don't even know what I'm gonna do next..


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