Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Neat morning
Hey heyy! Honestly.. somehow my neck pain returns to me! Sheesh!
But anyway, had a neat morning today.. Heehee!! Went for Graphics with Ana and Sheeya (thank you girls~!) And there's this part when our lecturer, Ken Neo told group 5 and 8 to stay back to do some sort of a survey thingy.. *~ ain't that weird, of all the groups.. he asked group 5 and 8 to stay.. hihhik! ~*
Anyways.. then walked around to get breakfast along with Fariz.. hihhi... and waited for BJ and Fina to come down.. and finally decided to get breakfast at the FCM cafe.. Hihhihi... Fariz had to endure some while of girls' conversation-lah! Kewl enough, my friends really don't mind getting guys listening to their talk about colored bras..! AHHAHHAHAH!! Such kewl friends I have! Lucky me! ** You gurls spices up my life! ** HAHHAHHA!! And anyways.. I kinda noticed that the guy at the table next to us were kinda looking at us for some while.. and hushed something to his friend. Probably he thought that BJ's face looks kinda familiar.. I don't know..! AHHAHAH!!
Oh well.. a neat chat.. a neat walk.. a neat morning! Now, off to some nap I go.. Hihhihik!
Get back to you peeps later~!

Current song : If You Don't, Don't by Jimmy Eat World
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