Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Neat night, stupid morning
Yo! Such neat night I had last night.. Me and the gurls (Ana, Fina and BJ) went to hang around "HB0" hihhihik! Well, it's that place in between HB1 and the apartment.. Those seats.. Oh well, me and the gurls just decided to sit around instead of going back to our rooms after dinner. Saw the full moon, crapping about stuff.. Got stomach ache from laughing out too hard.. hihhihik! We were like, doing the acts for the song we sang. Really silly.. (Negaraku was absolutely ridiculous and My Friends Over You was just too spastic!) Fariz even hung out with us for some while.. Hihhi.. and Azura and Mya came to join in!
oOoOOo.. forgot to mention about the guy groupies around us that mentioned about that 'gedik' things. Urrm.. well, it ruined the mood a lil' bit but just a BIT. Kinda disturbs me to see Fina's reaction last night. I don't know.. I just hate it when people gets that way.. especially the ones I'm very much attached to.. Humm..
So anyways.. neat night, now's the part where the morning gets crappy! Firstly, I just don't get WHY I was awoken at 5 am!! It's really bugging me.. things like this always happen to me and it kept bugging my mind! So I looked around the room, the time on my phone.. and stared at the ceiling for some bit. Huuu.. good thing I managed to get some more sleep!
So then.. I realize that the room went suddenly dark. (It was earlier lighted with a small desk lamp) And my monitor was dead black! *Demm!* The electricity on this side went off again! Stupid stupid stupiiiidddd!!
Humm.. now.. I feel even worse! Stupid stupid day I'm having.. Yeech! Stupid stupid stupid!! I hate my feelings.. I hate today!! SuxX!!

Eyhh.. wondering who changed my WinAmp playlist.. humm.. Lagu gedik-gedik nih!


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